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Look at this amazing piece of software, the Undermine Journal, which I saw reading an article from wow confidential, that is going to revolutionize auctioneering in world of warcraft! You're going to have all the data at your fingertips... when competition gets on, what items are selling for, item trends, seller trends, etc. All easily accessible thanks to this handy tool which is currently in alpha. Right now there are only a handful of servers with data available in the tool, but even if yours isn't included be sure to check out the features and explore the various options and graphs.

So why is this so valuable? Well here's a quick example. I can look up epic gems on any server and see what they are selling for. This makes it easy to determine which gem cut I should buy if I'm a new jewelcrafter!

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  1. Is there any way that we can help them to gather data from other servers? I didnt saw mine, so I thought it could be helpfull. But I did'nt saw any link to be able to do so.

  2. Can't wait to see the potential for this application.

  3. I have been in contact with the developer and this what they had to say about how you can have your realm added. ( )

  4. I sent an email to them since my server was not on the list and it got added this Tuesday. I did not expect such a quick turnaround. I assume there were a lot of other people asking for it too....but hopefully it was just strange timing and my competition does not know about this site yet.

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