Wow Gold Blogging Carnival August 2nd

What is a blogging Carnival?

A blogging Carnival is an event where bloggers of a certain niche, in this case world of wacraft gold, write articles and have their posts published to one location... the Carnival. These articles do not have to be brand new works, they can also be stable posts written a long time ago but which are timeless and helpful to the reader base. The goal is to provide great content, not necessarily time sensitive or brand new information. It is a great chance to share ideas as well as link to dozens of other great sites. Another result of participating in a blogging Carnival is that you get to share readers with one another.

Once all the articles have been submitted the Carnival operator (the gold guru himself in this case) compiles the authors, posts, and writes a short description of each site. These submissions are then organized into categories and put on display during the Carnival's release day.

What are the requirements to get into the Carnival?

An article must hit one of the predetermined topics which the Carnival is focusing on (see below).
Greater than 250 Words but less than 1000. Images and videos are allowed as well.
A blog, podcast, or other online medium which readers can go to if they liked your article.

What are the topics of this Carnival?

This could be anything from gold making trade chat strategies to addon setup to help in gold making. The emphasis is on step by step tutorial though, not ideas or theory crafting.
---Market Tips---
Theory crafting, tips for selling on the auction house, manipulating items through professions etc.
Involves killing or gathering to obtain goods which then can be sold on the auction house.

Where do I sign up?

I will be compiling a list of participants and publishing them every friday to help get more people interested. Simply email me to let me know that you'd like to participate and then be sure to eventually send in the article that you want to be posted in the Carnival.

How Can I Help?

If you are not a blog or website owner than you can help by contacting your favorite bloggers, podcasters, writers, etc. to participate! You can also submit your favorite articles which you've found on other sites, as long as the content is good then I will not mind including the person in the blogging Carnival.

2 comments: on "Wow Gold Blogging Carnival August 2nd"

  1. Sounds Like a Man with a Plan! Count me in.

  2. I've had over a dozen responses in the first 14 hours... keep em coming! Also send me blogs/sites you've found that you'd like to participate in this carnival and I'll contact them.

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