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"Hi Markco,

Love your blog, every so often I see some tips that I like, and want to try out.

Mostly I make money with enchanting, jewelcrafting, and some leatherworking.

I was quite disapointed with Tailoring as a moneymaking profession, but lately, I have been doing very well selling the tailoring cloths that used to require a cooldown, and no longer do.

In the last few months, I've sold about 250 each of Ebonbweave, Spellweave and Moonshroud, with average prices between 40 and 50g.

The important part, with them, is to have a Burning Crusade speciality for the type of cloth you are making - this means that you make 2 for the price of 1. And basically, the cost of the cloth is just a little more than the eternal it is made from. (Eg 2 Spellweave cost 2 Eternal Fire + 1 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave [which in turn costs 2 Infinite dust and 10 Frostweave cloth]).

The thing that isnt immediatly aparent, though, is that you can easily change speciality. In the south section of Shattrath are the three tailoring specialists that can train you. If you talk to the one you are currently specialised for, they can remove your speciality for 150 gold. You can then talk to a different one, and get a new speciality for 20 gold, with no questing required.

So, if you make 170 cloth between changing speciality, then it effectivly adds a single gold to the price of your cloth you are producing. This is MUCH cheaper than only producing 1/2 the amount as a non-specialist.

So stock up on the materials, make lots of cloth as your current speciality, then change. Once you have a good stock of all three, keep stocking up eternals, and when you run low on a particular type of cloth, change again. There are no restrictions to going back to specialities you have had before.

Have fun,


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  1. I know I sound like a broken record...but have 2 accounts really helps tailoring ...buying cloth cross faction and selling bags back cross faction is fantastic.

  2. Or having 3 tailors helps too, but they are removing the specialties in cataclysm sao dont bother if you already havent made multiples characters with tailoring.

  3. Thanks for posting this one.

    A followup - as Cold pointed out, the specialities are being removed for cataclysm.

    That means that it might be a good idea to make sure you have a good stockpile of these cloths, as they will cost, effectivly, twice as much to make after the specialities are removed. Unless the price of eternals also goes up, which will make them even more expensive.
    And they will probably still be needed to level tailoring up for new tailors.

  4. i doubt they'll be needed much at all, i used none of the BC era special cloths in lvling my tailoring

  5. I heard Blizzard was removing specialties, but I wasn't sure what it meant: Will all tailors only be able to make one cloth from the materials; Will the material cost be reduced? Or will they make 2 cloths (just like the specialists)?

    Also, it looks like I may switch my alchemist back to herbalism - I switched to tailoring for the tailoring effects for healers, but I guess that's no longer needed?

    So many questions .. lol

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