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Booty in booty bay.

Post Submitted by Grumpier from Stormrage

Set Up
This isn't meant to be a cross-faction selling guide, but simply a focus on how you can obtain easily purchased or earned faction exclusive items and sell them on the other faction for massive profit.  For this guide, I will focus on buying items on Horde and sell them on Alliance, sometimes I sell certain cooking recipes and pets for over 40g each. The same thing can be done in reverse for Alliance to Horde selling.

In order to even be able to sell  cross-faction, you will need at minimum one horde character and one alliance character. The two characters need to be on separate accounts, you cannot purchase auction items listed from the same account even if you are using the neutral auction house. So either use a second account yourself (google search or ask in game the best way to do this), or find an Alliance friend that you can trust to help you.

First, I created a new DK on the horde side of the alliance server that I play on. It gave me an instant mount and all the flightpath locations...all except for the new one at the Bulwark between T. Glades and W. Plague. I paid a mage to port me to Dalaran so I could bind my hearth there.

I then proceeded to make a Troll AH alt and sent him from Orgrimmar on the Zeppelin to Grom'gol. I then swam along the coast taking care to be far enough off the coast as to not agro any mobs and swam into Booty Bay, up the ramp and sat him next to the neutral AH auctioneer.

I then parked an Alliance character in BB to be my Alliance side purchaser. I used him to send the Horde exclusive items to my main bank alt.

I needed some cash on the horde side in order to buy the faction exclusive items. There is some amount of gold that you end up with after the DK completes the DK start area, but you will need more cash as you go.

The easiest way to get the starting capital is to place an item on the neutral AH from the Horde character to be purchased by the Alliance character. The item doesn't matter, it can be anything, the object is to build the capital needed to purchase the faction exclusive items. The neutral AH will take 15% of the purchase price for their cut. Don't worry about losing your will make it ALL up probably on the first purchase. You can continue to monitor your funding through the subsequent purchases of the faction exclusive items to come.

As you sell the items, be leery of someone looking to snatch your items off the AH before you can purchase them. It has never happened to me, but I've read of it happening to others.

On to the purchases:

Jump on your trusty DK...

First port to Silvermoon, ride out of the city and go immediately west and into the Ruins of Silvermoon. Go into the inn and up the stairs to the far back to find Landrealanis he sells Recipe: Lynx Steak. I normally buy 12 of each item.

Separate Idea Regarding Quantity and Mailbox Management-
I buy 12 at a time so that when my Alliance character buys off the neutral AH I can send each separate item as one full mail package to my Alliance bank alt. For instance I will send 12 Recipe: Lynx Steak in a single email group. When you send a group of 12 items, the mail title displays the first item in the group. I like to keep all the recipes/pets/items separate for easier access and it keeps me from having to check inside each mail group to see what is contained inside. Each piece of mail will contain the remaining number of those items I have left. On a side note, with the Altoholic addon, it will tell you how many of each item you have in your bags/mail/AH. If I see that I have one in the AH, or in my bags I don't take it out of the mail, until the last one sells. One other precaution. Make sure that either you already know all these items or be careful to make sure that the mailbox is opened to the Send Mail page or you will accidentally "learn" the item.

Second item is found by riding directly south of Ruins of Silvermoon to Fairbreeze Village. In the building on the left you will find Jilanne, she sells Golden, Red and Silver Dragonhawk's. buy 12 each and at this point I generally go to the mailbox in Fairbreeze and send all I've purchased to my Neutral AH seller alt.

Third item is Recipe: Bat Bites from Master Chef Mouldier . From Fairbreeze head south to Tranquillien in Ghostlands he is up by the inn. Buy 12 recipes.

Fourth item is a limited supply item found in Hammerfall. Fly from Tranquillen to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands jump off the platform and go directly east into the building inside the fenced off area. There you will find, Tunkk he sells the limited supply item Pattern: Raptor Hide Harness. Before you auction any of the limited supply exclusive items, make sure you have evaluated the market. These items will easily sell for hundreds, but I've sold them for over 1000g. Use your normal auction house strategies accordingly.

Additional option-
Before proceeding to the fifth item in this list you may want to take a quick ride to Silverpine Forest. There is a limited supply enchant recipe, Formula: Enchant Chest - Lesser Mana (that is also sold in Orgrimmar, see item eight below.) This vendor is named Lilly and is found in a small camp south of The Sepulcher at the location 43, 50.

Also, there is a rare spawn mob in Ambermill called the Dalaran Spellscribe. This mob either male or female can sometimes drop the pet Cat Carrier (Black Tabby.) It is the only way in the game to get this item, and the mob is friendly to Alliance, so only horde can get the item. Do a wowhead search of the Dalaran Spellscribe for more information.

If you decide to proceed through this option once finished, run back to The Sepulcher and take a flight to get you back on route to Brill.

Fifth item is found by taking flight from Tranquillien to either Undercity or to The Bulwark. Ride up to Brill where you will find Abigail Shiel . She is standing in front of a wagon on the left side. Purchase 12 Recipe: Bat Wings.

At this point take the Zeppelin to Orgrimmar. If you hearth now you will waste time at the next stop.

Sixth item is found by jumping off the Zeppelin and head south to Razor Hill. There you will find Grimtak . Buy 12 Pattern: Scorpid Surprise. Send your items to AH character.

Hearth to Dalaran and port to Orgrimmar.

Seventh item is found by locating Xan'tish . He "partols" from Valley of Spirits to the NW entrance to Orgrimmar. Purchase only Brown Snake and Black Kingsnake. Alliance characters can purchase Crimson Snake on Alliance side. Buy 12 each.

