Why QA3 is Not Foolproof

I used to post my frostweave bags and netherweave bags with quick auctions 3 to save time, now I use auctioneer's batch post. Why you ask? Well because I've been selling my bags for about 15 gold less than I could be! You see undercutting the lowest person on the totem pole is not always the best course of action, especially when it comes to items that sell as quickly as bags do. With the demand that these bags have you could easily allow 10 bags (even on my small server) to sit below you in price because demand will eliminate them. Since I post at 48 hour increments it is silly to post 15 gold below premium price. In two days all the bags will sell and I'll have made far more gold than posting them for the cheapest price possible.

Sometimes even the big guys cut corners to save time, but in this case I was actually wasting all the time it took to make additional bags to make the same amount of gold I could have made with far fewer bags. Don't get lazy with your addons like I sometimes do because of how many professions I manipulate at once. ;)

Time is money friend!

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  1. Couldn't you set your threshold higher preventing QA3 to post it too low? At least that is what springs to mind when I compare it with my glyph posting with QA3.

  2. Yes absolutey, but I like to post them with auctioneer since it only takes one underpriced frostweave bag to ruin all of mine.

  3. I use both. It really depends on the Item. Glyphs / Gems / Enchanting rolls are goods I post with QA3. Items I flip like old world mats I usually even use appraiser

  4. This is why it is imperative that you understand your market, which may vary from server to server. There are several items where I will adjust my list price manually instead of relying on auto-undercutting because I know the lower priced items will sell out quickly and my stuff will then be in prime position. However you have to be aware of what you competitors do, in case they blindly undercut and flood the market.

  5. Why couldn't you just set the Override Price Gap? That has always worked for me.

  6. I fix it in QA with a fairly high threshold price and a fairly low fallback price, with fallback enabled. That way, you mostly post around the same price.

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