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Ever see the old science fiction / horror film the blob? Well sometimes I feel like JMTC is the blob, slowly working it's way across the internet growing larger and larger for the benefit of all wow gold aficionados (minus the gruesome slaughtering of innocents).

First off, let me know what you think of the new blog as I've been devoting quite a bit of time into improving the display and amount of information on the front page. Hopefully the two blog rolls on the left hand side of the site will provide you with ample reading material and if I missed a site you'd like included please let me know. I plan on redoing much of the site, but for now I think the key components are all present even if they don't necessarily look amazing. At a future date I will work on redoing the graphics for the site as well. I'd like to thank those readers who already emailed me with feedback and offered ideas for how I can improve the site. On a side note, I put in around 40 hours of work into the blog this week, I may not do anything this weekend except relax with family and my girlfriend.

If you haven't noticed, I've been changing the way I blog (not just looks) as I can never sit still and just allow my blog to plateau. This is because growing JMTC is a very fun and challenging experience for me and recently I've been stepping it up a notch in terms of my involvement in the community. I've been everywhere these past two weeks, reading up on various wow blogs and commenting, recording podcasts, writing guest posts for several major sites, preparing for the carnival on August 2nd, answering/posting questions on social media sites and networking behind the scenes with various bloggers and site owners. As you already know I just don't settle for second place in the wow gold blogging scene. If you'd like to read up on some of the places I've been lurking at you can check out the following articles:
Upcoming Events

I recently recorded episode 11 of Call to Auction and plan on doing the show more regularly with Euripides from outdps/ and possibly Bigjimm from phase 3 profit. This weekend we will have issues recording but a schedule will be figured out soon enough. Of note is the fact that episode 11 was focused entirely on emailed questions that have been piling up in the call to auction mail box for quite some time. It made for possibly the best show we've done yet.

The Blogging Carnival is right on schedule to be released August 2nd and I have currently in my possession 27 articles from various blogs covering a gamut of topics related to making gold in wow. Quite a few authors still haven't finished their articles for the Carnival so hopefully they will be able to get their posts sent to me before August 2nd. Thank you to everyone who has sent in posts to participate as I believe it's going to be a lot of fun reading them all and interacting with one another.

If you like what you see... COMMENT! Let me know what YOU think. I don't often ask for comments but after putting 40 hours into the blog this week I really want to get some feedback.

17 comments: on "Markco's Corner - The Blob"

  1. *from Little Britain*
    Andy: I DON'T LIKE IT
    Lou: But the nice gentleman put in 40 hours of work Andy, the least you could tell him is that he did a nice job.
    Andy: YEAH I KNOW
    Lou: Now tell the man you like his site
    Andy: I DON'T LIKE IT
    Lou: It'll take some getting used to Andy

  2. I like it, It really looks better and information is easier to find. Good Job!

  3. This made my day lol

  4. The new layout puts the third column out off the edge of my browser screen, so my first impression is not favorable. (1024X768 resolution)

    Still... if you really like how you have it laid out, the actual *post* is well within the browser screen, so it's usable. I probably don't need to see the 'archive of posts' very often, and if I do, scrolling over isn't that big a deal.

  5. Hey Markco I like it but can you direct me to the link to the JMTC forums from the new blog? The Left menu is gone or am I blind?

  6. I like all of it, some of it I like alot; except for the quarter screen listing blogs. It's not something that's useful on the screen for every page, every day. It'd make sense to give it a page of its own with an icon so people can find it.

    If it has to be on every page, it'd be better regulated to the bottom of the page, or sharing the column under the index.

    If I were reading this from my phone, it'd show the header, which is expected, then it'd show all of column 1, which would be seriously annoying before getting to column 2.

  7. The new layout is superb, I envy it a little.

    It's clean, easy to find what you need and once I'm used to the width it'll be a fantastic read (:

  8. I made the middle area wider. Let me know what you think! It's a work in progess as with everything I do :D

  9. Looks good Markco--

    If you get a chance could you add my blog/minipodcast site



  10. Widening the middle (blog post) column is an improvement. At my resolution it's still inside the right border, and I now think having the archives hanging off the edge is usable. So looking good from my perspective.

  11. I like not having to scroll over just to see all of the day's posts.

    Btw, could you look into getting onto the blog role?

    Good luck with the magic. = P

  12. A little bit wider and the middle is pleasant to read, at least, in my opinion.

    You might want to use images instead of links again for your top navigation bar, people seem to be used to that (had trouble finding where your social links went to myself).

    And keep up with asking for feedback, if your readers are happy, you can be satisfied with your work (:

  13. Found your blog a couple of weeks ago and it's now one of the first things I do on the net every morning! Love the tips. And love the new set-up.
    Thanks so very much for putting in so much time for us.

  14. Initial impressions: I much prefer the new layout. I haven't poked around at all the links and everything yet, and I don't quite have the time to sit and give it the effort it deserves... but I wanted to chime in with the first impression.

  15. nice work, holmez.

    hey- as a graphic designer and typographer, my only real issue with the layout of the new design, is that you really need to add margins to the text areas.. a quarter ince between the edge of your text and the side bar is a general rule of thumb. it's really hard to ready text when it's jammed up against the edge of the columns. (you never see a book, with text written right up to the edge of the page.)

    otherwise, great work and thanks for all the awesome tips. -xoxo rupert murloc

  16. rupert murloc your wish is my command, great tip thanks

  17. As you have it now, the blog post column extends to the edge of my screen with the archives listing beyond it. I like it, very nice!

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