How to Make 15 Gold When You Enter A Major City

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Remember When...

I remember the first time I entered Orgrimmar on my warrior. All I could think was wow... this place is huge, look at all the buildings and people! As a new player I focused on getting my quests done, exploring the city and then moved on to other areas to keep leveling. I missed out on major gold making opportunities I wish I'd known about back then.

Example video from my youtube channel.

How to Make Lowbie Gold

First off, sell any meats you collected while leveling up to this point on the auction house. Outside Durotar were lots of boars which I had killed for a quest and then just vendored the meat. What a mistake! Those 5 boar meats could have netted me 5-10 gold on the auction house. Second, while moving through the city I never even thought of clicking on the enchanter trainer,and if I had bothered to do so I probably would have seen some strange dust and lesser magic essences for super cheap, not to mention a handful of limited supply recipes. Had I bought these items and resold them on the auction house I would have netted an easy 3 gold for the dusts/essences and up to 20 gold each for the recipes. If I was feeling really adventurous I could have also bought a few copper rods and posted them for those too lazy to run to their enchanter trainer. Finally, there was a troll walking around with snakes trailing him of various colors. Buying these and reselling them for a few gold each would have easily pushed me over 15 gold on my first character without even breaking  a sweat, probably even 35-50 gold actually. Maybe then I would have been able to buy some nice gear and saved some time leveling.

For the Comments

There are plenty of ways to use low level materials and vendor items to make gold in major cities the first time you enter them, do you have any other tips you'd like to share? Also try this strategy and tell me how it goes for you. It takes minutes to yield quite a bit of gold for a lower level character.

Note: I ran this experiment on seven servers where I got some money on a new character and ran them to major cities (didn't have the meats and just purchased items if they were available at the time I arrived) and the results were 17 gold, 9.5 gold, 9.4 gold, 26 gold, 114 gold (someone desperate bought both my enchanting recipes for over 45 gold each), 11 gold and 8 gold after waiting a few hours to see what had sold. Not too bad if you ask me and I didn't wait for everything to sell!

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  1. I just re-rolled a new toon on a pvp server, and have been trying to make gold for my level 8 toon. One problem I ran into was the AH deposit.

    I listed several malachite and peaceblooms stacks for half-price compared to the other auctions (with the assumption they'd sell fast since I needed gold fast). Unfortunatley, on a low pop pvp server they did not sell, and I ended up bankrupt because I only started with 8 silver, and spent all my money on AH deposits. Eventually one of my peacebloom stacks sold for a few gold. But it took almost the entire 48hour lockout period.

  2. @Anonymous
    The worst thing you can do when doing this is posting at 48 hours.

    If your on a new server and know nothing about it, the worst thing you can do is post everything you have. Only post a few things, like 2 or 3 of each item. Don't drop your price. Posting at a lower price doesn't always mean its 100% going to sell.

    Post at 12 hour, be sure to look in trade for people willing to pay gold for guild signatures too. Something Marcko has talk about a number of times. I made 20g in a day just by doing this and I was on a level 65 character, I didn't need the gold but that goes to show you people will pay for them at any level.

  3. Copper bars without a doubt.

    Anyone trying to re-roll on a new server should pick up mining, even if it's only temporary, to get started. Instead of selling the ore straight, smelt it into bars. People pay more for bars because when they are leveling something like smithing or engineering, often they are pleveling an alt and are willing to pay a little extra for the connivence of not doing it themselves (often they don't have mining, either, as a jc/engineer is the best combo).

    This carries on into the 20's leveling bracket when you start getting tin

  4. Hell even raid consumable things like Symbol of Kings will sell for 4x as much as you buy them for. Always take advantage of lazy people who use the AH as a one-stop shop. I don't usually take the time to do this anymore but it's good for lowbie characters trying to build up a good sum of gold to start investing in the AH.

  5. Undercity can be a trap for newusers, but I learned to love that city. And I love what puzzle most... the circular map.
    Something that always makes me wonder.... why people keep buying my Tuxedo patterns by 10g? It was just a 1 minute away from AH...
    Then I realize it.... only found in UC!
    This is a great money maker to lowlevels, I don´t use it anymore but It is still a bestseller

  6. I think Silvermoon is the best town to pick up recipies and such, because it has all the ones from shat.

  7. I'm in two minds about this technique. I've used it myself primarily when I've created a character on a new server. The fact that for example the Tuxedo patterns never fail to sell below 19g on my server astounds me.

    Part of me is fine with the whole thing because if people are too stupid and lazy to find out where they come from then so be it. Part of me feels a tad shady because I know I've gone to a vendor to buy a limited supply item I've needed for a profession and It hasn't been there. Perhaps someone else who genuinely needed it bought it, or perhaps the guy selling it on the Ah for 35g bought it.

    Obviously I feel better when the gold is flowing out of my mailbox but I can't help but feel a little uneasy when doing it. I typically buy them about 2-3am when noone else is likely to be around buying them anyway and they've reappeared by the time someone needs. Selling vendor pets, non limited supply patterns is of course, fair game.

    Am I just being a girl about it? It's dog eat dog out there, etcetc?

  8. I think you should treat it as first-come-first-serve for limited quantity stuff. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes others do :)

    I have used this strat on the new server I am on. New toons, no level 80s to help out. It works, but there is always nail-biting involved in the early stages. Actually, still nail-biting .. lol

  9. this makes me think of an idea you have the readership to make happen: sponsor a challenge out of boredom before Cata. have a bunch of people, seasoned gold-makers and newbies alike, re-roll on the same random server and see how much gold they can make in a week (or weekend?) and see who comes out on top!
    Then you could do something fun with the gold like donate it to a random raiding guild who's still truckin' on, have a massive raffle / giveaway party, etc.

    Could be a lot of fun! I'd totally get in on that.

  10. i just look for someone buying charter sigs. easy 5 - 15g.

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