Cataclysm Inscription and Glyph Kits in patch 4.0

 Are you prepared for the coming glyph storm?

Understanding the Cataclysm Glyph Change

Soon glyphs are going to be one time use items which teach you a spell in your spell book. This new ‘spell’ will then be turned on or off based on which glyphs you’d like to have at any given time, meaning that once you buy a glyph you then know it forever and can switch it out at any time. Some people believe this is going to kill inscription, I do not. In fact I believe this is the greatest thing that could happen to inscription since the bastard profession was created.

Glyphs in 4.0 and Beyond

When 4.0 is released and the new glyph functionality is created an army of hurried buyers are going to hit the auction house looking to buy every glyph they don’t currently own (or even those as well depending on how it is implemented). You’ll see buying up of glyphs like you’ve never seen before and then… it’s not going to crash. Sure buying will slow down somewhat, but think about how glyphs are purchased today: randomly when someone hits 80 or wants to switch roles that doesn’t have dual specs (they could also be juggling three or more specs/roles). This buyer will grab no more than 3 minors and 3 majors per spec. Now think about how many glyphs you’ve purchased since wrath was launched for each of your characters. Was it more than 30? Probably not. Guess how many you’ll be buying if you want to get every glyph your class will ever need… it’s closer to 40. Following my reasoning, glyphs would continue to sell randomly without predictable demand however glyph purchases would be in massive groups instead of 6 or less at a time.

I’m sorry but I have to disagree with the masses on this one, the cataclysm change to glyphs is going to be the best profession change in the history of wow. All glyphs are suddenly becoming valuable and the more expensive ones will probably drop in price to come closer in line with a new average price. More importantly glyphs which are worth silver today will suddenly be of equal value and demand to the currently popular glyphs. I doubt the new average price is going to be less than 10 gold on most servers and with inflation I wouldn’t be surprised if we are all paying 20-30 gold for glyphs in the expansion. During the initial rush of 4.0 we will probably be paying much more.

What can you do NOW to prepare for 4.0 and the expansion?
  • Start stockpiling inks. Thousands of them. Why stop at what you need for the release of 4.0? Why not stockpile for the whole next expansion? NOTE: Ink of the sea will not be tradeable in the current beta for all inks so be sure to actually do the exchange and craft the glyphs prior to cataclysm's release and possibly even 4.0.
  • Prior to the release of 4.0 start creating your glyphs. Have 20 of each glyph ready to go if you’re serious about supplying the next wave of buyers on a scale we have never seen before. It’s going to be BIGGER than when inscription was released.
  • Learn to use QA3
  • Learn every Minor/Major glyph you can through daily research.
  • Learn all the glyphs from books of glyph mastery as quickly as possible. The books are cheap now, they will be super expensive in cataclysm.
New Character "Glyph Kits"

Imagine a new glyph industry where you supply players with every glyph their class can have in the game for a set price. We'll call this idea a "Glyph Kit." The service of providing glyph kits would be done via trade chat and probably for a decent profit. Wouldn't you pay 200 gold now if this new glyph system was implemented to have all your glyphs crafted by a single scribe and not have to worry about finding them on the auction house one at a time? Depending on the class that would be around 5.71 gold per glyph. Not bad! Maybe you should start creating these kits now so when 4.0 is released you can sell glyph kits for obnoxious profits.

18 comments: on "Cataclysm Inscription and Glyph Kits in patch 4.0"

  1. I've been pondering Glyph kits as well, but I'm trying to work out how to do the logistics. First of all the required bag space for this is much higher so making use of alts or having to do bag swaps in the guild bank becomes a necessity. Also trading 40+ glyphs takes time. Managing trade chat, whispers and plenty of other stuff while having to relog alts or bag swap ... This takes time, lowering the G/hour. I'm only doing this if I can sell the kits at 200g+ more than I would make just listing the glyphs on AH.

    I guess the profit made from this will depend highly on how your competition approaches this. We know how aggressive people are undercutting on the AH. I can only imagine how it will be with 5+ scribes advertising their kits in /2.

  2. Yeah but... what about

    In Beta right now, Jessica Sellers no longer trades Ink of the Sea for other inks... she trades inks for the new Blackfallow Ink.

    So maybe the idea is to have KTQ make 20 of each glyph JUST BEFORE the release of 4.0... and for our "useless" Ink of the Sea just make a new batch of +X glyphs of each until we have no IOTS left (I can see the madness in my bags/mail/bank incoming...)

  3. There are two questions that come to mind on this issue.
    One, can we really assume that people are going to want to buy every single glyph for their classes? Useless glyphs are still going to be useless, and aside from a few crazy completionists I'm not really sure people are going to be going out of their way to buy glyps just to have them.
    Two, what do we think is going to happen with the changes to the glyph system in terms of there now being three types of glyphs?

    As a further question, there are obviously going to be new glyphs to correspond to new talents and abilities. Do we think that they'll be learnable through research/books of glyph mastery? Is it worth stocking up on GM books ahead of time?

  4. I can tell you that I would be getting all the glyphs for my toon, especially since i am a scribe, but some glyphs are highly situational and changing glyphs on the fly for niche fights is very attractive. Now if only i could do that with my specs.

