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Many of you have already taken the journey of registering or even just reading over the voluminous Just My Two Copper Wow Gold Making Forums and are probably excited about just how powerful the site will become when it is the Cataclysm Gold Forums instead of the WOTLK one it is today. Oh and excuse my horrible voice over in this video... apparently I have trouble reading lol.

Just look at the current statistics as of July 28, 2010:

Total posts 35014 | Total topics 4468 | Total members 4385

It's crazy when I think about it as this gold making forum was originally designed as a place for JMTC fans to just hang out and talk about gold, and I never expected it to flourish into the massive gold making library it is today. Just think about how powerful it will be for Cataclysm when all the new profession gold making methods start appearing and new farming locations open up in the ravaged azeroth. Where will you go for Cataclysm gold tips, Cataclysm profession guides and better yet ask your Cataclysm gold making questions? Probably the same place I'll be going to, the JMTC Wow Gold Forums where not just gold capped players but a dozen or so millionaires also share their thoughts. The best part is... it's free with options to help support and pay for the site hosting costs. You can even view 99% of the site without registering or becoming a premium member (small one time payment, no recurring payment).

Quick Link List for the Forums
Cataclysm Profession Help *Currently WOTLK*
OMG I Can't Make Gold
Wow Gold Success Stories
Addon Help

For the comments section, how has the JMTC gold making forum helped you with tips, tricks or strategies? Could you link to any areas in particular which you have found particularly useful? This will greatly help newer forum goers find good information to get started with. Thanks!

3 comments: on "Free Cataclysm Gold Forum"

  1. Couple times a day I click:

    This will sort the forum in the order of last post kinda like ispy for other bulletin boards.

    This shows me what the gold gurus are chatting about...if I have a direct question about a specific profession I go to:

    All the professions are detailed very well , great coverage.

    Yes its free. And I check it at least 3 times a day.

    Thanks Markco

  2. Yes! I expected nothing less than you to plug your free forums in the wake of the $6.95 a month Forums at Wowconfidential just being released. Why would anymore pay for what they can get for free?
    Ignorance, I guess.

    Thanks for the Free Forums! I need to get into them more often.

  3. These forums were new to me. Thank you for this advice.

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