Eighth item can be found in two places. Formula: Enchant Chest - Lesser Mana can be found in The Drag at the first shop called Godan's Runeworks. Look for Kithas . It is a limited supply item, so she may or may not have it. I will usually buy all the Strange Dust and Lessser Magic Essence she has. She also sells Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Lesser Intellect this is not a faction exclusive item, but can sell for much more than the 4s 50c purchase. As stated earlier you can also obtain this item in Silverpine Forest.

Ninth item can be found by heading to Valley of Honor past the fireworks wagon to Nogg's Machine Shop. (I miss DS9) There you will find Sovik . He sells a limited supply item called Schematic: Red Firework. If you want to buy any of the engineering mats, feel free. He also sells Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller, but Alliance can purchase that item as well.

Tenth item is found by taking the Orgrimmar wind rider to Brakenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh. Look for Ogg'mar he sells Recipe: Heavy Crocolisk Stew, buy 12. I also purchase Dragonbreath Chili from him because they generally sell well.

Eleventh item is at the Crossroads. Find Tari'qa he sells Recipe: Crispy Lizard Tail. Buy 12.

Twelfth item is in Thunder Bluff. Take the wind rider to Thunder Bluff. This vendor is in an out of the way location. Go to the bottom of the giant totem and go left past the bank/mailbox. You'll see a trail going up to the next level take the trail up until you go under the bridge. You'll see a hut with Halpa . She sells Prairie Dog Whistles, buy 12.

Thirteenth item is found by mounting up and heading south to Bloodhoof Village. There you will find Wilma Darkmane . She is in the large hut in the NE of the village. She sells Recipe: Roast Kodo Meat.

Additional item-
There is a quest where you can obtain Pattern: Kodo Hide Bag from Veren Tallstrider in the leatherworking hut in Thunder Bluff. You need to be level 5 in order to complete this quest. You will need to bring him 4 Light Leather and 3 Course Thread to complete the quest. The pattern is BOE and can be sold cross-faction. It may seem strange, but you can level up to 5 in very little time. I've sold a similar leatherworking pattern from Alliance to Horde for 1500g.

I haven't written it up, but there is a similar process I go through in acquiring Alliance items, obviously the majority of Alliance only cooking recipes are much easier to acquire because they are sold in Stormwind. One thing I've done, but haven't watched it precisely to what it takes in time and mats is to create a Night Elf and go to Dolanaar, there is a level one cooking quest for Kaldorei Spider kabob, it takes 7 small spider legs to finish the quest. I sent in one of my mains to kill a bunch of the spiders to get the legs then either hand them to my level one NE or just send them in the mail. I've been able to sell these recipes for between 400-800 on Horde side Stormrage. Also, if you level up to 7 you can complete the quest needed to obtain Pattern: Moonglow Vest. It will take your character multiple stacks of Light Leather to get to 70 in leatherworking and requires a set of leatherworking items that you turn in to obtain the pattern. I have sold this item 3 times for between 1000-1500g. I'm sure you were well aware of this already.


1) If you want to add it to your guide feel free.

2) If there are any other patterns/pets/other items I should add to the guide, let me know.

3) Thanks for your podcasts and for the website. It really has helped me to look more outside the box on my AH life. I have played toned down versions of many of the ideas that I've read on your site, but it has taken my thinking to new levels.

One of the funnest parts of this was spending a good part of one afternoon selling item by item filling bag after bag and filling mailbox after mailbox of my guildmates with stacks of these items for their mains and alts...LOL!

Mains and alts get really mixed this far into a game. I play an 80  Dwarven hunter named Grumpier and a 75 Dwarven priest named Grumpiest on Alliance Stormwind. I play an almost 80 Troll hunter named Bittershot on AIE's guild on Earthen Ring. I have 70's rogues, paladins another priest and many other characters.
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10 comments: on "Invest in this Cross Server Gold Strategy"

  1. Heh! I never thought I'd see you advertising gold sellers Markco! ;^)

  2. Great info! I got a really good profit selling mini-pets in both factions =D

    btw, do you know the site maldy ( ? It's a site where you can view a price to your char. pretty cool ^^

  3. justarb that made me bust out laughing

  4. How much are you posting these items for on the neutral AH to transfer? 1 copper?

  5. Great guide for if i decide to start on the Alliance side of the game, would have been nice to see some stuff for selling alliance recipe's to horde. but all in all very good advice. has anyone actually seen or sold the black tabby? i've farmed for it forever, and cant seem to get it to drop. am i best leaving the mods to it, or wiping them to get the rare mob to spawn?

  6. A tip:
    Instead of taking the Zepp from outside Orgrimmar, run up the path(used for a shaman quest I think) at the orc/troll starting zone and take the boat from Ratchet to Booty Bay. You might die once because there's a markura in the water when you jump down from the "hidden" path - but it is still waaay faster.

  7. I make more money from cross faction trading then anything else. Its so important not just to know trade good prices cross faction, but buying cheap mats and selling crafted gems and glyphs cross faction.

  8. Not really cross-server. More like cross-faction.

  9. Factions across the server.

    But yeah cross faction would be a better name hehe

  10. There's a much easier way to get a level 1 troll or orc alt to Booty Bay.

    In the Valley of Trials, there's a little path in the southern part of the zone (lots of lazy peons and some boars wandering around), which leads up the cliffs and to a "jump off spot" into the water right outside of Ratchet. In fact, you can see Ratchet across the water. Don't worry about surviving a fall into the water, because there's an elite level 11 shark in the water that will kill you (and level 18 makrura if you make it past the shark...)

    Just go ahead and die, take your ghost to the spirit healer outside Ratchet, and log out. Log back in, rez at the healer, and you will be at Ratchet, ready to take the boat to Booty Bay. Literally no swimming as your ghost can walk on water, and it's far, far faster than the run from Valley of Trials to Grom'Gol zep, then swimming down to Booty Bay.

    Time is money, friend.

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