Markco's Corner - The Carnival in 3 Weeks

Blogging Carnival August 2nd

Here's a sneak peak at some of the blogs being featured in the Carnival on August 2nd:

Caffeine, Smokes, and Auction House Fees
The AH Pile
Wow Grrl
Warcraft Econ
Wow Confidential
Gold Capped (
QQ Pew Pew

...and a host of others! Email me and let me know if you'd like to have your blog featured (new or old posts are ok) and also email me if you know a site that you want to show up in the Carnival.

Check this post for information regarding the Carnival.


I attempted to sell some epics this week including battered hilts and boe's from ICC. An interesting forum discussion happened when someone asked the question "Server transfering, What ICC BOEs to Sell?" I crushed the 217k gold in two months goal this past week by a landslide... 240k as of last night in 8 weeks! Keep in mind that I didn't even play those full 8 weeks nor did I have time to play every day. I stuck to a strict schedule of about 10 hours per week and tried to maintain a casual style of play. I hope to incorporate some of the lessons learned into future posts.

I did some research on prot changes and am very happy about the changes for prot pvp in cataclysm. Expect me to be back to my old tricks again in pvp.

I should probably spend some time leveling and making gold on my kel'thuzad mage catskan at some point, if I ever find time lol. Now even thunderer is past me in the leveling race!

I have been putting more emphasis on Twitter and Facebook to interact with the audience here, definitely check it out and join the great discussions that have been going on there.

Real Life

Life is rather hectic right now and there's never enough time to get all my podcasts done, experiment in wow, write for the blog, run every day and visit family/friends. Poor Call to Auction podcast has suffered the most from my busyness :*( . I'm going to see my dad since he recently had surgery and so I probably won't have time to do either podcast this weekend.

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  1. All of us here hope your dad's recovery is going great, and we will be waiting, hopefully patiently... for your podcasts.

  2. Dude you're a gold making beast. Props to you. Don't apologize for life getting in the way. LIFE COMES FIRST! Hope your dad has a speedy recovery!

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