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Ways to tell everyone about Just My Two Copper or any website in the JMTC community (including http://www.castaclysm.com/):

1. Make your forum signature (for any wow topic forum) include jmtc, justmytwocopper, or something else that will help lead players to the site or one of its sister sites (youtube, twitter, forum, etc). Participate in the wow professions and guide sections of the blizzard wow forums and link to helpful information on this site or the JMTC forums.

2. Leave links to relevant information that exists in JMTC on other blogs or websites.

3. Spread the word to your guild.

4. Email wow.com and other popular sites with your favorite JMTC posts which you feel they should cover.

5. Create youtube videos showcasing tips you've learned on JMTC and link back to where you found them.

6. Tweet @Foldberg1 and #JMTC. Especially on Follow Friday.

7. Like Markco Polo on Facebook and then participate.

8. If you have a blog or site, discuss topics I've brought up and measure your own opinion against them (good, bad or additions). In the article, Playing for Second Place, it was suggested that if I write about something than no one else can... by all means, please write whatever you want and then compare your thoughts to my own!

9. Email me (freebeertomorrowonyxia AT gmail DOT com) with what you want to see on any part of the site (that includes youtube videos!).

10. One final tip for blog owners: Collaborate with me. Participate in the Blogging Carnival on August 2nd, do a post swap, ask me to do an interview, do a guest post for my blog, etc. No blog is an island and I feel that the past few months JMTC has become an island with so many blogs quitting and I also blame myself for not reaching out enough to my fellow bloggers.

The more people you bring into the community the better it becomes and I would not be surprised if within a month of this post being implemented by a majority of the readers here that the community would double in size. Bigger community means more ideas being bounced around and more gold information. I am surprised every day when I learn more about making gold in wow, especially with how much a gold guru like myself already knows. Help JMTC expand!

7 comments: on "Spread the Wow Gold Tips"

  1. Expanding the customer base is a double edged sword though in that the more you advertise the more people will see the information and the more competition there will be.
    That's not really the bad part, the bad part is when you let 'easy golders' in on information it tends to ruin an economy, like happened with inscription and the very public post on MMOChamp.
    I'm sure this will generate lots more money for Markco but it will spoil the community a lot for the people who come here.

    The people who find this site tend to be people who are serious about making gold, this will only promote the site to any old idiot who is looking to make easy gold and will spam post the same questions over and over again like happens on the official forums because they want a way to make easy gold with no effort at all so can't even be bothered to read the site before asking the same questions that have been asked 100 times already.

  2. You have a valid point, and that is why I have to do a better job of funneling newer players to areas of the site where they can learn from tutorials and not waste anyone's time. That being said, I tend to promote methods which work even with a dozen people using them (ie auctioneer resale scans). Obviously selling copper rods would suck if 80 people tried it at once on your server, but what the really good players do is they say hmm markco said copper rods work... what about other items?

  3. With some education an idiot can become a valuable member of the community. If they don't have access to the information then they have no choice but to remain an idiot. Pointing new people to basic information is much better in the long run.

    The main problem with the official forums is the lack of moderation. People can spoil that community because they are allowed to. If someone is purposely being a jackass, say and do something about it. Tell new players to search. For the trolls, ban them, tell them not to be stupid, let everyone know stupidity will not be tolerated.

    Its quite easy to make gold off the "how to make gold" posts on wow.com or MMO Champion. If the posts says "Disenchant cobalt war axes" then work with cobalt to sell cobalt to the people blindly following the guide for as much as possible, and buy the DE'd essences and stockpile them for later use when the price increases again. If wow.com says to buy something, thats a great time to be selling it.

  4. http://blue.mmo-champion.com/t/26137136500/do-you-auction-house/

  5. HappyGlypher said... July 20, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    The thing is, when that inscription post broke, the market crashed for a few weeks, maybe a month, and and then people realised it takes work to maintain the glyph industry! Milling, clicking process, canceling and reposting, finding a constant supply of herbs - and the majority of people went "Not worth it", and went back to their dailies. If a person is interested in making gold, they're already going to be reading these blogs, they're already going to know most of these methods... However all the reading in the world won't make them act on this information. (and I'm sure 99% of them won't!)

    So bring on the larger community, I'm all for it.

  6. Too bad about the blue poster, I am currently forum banned for a week :(

  7. Blogs end at their owners play.
    Wrath ends as ends day.
    New starts come with new play.
    Cata starts a brand new day.

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