Making Gold with Titanium Bars

Saronite ore is one of the primary crafting materials in world of warcraft and thankfully blizzard made it fairly easy to stockpile while farming or else prices would be ridiculous for many items, including titanium bars. Here is a quick chart of how to use titanium bars to make gold.

Buy Saronite Ore on the auction house, Smelt into Saronite Bar, Transmute into Titanium Bars, and finally Craft Titanium Rod, Titanium Weapon Chain, Titanium Plating and Titanium Shield Spike. You could also smelt titansteel.

The real trick to this is getting cheap saronite ore, which on most servers is just a matter of checking the auction house every time you log in. For every stack of saronite ore you will get 10 saronite bars and 1.2 titanium bars before alchemy transmute specialization. I may be doing the math slightly wrong here but you will get about 1.44 titanium bars per 10 saronite bars with transmute spec. You can use those numbers then to determine the profitability of the five items I’ve suggested you craft in this post.

NOTE: There are little 20's next to the ore because I pasted the images from wowhead, those do not have any significance on the post or diagram whatsoever.

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8 comments: on "Making Gold with Titanium Bars"

  1. I buy all the saronite ore 14g a stack in under...I buy it all.
    I smelt 90% , 10% i prospect.
    I make those bars eventually into titansteel bars.
    10 titansteel bars, 8 crusader orbs (I buy them for under a 100) , 4 saronite dirks into titansteel razorplate. It sells for 2600 every week.
    I also make saronite swordbreaks and the titansteel dps wrist. I forget the name.

    10% prospected into rings into dust. for my enchanters and I save the bloodstones, huge citrines, chalcalcy (sP?), and dark jades to be transmuted into meta gems.

    Saronite ore under 14g is completely profitable with a blacksmith, miner, alchemist(xmutespec), jewelcrafter and enchanter.

    Good luck.

  2. If you click on the icon with the 20 in it and then on original you get an image without the 20

  3. Transmute mastery provides a 20% boost overall to items transmuted. Thus, the 1.2 Titanium bars/transmute is only applicable for Transmute master specs. The other specs get 1 bar out of it, every time.

  4. For a long time our server was heavy on blacksmiths and jewelcrafters, low on alchemists, and super high on farmers.

    I made a lot of gold during that time just transmuting to titanium bars and selling them for other people to use in their crafting, and that was the best way to make money off of them with little competition.

  5. This is how I have made most of my gold the past few weeks. I have a snatch price of 15g per stack and have been blowing through Titanium and Titansteel Bars. I started off around 30k liquid and now sit around 70k liquid. Granted this isn't all from saronite but the vast majority of it is.

  6. Sometimes, it is nice to see reminders of the things to be doing. The market on my server is in a slump at the moment, at least for my tailored goods. I may give this a shot.

  7. You're terrible at maths, Marko. It should actually be 1.5 and not 1.44.

    You're talking about a stack of saronite ore. That's 20 ore which is 10 bars. Only 8 of these are required for a transmute with 2 bars left over.

    So, 10 / 8 * 1.2 (for xmute spec) = 1.5, not 1.44. This is where many of the other respondents are claiming 1.2 but under this context they're wrong as well.

  8. Time to stop prospecting (gems slow atm) and start making Titanium Bars. I'll report back.

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