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Hello and Welcome!

First off, I’d like to say welcome to the thousand new readers/subscribers! Since there are so many of you newcomers it’s probably worthwhile to go over the major parts of this blog as well as upcoming events.

A word of advice for those seeking gold making knowledge: try to participate in more than just the blog. There are plenty of places to learn here besides my tutelage and it's important to note that this blog has grown so much not just because of my auction house skills but also due to the incredible influence of the community here. Check out some of the sites in the Social Media tab to see what I’m talking about. If nothing else, go visit the wow gold forums and look at the membership count, then after you stop drooling look up your professions and see what tips are present there. Don’t be shy about signing up, although you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

If you have suggestions, gold tips or questions to submit feel free to visit my contact page.

Every 2nd Day of the Month I run a Blogging Carnival

Well ok, I ran one last month and it was a huge success so I’m going to try to run another September 2nd. If I continue to get tons of great posts from other sites then the blogging carnival will live on. It reads like a giant newsletter and it’s fun to discover new blogs while learning about your favorite gold making topics. This month’s topic is “How to turn 1000 gold into 2000 gold” and no Darkmadbat from the facebook fan page, it is not simply a matter of multiplying by 2!

Friday is Markco’s Corner

This is the day when I share with you some of my real life activities as well as my thoughts on the progress/future of JMTC. I try to ask questions about what you’re thinking and this is probably the best time to drop a comment to get my attention as well as the community’s. Sometimes I sneak a gold tip or three into Friday’s post but usually I stick to news and feedback. Prospecting titanium is so worth it right now... *cough* ... woops look at me unable to control myself.


I do quite a bit of podcasting, appearing on other shows and also co-hosting two of my own. You can listen to these golden windpipes on the call to auction or castaclysm podcasts, as well as my youtube guides. For those call to auction listeners out there who were tired of our random schedule we appear to finally have one again! With the addition of Bigjimm to the podcast we can now record even if one of us is busy.

The Blog

I have been speaking with several prominent world of warcraft players who are interested in interacting with Just My Two Copper in some way. These collaborative discussions could branch off into interviews, podcast oppurtunities or even live discussions which you all could participate in.

Wow Life

I spent some time leveling up toons stuck at 70 towards the 75 mark for cataclysm profession requirements but mostly I concentrated on the usual gold making shenanigans. My jewelcrafter is just rolling in money right now as titanium ore has hit the floor but gems have remained around the 120-200 gold mark depending on the day of the week and how many crafters decide to post. As the expansion wanes more and more players quit the auction house game and start waiting for cataclysm which means more money for the patient and persistent gold makers! I made use of the site Wow Prospector and I loved it so much that I became a sponsor. Basically you put in your server and what you'd like to prospect and they do the math on whether you should prospect or not. I absolutely love this tool! You can even enter your own values for items and then calculate whether it's worth it to prospect or not.

Real Life

Went to a baseball game for my birthday (quarter century!) and went out to eat with family/friends. I also had to deal with the facebook spam that happens to everyone with a facebook account on their birthday (only playing, it’s fun). We won the championship in hockey at my local gym which was pretty cool as well. For those who don’t know I tank in real life as well as in game (goalie).

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  1. is a great site.
    Thanks for that tip markco!

  2. Well I see we both posted one thing that was the same Never thought it would happen on the same day.

    Just wanted to say grats on the 1000+ subscribers. That is very impressive in just such a short time. Shows how valuable this site is with all the tools and support that are available.

  3. What do you have across your goalee mask? Markco the Gladiator riding your gladiator mount with the outstretched wings across the sides of the mask would be cool.

  4. @NakedJay - LOLOLOLOLOL that's HILLARIOUS.
    @Cold - The american flag

  5. Amazing to see how far this blog has come its insane but when you are what I like to think of as the "Gold Guru" it's only time.

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