Inflation in World of Warcraft

With the onset of Warden 2.0 (bot killing software) illegitimate farmers have been obliterated on most servers and thus materials have been getting more and more expensive on the auction house... in fact many servers can relate to seeing 75 gold adder's tongues, 25 gold borean leather, etc. To make matters worse, many players also have old mats left over which they can craft items with that no one else can compete with. For the time being, there is really no way to combat someone who has a stockpile of materials. All you can do is buy out people who have stockpiled materials and are posting relatively cheap mats without accounting for the new prices. Over time the prices of items across the board will go up along with the materials, so be patient and adjust your buying and selling rates accordingly.

As an example, borean leather has risen to 25 gold a stack on my server. Therefore, I want to sell most epic leg armors for 180+ gold in order to turn more than 20 gold profit per leg armor (I'd much rather have 100+ gold profit). Instead of crafting these items I am simply buying people out who post for 160-300 and relisting for 350-400 gold. Some days I have to buy a dozen or so leg armors and only sell a handful but eventually prices will react to the 25 gold leather. Players just won't be able to turn a profit without increasing prices closer to my own values and so I'm just helping things along. I also buy out borean leather at 20 gold in order to deny supplies to other auctioneers and therefore help inflate the prices further.

Glyphs are going up in value over time as well while many scribes are unable to produce glyphs for their 5-10 gold profit margins any longer. They have been forced to increase the price of glyphs to an average of about 15 gold on my server with all major herbs being above 30 gold a stack. The combination of increased prices on herbs and my temporary glyph wall the last two weeks has pushed three major competitors right out of the market (literally they have not posted for almost a week now) and left me with plenty of room to take advantage of the situation. The vast majority of glyphs I sell are coming back for 40-60 gold each, which makes opening my mailbox even more fun than prior to Warden 2.0's release. More expensive and fewer materials makes selling a very profitable endeavor for the moment, as long as you adjust your prices accordingly.

So don't complain about the rise in material costs and lack of abundance in materials, but take advantage of the situation.

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  1. I believe there is another reason for price inflation and the lack of cheap materials.
    I believe there is a host of players that have purchased the mobile armory and can now buy out cheap mats at work.
    I am certain there are wow addicted players who had a family and a job and a long commute.
    Now with the iphone/work computer they are buying out cheap saronite or even 14g/a stack saronite ore during work hours.

  2. Hi Markco, first time poster, love the blog!

    My server is starting to experience the same thing, but herbs aren't as expensive as you say here. 20-25g / stack for AT/IT/LB is normal at the moment (whereas before, 12g/stack with hundreds on the AH). Glyphs are 6g - 40g in a wide range.

    I have a camper I'm dealing with, and I've been trying to dry up the herb supply. How long should I try to buy up every herb in sight? How much gold would you sink into it? I have about 105k gold liquid at the moment.


  3. OMG, I have no idea of this Warden 2.0 thing... but I just bought thousands of Adder's Tongue one month ago at 13-15g/stack, sitting on my bank and milled last week... now I have 2.000 Ink of the Sea... let's see if my competition can keep up :D

  4. im on bleeding hollow and we still have bots..pricing is going down and theirs still plenty of supply..

    I still see gold farming sites being spammed in trade so this warden 2.0 thing is obviously not on my server..

    Aside from that...I personally havent been making n e money latley from buying all the saronite..that are 14g a stack or 15 g stack (lowest price on AH)

    then again I only really deal with Ore..

    I dont have a leatherworker or alchemist to know whats going on

  5. Past 2-3 days adder's has been priced at stupid low prices ( 8-10g/stack ) I nearly have 4 guild bank tabs full....

  6. Markco,
    Don't get too set on the massive price inflation. Even if you're right and Warden 2.0 killed every bot around how long until they're back? Blizzard is caught in the drug police's problem. They have to adapt and get a head of the "bad guys" to catch them, but every time they do the "bad guys" evolve a new technique. With the drive (both economically and from a challenge perspective) Warden 2 will be obsolete within a month.

    Personally I'm seeing nothing from blizzard that can combat a bot through virtual pc. So, unless I'm missing something, the botters just need to reinstall both OSes and set their bots up in an insulated position. I'd bet botting will be in full swing again before August. Not that I mind, without bots the best professions (g/hr) are mining and herbing...I hate farming. I have no interest in playing super slow motion whack a mole.

  7. So much for the conspiracy theory (of an unnamed blogger) that Blizzard supports botting!

  8. I hope/know your right about crafted items eventually following material supply prices. I hate having to sit out the market while waiting but sooner or later only the deepest guildbanks will have any stockpile left.

    It really sucks to have to do your own farming. I guess Blizzard has gotten semi-serious about killing bots.

  9. It appears the bots are slowly coming back on my server as i have noticed mats gradually decreasing in value again, starting from lower level mats and working their way up.
    The other week low level ore plumeted again, last week netherweave cloth plumeted and this week NR mats are starting to plumet.

  10. still making my glyphs for about 2g. and the herbs are 5g a stack so yeah it's not doing it on our server. luckily i know a lot of legit farmers where i can but my stock off.

  11. Yeah I wish I stocked up before Warden 2.0. I have seen prices rise in some areas 100% You cant find mithril ore on my server for less than 160g.

    Thorium ore is up from 15g to 30+g a stack, while the prospected gems are down from 12-15 to 6-10...I'm out of that market until it returns and reflects thorium's new price.

    I have been stock piling on netherweave. Stacks of the cloth have been around 8-20g but I snipe all under 6.5g a stack and have about 40 stacks for bags, which I should make a killing on.

  12. The only danger with continually buying out cheap end-products in a situation like this is that if the botters get around Warden again before the backlog has completely dried up you may get stuck with lots of crafted items that you paid way too much for when the farmers start farming again. This strategy will probably work well on smaller servers without a lot of crafters, but larger servers may have more product stockpiled than can be consumed before the botters get back.

  13. Looks like bots are coming back. They never really left because Warden 2.0 wasn't a "bot killer" it was programmers shutting down their bots due to fear of the unknown. I don't think the person who reversed the first warden has gotten around to this one but most people think it just updated with some things from SC2.

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