Frozen Orb to Fire Trade Spam

"Hi Marcko,

I know you are incredibly busy, but I had another question, now this isn't new I have seen people do this before but, once in a while somebody with an over-developed sense of 'morality' will take time out of his day to broadcast things in /2.

In this particular instance, somebody noticed me buying a large number (well, 15 is large for me :P) of his Frozen Orbs, at which point he must have google'd them or seen me immediately listing Eternal Fires, and begun to spam trade chat with that information. At about this time I noticed that within minutes the auction house supply of Frozen Orb for less than 30g had dried up completely (friday/saturday I sell Eternal Fire for 40g+ only reason I didnt buy the AH orbs out completely was because I lost a lot of money on a bad epic purchase and didnt have the cash) so what I did instead, was listed a bunch I had spare that I had bought days before for 20g or less, for about 28g each.

The guy spamming trade immediately began to whisper me with complaints. I asked him why he hadnt simply used his orbs and converted them to Eternal Fires, in response I got "It's wrong to rip people of" followed by a torrent of "Don't buy from this person!!!!" style messages in Trade against my bank alt.

I was just wondering what sort of stance you take when dealing with situations like this?

Thanks for taking time to read this.



My Response:
What I do is just laugh at them because now you can use those frozen orbs for eternal fires to transmute epic gems or metas, craft items with the orbs, or w/e you want to do with them and no one else can find them cheaper! He did you a favor, wait a few days and the orbs will go back down to the point where you can buy them again. It cycles like that all the time because someone will get on and snatch everything below fire's price and reset the orb market.

"Thanks again for the very swift response Markco,
I hadn't looked at it that way, thanks a lot for pointing that out to me! I don't have a lot of crafting professions at the moment, so wasn't able to take advantage of them that way, however I posted a handful of Eternal Fire for quite a big markup (as I do frequently) just incase they all sell out, which happens once a week at least on my server because one guy doesn't seem to know how to wait for deals, so he buys a ton at regular market value and just above once a week or so, presumably for enchants or crafting, I see him selling a lot of titansteel and other such things. Anyway, I had
forgotten about them, and was very surprised to see they sold! For 55 gold a piece! :D (usually 24 - 29g)
Btw I got so tired of being scared to use the snatch list and appraiser and those similar search functions in Auctioneer that I finally decided to purchase your gold guide, and it's a fantastic read i'm glad I did for that info alone. I look forward to having more time to read it properly some time in the week."

5 comments: on "Frozen Orb to Fire Trade Spam"

  1. Don't forget you can also split those into crystallized fires and sell 10 for even more than you could charge for 1 Eternal Fire.

  2. I have had this same sort of thing occur with saronite ore, when I am buying it in trade for 50s more than what you could vendor the bars for. The person will make these statements about how I am wrecking the market and people could make just as much money yada yada, the funny thing is I find more people whisper me to sell ore to me during these times :)

  3. First things first, I really enjoy reading this blog, but something has been bugging me.

    Has anyone else noticed how nearly all the emails that get published on the blog say that they bought Markco's gold guide?

  4. Not all that many of them do but sometimes I remember to leave a link if they do. Most buyers are also readers and I've sold thousands so it doesn't really surprise me anymore.

  5. On 1 side the person who sold them and got 'ripped off' is a fool and is only making more of a fool of himself by crying about it in trade.

    On the flip side, well sort of as it's not quite the same. I do like messing with people who advertise to buy things in trade for the pure purpose of making a huge profit in the next patch for example or to do something like this.

    We all make gold off other players ignorance but the reason i like to play with them is the fact they ruin a good thing by spamming about it so people realise theres something going on.
    By the time their spamming it's already too late as the cat is pretty much out of the bag and too many people have caught on because they've looked into why people suddenly want mass's of a certain item.

    My favorite game is to simply offer to pay more than they are, often leading to a offer price war until it becomes pointless to buy them. I get so many hate whispers about that :D (thats the best part)

    If people do actually try to offer me their goods, unless it is at the really cheap range still i just tell them why that person is so eager to buy them as i have no real intention of buying them.

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