First Mate Hat

If you found this in your bags: first mate hat, would you throw it away? Would you disenchant it? Would you sell it to a vendor? Would you sell it on the ah for around 20 gold?

If you fall into that last category you will be my favorite person when I buy that 20 gold first mate hat from you and relist it for 5k gold. That's right, 5k gold for a level 35 hat. Is it best in slot you ask? Nope, it's actually only good for maybe a priest or arcane mage and definitely not best in slot for level 39's. What's so special about it you ask? Well don't let the tooltip fool you, that first mate hat is no hood, it's a real pirate hat!

This pirate hat makes the ultimate wardrobe for bankers trying to look like, you know, a pirate and is also among the rarest hats in the game. Make sure to add to your snatch list and buy it if the thing is going for less than 2k because it's easily worth 5k on a big server. It drops off bloodsail Mobs in stranglethorn and has a .001% chance of dropping (Some speculate it is even lower but I tend to believe it follows the epic drop rate of burning crusade at .001%).

4 comments: on "First Mate Hat"

  1. For about 2 months I tried to farm the Hyacinth Macaw. It never dropped. Neither did the hat. I hope that helps to illuminate it's rarity!

  2. Interesting tip; grabbed one for 200g on my server, so I'll see how it goes ^^

  3. I checked the AH and it was on for 300g, let see if it sells ....

  4. Had one drop just the other day, as I don't look up every single item that drops, it went straight to my enchanter (spirit = disenchant)
    Makes me wonder if I could bother a GM to get that back for me :-D
    Nah, those guys have enough to do without my mistakes, I guess I'll call it learning-money ... an expensive lesson.

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