Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

In the following email I noticed that the included screenshot featured a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. I am one of those people who bought such a beast and I must say it was worth every penny! If you are a farmer who actually enjoys sitting there for an hour or two killing mobs then having the option to sell items to a vendor 24/7 is pretty sweet. Also, I can buy all the high level reagents for my alt crafters right from one source and simply mail the items to them instead of having to run to nearby vendors. I kind of wish that the traveler's tundra mammoth had ALL vendor sell-able items but hopefully blizzard will add this at a future date. Providing reagents to your raid isn't such a bad deal either. You can even tank in neutral towns with this mount by doing drive byes with friends. There were far more uses before you took damage failing on the mount of course.

If you are considering buying this mount then be sure to have exalted with the kirin tor to make the item less expensive!

Did you purchase a mammoth or chopper with your gold stockpiles you've accumulated from reading the works of the JMTC community?

"Just sent you this email to thank you. I went from 230g here and there, having to go farm to pay repair bills and purchase flasks and potions to 50k without doing anything remotely taxing, just a half hour interval a day. Plus I had fun getting there. This is the first expensive thing I have bought in this game and its all down to you, your guides, your website, podcasts and forums. A massive thumbs up from me. I look forward to repeating the process all over again.

Thank you a thousand times over.
-Kazatem, Kul Tiras EU"

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  1. At first, I was skeptical of the "vendor mount" as I call it. I didn't saw much benefit to it... that is until I finally got one for my main. Only after a few day, I realized how stupid it was to not buy it prior to that.

    Now, all my alts that can use an Epic ground mount has one. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Can't wait to get my goblin to lvl 40 and buy it, I'm sure this will turn some heads around.

  2. I suck cause I bought the wrong mammoth mount. I bought the one for 8k about 3 months ago with no repair unit. And now I can't bear to break with 16k to get a mobile repair unit.

  3. oh and if blizz decides to add a flying version you can be sure I'll buy it.

  4. i stupidly bought both
    dont no why i bought mamoth has i h8 farming

  5. The repair/vendor is convenient, to be sure. If the price is worth it is another question... Something else to bear in mind, as well... you have no reputation faction with the mount vendors. I buy reagents/trade supplies (and repairs whenever possible) from factions I'm exalted with. That 20% discount adds up over time.

    Remember... a copper saved is a copper earned!

  6. The only 'bad' thing about buying mats from the mammoth is there is no rep discount. Saving 10 silver per piece of Resilient parchment (among other things) by going to a vendor I have exhausted rep with is worth it to me. It's not breaking the bank to use the mount, which I used to do the same as you btw, but when I realized there was no rep discount I was tweaked and went to a stationary vendor if I was in town.

  7. rachaels_dad if you set a goal (the mammoth) and you put some dedication into making a bit of gold you'll be able to get it nonetheless.
    Just use the tools(tips from several gold blogs around) you're been given and you'll have it within a month or less.

    As for myself, I do have the Tundra Mammoth & Chopper of course.
    Soon I will go back on a buying spree to get my 100 mount achievement complete, I thank JMTC for this, but also Stokpile, Tella, Calltoauction Podcast, JTMC Forums and Gevlon.

    Having some insight & logical thinking does help here (and math helps making you able to think in a logical way!), all-in-all effort will result in achieving the goal you've set for yourself, just keep going for it.

  8. Had some good mammoth discussion a couple months ago, which you even commented on Marcko.

    Been loving my mammoth that I got durings the first weeks of the inscription explosion, back when I was unloading glyphs at 150-200g each since I was first to get all the glyphs from books on Horde Side on my server. :)

  9. Hi Markco,
    I thought about but at the time I worked for crusader and then I got this little boy that sells all the mats AND is a bank acces. Later I also built jeeves. So i do not need a third man for mats etc :)



  10. So, now we need an auction vendor and a mail/bank/gbank vendor. How much would you guys pay for something like that? :D

    I think id go for well over a 100k for it, as long as its not on CD like the squire.

  11. This mount definitely paid for itself when I found myself farming Dire Maul. The amount of trash and greens that my farmer couldn't DE was filling up my bags pretty fast. I wish I'd had this back when I was farming Stratholme.

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