Goal: Going from 50k to Gold Cap

Good email from a player who is showing you the best way to make gold in the game, so pay attention to his email to see what exactly he's doing that is so good.

"Hey Markco!
I've  downloaded all your podcast , been reading the forums / blog for a bit now and brought the guide ( it rocks) . With this info I have slowly turned 1k gold i got from quest in to 50k + power leveled 3 professions to 450 ,got 3 epic mounts / training so things are going well.
But after reading your post about Another wow blogger hits gold  limit think its time to go big , so with my 50k surplus i have I dropped 25k worth of mats at my snatch price and spent 2 days crafting . I now have lots of stock all made at my price and have taken all the mats from the AH other crafters need, so every  one else will have to pay more than me for there mats.
This limits competition to farming materials themselves or having their own farmers to deal with. As a result, the competition has to sell their wares at a higher price to break even and I can undercut their cheapest sales while still making a profit, so they either lose money to compete or (more likely) wait till I run out of stock to sell their higher priced goods. And with the proper leverage on these raw materials, I can begin crafting and selling finished goods.
Ill let you know how i go , keep up the GREAT work

  1. I know its expensive but a second account is the best fastest way to make gold with cross faction trading.

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