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Farming the auction house.

Pass the twinkies, beer and arctic fur coasters, it's time for the Wow Gold Blogging Carnival! Come one come all, Markco the gold guru with the most commonly misspelled name of all warcraft legends has gathered together quite a collection of wow gold articles from across the Azerothean blogosphere! We have everyone from gold aficionados to common players all mixed together into a smorgasbord of information. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the vast range of topics and gold lovin' goodness. Feedback is greatly appreciated and be sure to comment on articles you enjoyed reading. Also let the author know that you found their link via my site to promote collaboration among bloggers. That's the goal of a blogging carnival after all, besides providing excellent content.


Just My Two Copper - 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly
Thought I'd get things started with my classic guide for using resale and vendor scans.

Blinging Wow - Dalaran Rare Sale Guide
Making 2k gold in 30 minutes!

Caffeine, Smokes and Auction House Fees - Using Snatch Function in Auctioneer
Good guide with examples and images to help teach you how to use snatch in Auctioneer.

Phase 3 Profit! - Starter Cash of Eggs
A look at arbitrage in the auction house with small eggs.

Lepetit Gobelin -How to Create A Guild Vault
Tips and helpful information for those of us ready to invest in a guild bank for our alts.

Wow Confidential - Vendor Guide
Extensive list of vendor items which you can buy and sell on the ah.

Srs Business - SlyProfits Addon Guide
Read the advantages and disadvantages of using the addon SlyProfits. Full tutorial for setting up included.

Ice Cold Milk and Honey - How I GDKP
Tips on how to run a GDKP group.

Gold Project - Mini Guide to the Auction House
Interesting guide for a brand new player to start making gold on the ah.

Warcraft Econ - Bank Alts: Guild Bank vs. Personal Storage 
Which is better? A guild bank or a bunch of bags in your personal bank?

Follow the Gold Road - Selling Enchanting Scrolls
Guide to using addons to sell your enchanting scrolls with the EnchantShop addon.

Saate's Gold Making Guide - A Gentleman's  Primer
Good write up about opportunity cost and applying it to the auction house.

The Gold Pavilion - Limited Supply Recipes
Guide was written for Horde in Kalimdor.

Market Tips

Just My Two Copper - Buy Low, Sell Normal
A simple yet powerful lesson in economics.

Light's Fury - Journey to Gold Cap: Crafting Process
Buying materials is the most important part of crafting. Period.

Cold's Gold Factory - Vanilla Crafting and Making Gold off Achievements
Vanilla craftables that continue to sell as well as an article on holiday gold making opportunities.

Honor's Code - Incidental Farming
Perhaps you're too busy to make gold? Check this post out from Honor's Code.

Anaalius Gold Hunt - Flipping Outland Vendor Items
Quick info on which vendors you should hunt down in Outland.

Oombulance - How I Make Gold
Quick tips on enchanting, alchemy and eternals from a normal player.

Taking Back PvP - 5 Quick Questions
A short interview I did with Taking Back PvP about making gold as a pvper.

Nerf This Druid - Making Gold Noob Style
Averna the resto druid's noob friendly guide to making gold in wow.

Krust's Gold Corner: Formula Enchant Chest Major Health
Analysis of a great item to sell as an enchanter.

The AH Pile - Vendor Jumping
Stokpile's guide to buying vendor items and making gold on the ah with them.

Common Copper - Organization Continued
How to keep track of all those auctions. List of helpful addons.

WowGrrl - Darkmoon Faire
If you have never been to the darkmoon faire you might want to check out these tips on how to make some money while there!

Speed Wow Gold - (site seems to have been removed...?)
Yes even noobs can make big money in wow... see how with this post on disenchanting.

The Lazy Sniper - Art of Making Gold
Starter guide to participating in the auction house. Several good guides are also listed in the article.

Less QQ More PEWPEW - Making Money for the Modern-day Raider
QQ is a modern-day raider and he makes more than enough to pay his repair bills thanks to items he obtains through raiding.

Warcraft Econ - Income Vs. Spending
Helpful information about how to regulate the gold entering and leaving your characters' bags. Includes a look at the addon Auditor.

I Drink Your Milkshake! - One Million Gold
See how one player reached a million gold with some less common methods.


Just My Two Copper - Mammoth and Worm Meat Spot
Great location for skinners and cooks.

Pheshamanal - Efficient Farming
Learn how to be a more efficient farmer.

The Gold Pavilion - Paladin Level 53+ Aoe Grinding
Great AOE spot in western plaguelands.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the Double Inclusion! Great idea, as there a few names and blogs I have never heard of myself that I will be checking out as well.

  2. Very valuable list - and that's not only because I'm part of it :)

    Thanks & keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for including me in the list, hopefully I'll get around to adding a few more posts detailing how I make my gold in the hope that it helps someone. :)

    Great list, have been running around picking up vendor items today, then moving over to a neglected server I've only just set up a guild bank for. Very useful posts!

  4. Thanks for the inclusion.

    I have a feeling this is going to lead to more blogs on my watch list.

  5. oh man i got some reading to do tomorrow morning :D. hell of a newspaper

  6. Thanks for the invite to the carnival. I've seen this feature on a few finance blogs I read, always wanted to see how it worked. Nice job.

  7. Hopefully this kind of activity will promote more collaboration in this community. Bet this will come in handy tomorrow if there are server issues!

  8. Wow, awesome collection of posts!

  9. The Darkmoon Faire is back in town !
    My tip: Go with the toon you have reputation with Darkmoon Faire, the discount is 15% if you are Revered.

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