How to Make Gold with Borean Leather and Leatherworking

Leatherworking has always been a very profitable and stable way to make gold in world of warcraft, especially during wrath of the lich king. Here's how to make gold with the leatherworking staple: Borean Leather.

The simplest way to make gold with borean leather as a leatherworker is to take 60 borean leather and turn it into 10 heavy borean leather, then trade those in at Dalaran for an arctic fur. The easiest way to determine if a stack of borean leather is worth buying for this purpose is to multiply the stack by three and see if the value is cheaper than an arctic fur. Usually the arctic fur is worth about 115-140% of the value of the 60 borean leather.

Heavy Borean Leather can be turned into many things, all of which can be very profitable and only the mammoth mining bag requires faction rep to craft. The drums of the wild, drums of forgotten kings, pack of endless pockets, nerubian leg armor, jormungar leg armor and heavy borean armor armor are all profitable items to craft with Heavy Borean Leather.

Arctic Fur, if you choose not to sell it raw, can be crafted into three epic leg armors which sell for a little more than what you'd get just selling the arctic furs straight back to the auction house after trading in your Heavy Borean Leather. The epic leg armor kits are Icescale, Earthen and Frosthide leg armor.

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  1. I leveled my leatherworker from 1-450 without a can be done..takes longer...some hides cost me more but I would rather have two jewelcrafters the one jc and one skinner.

    And yes when borean leather drops in price i buy it out and leatherworking works nicely.

  2. Well good thing I didn't post this on my blog today. I was going to post the same thing on Wednesday =D

    But yes, it's a great way to make easy gold. Even if you're not a leatherworker you can use a snatch list to buy up heavy borean leather and trade it in for Arctic Fur in Dalaran when Arctic Fur is selling for more. It's an easy flip if your realm has the economic conditions for it.

  3. Loving these Flowchart posts. Not that its new info for me, but I had been trying to think of a way to show how to think from each raw material and what you can do with it vs. thinking of end products and what they cost to craft. Thanks man, great conceptualization.

  4. LW is the only profession I haven't gotten anywhere close to maxed. I don't think I've ever made it passed 200 or so.

  5. Just tried this out, and it worked like a charm. I don't have a leatherworker, but Borean Leather was so cheap I was able to just buy the stacks and have someone else convert them into Heavy Borean Leather for me. Bought the Arctic Fur and sold it within half an hour.

  6. I use LW. as my primary source of income still. I recently wrote this guide since then I have added the swiftarrow set for around 3x their mats cost and more aggressively pursued the leg armor markets.

  7. Nice post....this is almost exactly what I do with leather. The only difference is the Pack of Endless Pockets consistently sells for less than a stack of leather on my server. Instead, I craft and sell Trapper's Travelling Pack.

    Curiously, how/why would someone (many people) sell the inscription bag for less than cost?


  8. Following a power leveling guide.

  9. @ Azz

    The pack of Endless Pockets is what the wow professions guide to power-level leather-working suggests for a good couple of levels, so they get very low values most of the time, I've seen them anywhere from 5-15 gold on my server lately

  10. People use the inscription bag to level up leatherworking, so they're willing to take a loss on the mats.

  11. Hey Marcko I posted a contact page. Sorry I don't know what the carnival is.

  12. I have actually been buying 12g leather stacks and selling the Heavy Borean stacks for ~130g!

    130g-(12g*6)=58g Profit!!

    Only downside, AH is only good for about 10/week. Also, Arctic Fur is only going for about 50g on my server.

  13. Thanks for the post! I've been really lazy with my LW lately and have only been using it to make ICC boots - this is the inspiration I needed to start poking at it again.

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