Snowballs in July?

Domenic sent me an email recommending that I start selling snowballs (which I've had stockpiled for months since last winter veil) in July. What do you know they are actually selling for 1 gold each, it really is Christmas in July! I am using a single trade chat macro such as "/2 Selling [Snowball]x20 for 20 gold, it's Christmas in July!" while posting auctions on an alt and the strategy appears to be working wonderfully.

If you have stockpiled some snowballs give it a shot and see if you can sell them for huge profits! Marketing snowballs is even more fun than selling vendor pets >:-)

5 comments: on "Snowballs in July?"

  1. They sell at 20 silver a piece over here.. :(

  2. while its a good idea, I would save them for a few months as some are still hanging around seeing as the fire festival has just been and im pretty sure you can get some then.

  3. The only problem is we just finished the fire festival and people were able to get tons and tons of snowballs just by running into the Ice boss wile they were fighting him. In fact I went on a couple "snowball" runs in which we had 1 heal 2 dps down adds and 2 plate dps just run into the boss the whole time splitting the snowballs among the group after a couple runs. Basically anyone who wanted snowballs to play with this summer were able to get them cheap. If they have a chance at selling at a decent price I'd say wait until August when people have run low on them.

  4. Don't forget your possible daily source of snowballs:

  5. Bad idea, there is WAY too much competition for this since the festival just ended and this idea has been around for years already. There are pages of snowballs right now on my servers AH and several people are selling 5 to 20 stacks of 20, which gives you an indication of how many people are already on top of this.

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