White Smoke Flares

"Hi Marcko,
White Smoke Flares. I guess most people probably see Elemental Blasting Powder and go "WTF is that? Oh well" but from 1 mote of fire, 2 of earth
and 4 netherweave cloth (avg price on my server about 2 - 3g, much less when some farmer dumps his Netherweave) I will get 12 of the things.
I then sell them in stacks of 10 for 7g 50s, not a lot, however I have begun opening dialogues with guilds who use them for raids, some of whom have promised to place bulk orders (1000 at a time from one guild) when their current stock runs out. I have never ever seen anyone else list these on the AH, and they sell very well on big raid nights.
That and Frozen Orbs, if your server has as many idiots as mine, I'm sure you are already taking advantage of the rush to get rid of these orbs, I'm sure it wont last very long, but I'm buying them for as little as 18g each and immediately re-listing them as Eternal Fire for 28 - 32g.
Again thank you for maintaining such a fantastic website, I really appreciate all the help you offer penniless Huntards like myself :D"

The huntard in this email also asked why he couldn't sell the enchanting mats gained from disenchanting blues/greens doing runs for crusader orbs. First off, you don't want to sell them my silly huntard! You want to use them to make crusader, spell power to weapon, and other great enchants for levelers!

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  1. you make far more out of your frozen orbs if you turn them into runed orbs

  2. Hey, great idea but I just wanted to confirm how you're ending up with a profit for the flares.

    Judging from the WoWhead data and my server's AH data, I've noted 2.6g for Mote of Fire, 0.3g for Mote of Earth, 40s for 1 Netherweave cloth.

    1 mote of fire + 2 mote of earth makes the blasting powder, so 2.9g + 0.6 and 1 cloth adding up to 3.6g. that's for 3 flares. According to WoWhead's market data, 1 flare sells for 30s so 90s for 3. Aren't you losing money from this craft or where am I noobing up the math?

  3. One craft (1 mote fire + 2 mote earth) creates 4 elemental blasting powder.

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