Selling Copper Rods

"Dear Markco,
I have a very good idea that I have been doing for quite some time. I would like to share it with you. I have made 1000g in two days with a lvl one orc warrior by buying boatloads of copper rods from the enchanter vendor. Once you have the copper rods you sell them on the auction house for 5g each compare to the normal price of 17g each. After that wait for all your copper rod to be sold. That it.
Copper Rod=1-2 silver"

There are several different ways to play this market Trevor and I've experimented with all of them on my server before making this post. Thank you for the tip btw, it's excellent!

Ok here goes:

1. You can post a dozen of these rods at 2-5 gold each and get bought out by the normal sellers who are trying to get upwards of 30 gold per rod.
2. You can compete with the primary sellers and only post 1-3 rods for a copper below the lowest price.
3. You can mix it up and do either strategy every other day depending on who else is selling and for how much.

I found that #3 worked the best, be flexible and figure out the demand on your server as well as how many people are selling.

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  1. option 3 works the best for me personally, But I have an option 4 I occasionally use aswell.

    4. If there are currently no Copper Rods on the auction house. Be cheeky and post them for 100g. I have had quite a bit of success with this, but this doesnt always work. A good mixture of methord 3 and 4 is what I normally do

    It doesnt hurt to be cheeky sometimes.


  2. I noticed that a vendor in UC sells this for 1 silver 18 copper and it's not a limited item. Why would people buy these at 5g let alone 30g?

  3. To save the minute it takes to get it, I kid you not.

  4. But copper rods are only used to make runed copper rods... why on earth are people buying them (for any price)

  5. I'm one of those who doesn't really need gold (almost at haft a million) and trust me if i plvel a profession and see something at 5g in the AH for my profession, i wont even bother checking to figure out where to buy it.

    For 5g ? It's all worth it for me :)
    Now put it at 50-75g and i will check

    I'm not surprise that you sell that many for 5g a piece.

  6. I keep forgetting about this little tip of mine. Go to stormwind. Go to the Alchemist shop buy all the herbs from the supply vender. Now go go the flower shop near main street stormwind (bank/ah) its in the canals.) Repeat this every hour for easy herbs to flip. Great way to help a new toon get some fast gold. No grinding required! Can sell what you got that hour or stack them up in your blank. Ether works good.

    This blog is righteous. <3 Peace out man.

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