Best Grinding Trinket in the Game

Heya Ugly.

Oombulance wrote a very interesting article about the best grinding trinket you can get in world of warcraft which is the Oracle Talisman of Ablution. You can read the details in the post on it but basically this little gem will grant you 5% total mana, 10 rage, 20 energy or 40 runic power every time you kill a target. This isn't so much of a big deal for warriors but for all the other classes in the game this is absolutely huge, especially mana users with big mana pools. A fire mage could literally go forever two shotting mobs with this thing, and that's why it's the best grinding trinket in the game.

I think that mages, FOK rogues and swiping druids will get the most from this trinket since they could literally aoe pull forever if the mobs are 2-3 shotable. For many players running around with max gear every mob in the game outside of instances is pretty much two shotable.

Do you have this trinket? Have you tried aoe farming with it or just grinding?

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  1. YES! My guess was right :)

  2. I wonder how effective this would be for leveling in Cata. Blizzard usually nerfs these kind of things by adding a line "Not usable on monsters over 80"

    If not this would be huge when Cataclysm arrives.

  3. Not good for warlocks, enchance shammys and paladins.

    maybe a few more specs too.

    Can see the advantages of it for other classes tho.

  4. As an affliction lock i can alrdy pretty much pull enourmous amounts of mobs by just putting up corruption on everything i pull. Since i get healed for every corruption tic from every mob it is applied to i will never get low on neither hp nor mana since im free to life tap as much as i need al the time. :)

  5. Ummmnnnnnn where do you get this?

  6. Hey bro! Thanks for the plug :>

    One interesting use would be farming eternals in WG imo- its a steady market and if your well geared you can slaughter the entire area with no downtime- my kitty destroys mobs in around 2 seconds with the 30% speed increase, pounce and sprint I can be farming non stop.

    I hope they dont penalize/nerf it for cataclysm since the effect procs with honourable kills/kills that give exp and I would imagine that a mage with 2 of those trinkets could grind exp extremely quickly if they find a nice spot without much competition.

  7. Note: For this trinket the mob you use it on has to give you experience or honor for the trinket to have its effect, aka at level 80 this thing is pretty much useless...

  8. Leveling to 85 not so useless!

  9. I can't say for sure, but I believe you still get the proc at 80. So long as the mob isn't grey to you (ie, you would get xp if not for the level cap). I haven't used this trinket in quite a while, but I did use it at 80 for a short time, and I seem to recall it procing.

  10. It does proc as long as the mob is green- its hypothetical experience gain that matters not actual!

    So it is still very useful at level 80 for solo grinding mats & if it doesn't get nerfed then come cataclysm it will be truly imba for power levelling.

  11. I didn't get the rep for this until I was already level 80. I remember staring at the quartermaster thinking, "Well that would have been convenient while leveling.

  12. Anonymous said...
    Ummmnnnnnn where do you get this?

    LMGTFY :-p

  13. Thanks for posting this! I'm definitely going to start grinding Oracle rep just for this trinket. Stacking two of these will be great once cataclysm starts!

  14. You can wear two of these and end up getting 10% mana, rage, energy, runic power per exp kill. I wear these on my rogue when I'm aoe farming. Just FOK spam and win.

  15. Do hunters get focus back with it?

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