  5. As far logistics, I made a lvl 1 "kit toon" to sell a JC kit as a test. Started his own guild, purchased one bank tab. Had my AH toon mail everything to the "kit" toon, put it all in its GB, found a buyer, invited one of their un-guilded toons, after they looked everything over and deposited the amount we agreed on, I updated the permision so they could withdraw the items. While he removed the kit, I withdrew the gold and mailed it to my AH toon.

  6. Regarding space requirements, have a couple of alts that have guilds. I routinely buy guilds for 2-300 with 3-6 tabs and use them to sell bulk materials.

    Simply add the classes glyphs to a labled tab, invite the player (or an alt), promote them to a rank that has access to only that tab, and do the exchange. Then simply /gkick and you're good to go.

    It will only take two guild banks to supply all of the classes, and it works for other profession "kits" as well.

  7. I personally think that aside from a handful of players people are going to buy the glyphs they need and that's it.

  8. I wouldn't at the moment go as far as to say that you wont be able to trade in Ink of the sea for the lower end inks in Cataclysm.

    Blizzard has yet to really do anthing with Glyphs and in fact they still most do not work. They are still changing them, adding and reworking old ones.

    So my guess is what will happen will either A) Ink of the sea will be used to trade down to all older inks and the new Cataclysm "Ink of the sea" will be be able to be traded for all new ink added.

    B) they remove what is in the game now and make the new Ink of the sea trade in for all inks other then a few.

    Right now you can't trade in Ink of the sea for every ink. You can't get the old world "Ink of the sea" or BC "Ink of the sea" on trade ins (forget the names of the inks). You still have to mill the herbs for those.

  9. I forgot to add about the books and research. It will not be a good idea to stock pile books for Cataclysm unless you plan on selling them to new players leveling the profession.

    Reason being the GB Mastery will only teach you up to Wrath, there will be a new "Cataclysm" version of the research and likely a new set of books to learn them. Again, I'm not 100% because I dont see any point in leveling my professions in beta due to the time to gather new mats or to even find the trainers, yet to find them in beta. I'm going to in fact look now if the world server is up.

  10. wow! @ Raddik,
    This hint about we´re going to need new Blackfallow to buy lower level ink is a very, very powerful one!
    Making ink of the sea is very cheap now and I would bet way cheaper than the new ink for long time after Cataclism launch.
    Thank you to bring this up...

  11. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks this change will be to the glyph sellers benefit. Let all the naysayers quit the market, while we move in and take advantage.

  12. I'd guess there are going to be enough new glyphs that for a while glyph kits will be impractical - you can hardly offer to sell someone every glyph for their class if you don't know them all. You could offer all pre-Cata glyphs, I guess - but only if they don't make new ones from 1-450.

    The huge rush on glyphs has been the main thing I've been preparing for in Cata - I already have over 10k inks stockpiled. I think new characters made for Cata will keep the glyph market alive for a long time, especially on realms that weren't especially raiding-heavy in the first place.

    The change to the ink exchange is unfortunate, in a way - but great for those who know about it and plan ahead (swap out all those inks ahead of time). Hopefully your competition will still be sitting on IotS stockpiles!

  13. I personally hope they do something about the Glyph's being in the general spell book. If say one class as 30 to learn, thats 30 spells in your book on top of everything else under your general tab (that is where they are in the current beta build).

    So I hope they add a special tab for Glyphs with maybe a search feature, while I dont think anyone will really want to buy them all, even with 30+ most of us can take clam we only use maybe 4-5 major and 3 of the same minor all the time even if you respec and play all three of your specs and even if you play them different.

    I don't think people will buy every Glyph they can learn, I know I sure wont be, only 1/3 of the hunter Glyphs right now are good, I see no reason to want the others I wont ever use other then maybe to test.

  14. A great post. I remember recently on the Call to Auction podcast *somebody* mentioned they were vendoring glyphs falling too low; I'm assuming that practice will stop in lieu of the Cataclysm changes now ;)

  15. I still wonder about this. If glyphs are being dumped on the market now for 2-3g, what's to stop that in the future? Obviously those people aren't interested in making profits, but just want to play at being the big sellers. I think the old glyphs are dead and the new ones will be where the action is until they are all discovered. Just my opinion.

  16. @blacksage /licks wounds

  17. @Anonymous - supply, basically, will stop them from flooding the AH with 2-3g glyphs. Or maybe it won't, but that's even better...

    I'm sure there'll be enough demand for glyphs that even if you have a huge stockpile you'll run out eventually, so if those players do decide to post their glyphs super cheap - buy them out and add them to your own stockpile!

    With the ink exchange using the new ink rather than IotS, cost to make new inks is going to be much much higher than the couple gold it is now, so anyone posting their items in the future based on today's prices will be your best friend.

    Of course if by "future" you mean when Cataclysm is where Wrath is now... nothing will be stopping them, probably. But that's when you make gold in other ways.

  18. Won't there be a odd part where patch 3.9 hits and Ink of the Sea is still tradeable to lower inks and the Inscription changes are implemented?

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