Essence of Air Farming Spot - 1k gold an hour

Ok his spelling of my name isn't perfect but this man has a farming spot that I have never written about... SHOCK! Might as well farm it now before cataclysm takes it away! If you have the enchants which use essence of air then consider farming these to get even more back from your enchants or just be aware that you can flip them when you see them cheap on the ah even if you aren't a farmer.


amazing job on all fronts first off!!! but i think i may have discovered a gem hidden in your forums! discovered before but seriously may be missed by a few people who cringe at the "put down your pitchfork and discuss farming"

it really began at 2am my time (england) trouble sleeping after you spend the day in bed with a hangover, when i thought id click on the farming thread! and i clicked on this topic "an hour spent with the silithus elementals" 'Barings' the original topic poster describes his loot drops in 1 hour of farming the area, and desribes it possibly as a 1000g an hour farming spot. Eyes popped out i thought id have a tiny look at that, rubbish laptop in my room, like 6fps in dala, i took the portal to caverns of time, traveled to the nearest flight point, picked up 20 odd gold from the festival in the meantime just for being there, whilst checking out the neutral AH for some steal deals then flew on over to Silithus..... basically top left corner on face value of the map of silithus is some (loads) mobs that drop essence of air... i picked up 9 of these on my rubbish laptop, no mouse, and head pitched on my left hand and no contact lenses in just to see what the fuss was about, i got 9 in literally 7 mins... posted them on the AH undercut silly just for a :) 20g bid 21g buyout>>> nearest competitor was 25g bid 26g buyout! ran a scan turned off wow, watched some 3 v 3 on xfire and passed out! logged in 5 hours later to get ready for work all 9 sold thank you muchly :)

now i have just been in the area again 23 minutes and picked up 35 of these!!! and i honestly cant help but think have i (even at my silly undercut price) made 700g in 23 minutes?!?!? this really needs to be highlighted just in case people may not be aware, and to concrete that fact farming can make money!!!

again amazing job, love the podcasts! listen to them in bed, help me sleep, not that their boring or anything just you know!

MyliĆ” hunter (a good one)
Burning Blade (EU)

would love it if you could just at least drag some attention to this!

take care"

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  1. Yup, used to farm this area to get the extra mats needed for the Mechanical Yetis. They also drop Breath of Wind, and Elemental Air.

  2. Haven't been to silithus in months, lol.

    Are the elemental invasions still going on there? If so, dont kill the air elemental boss or your mob numbers will be cut in half.

  3. I've farmed this place before.... 35 in 23 minutes seems very far fetched unless the invasion is going, which only happens once ever 3-4 days.
    If there is no invasion, you'd be lucky to get 10 in half an hour as the drop rate just sucks.

  4. Aaaand there goes the bottom falling out of the market! Buy 'em while they're cheap n save 'em for later profit!

  5. Check your AH before trying this, as a Yeti maker, I know on my server the price has been at 4g each for months, and hasn't risen above 2g each for 4 weeks.

    If no one's doing this, the price will be huge, but the demand isn't high, so it floods very easily.

    sell them carefully.

  6. Ditto what Cold said on not killing the boss. He's the only Elite there. After I killed him, the density of mobs dropped considerably.

    But before that, I got 30 Essences in 20 minutes, selling in the 25g-30g range on my server.

  7. Saw this post on JMTC Forums as well, and yea, I gotta go try it out

  8. All i'm going to say, on my server they were selling for around 80G a piece!

    saw it straight away and made about 3k...

    now all the farmers are there, and they have dropped to 25g a piece!

    though, buying borean leather and converting to heavy makes gives me 400% ROI

  9. I have used this tip in the last few days.

    There are only 2 other guys on my server selling them - the going price is about 20-25g a piece.

    The market does indeed flood easily.

    I have a bunch of farmed items in my backpack that I will release onto the AH over the next few weeks.

  10. I farmed the rep for those chanting pats while I was leveling, and I farm Silithus for the air already...the drop rate is INSANE! For those of you who doubt the profitability, try it out some time, I'll vouch.

  11. There go's my little secret, looks like I'll have some company for once while i farm. QQ

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