Markco's Corner: Spread the Word, Gold Tips Carnival

 When I'm not out killing alliance I'm making a killing on the auction house.

Gold Blogging Carnival Next Week

It is imperative that you go troll every blog you'd like to see participate in the carnival next week, September 2nd, and ask them to send me a link! All a blog needs to do in order to become a part of the carnival is to email me a link to a post they've made which answers the question: "How do you turn 1,000 gold into 2,000 gold?" I am accepting posts from any blog writer, not just someone who necessarily specializes in wow gold blogging. See here for the previous wow gold making blog carnival. Please be sure to send me a link to the post by September 1st or else it's not going to show up on the carnival!

Blogging carnivals are a great way to accomplish two simple yet mutually beneficial tasks: amazing content for the readers as well as sharing of readership for blog owners. This kind of collaboration promotes cross pollination of ideas and allows blogs which would normally struggle for months before building an audience to just explode overnight.

The Wow Gold Blog

From lots of hard work (guest posting, guest podcasting, increased effort on normal posts, collaboration experiments, etc.) I have managed to score some very big points with several search engines including google, yahoo and bing. These sites are now sending over 1500 people per day to the blog and greatly increasing the size of the community here. Please show these new members of JMTC how awesome this community really is whether that's on the forums, youtube, facebook, twitter, the IRC or anywhere else. See the social media tab for more information.

Also, last night we recorded Castaclysm live with our first guest host: Big Bear Butt! We hope to have the show up on within a day or two.

Wow Life

Leveling toons, making gold, testing strategies, etc. Not much to report here except that I've found a new favorite pastime: Prospecting Titanium Ore. I usually manage to make around 200-300 gold per stack of ore from prospecting and then cutting gems along with selling titanium powder. The uncommon gems can net a surprising amount of gold as I mentioned on my jewelcrafting post not too long ago. Let's say I get 4 titanium powder and 6 uncommon gems, depending on the day and the gems that's worth around 220 gold per stack of prospected ore! I'll have more information regarding prospecting titanium in a post next week.

Real Life

What would a Markco's corner be without some interesting real life goings on? Well I decided to focus on running like I did a few month's back because well it's fun and I don't like to gain weight. Who does really? I tell you what though the benefits of running 3+ miles per day are amazing as I'm more focused and better able to deal with the stress of working both my real job and this blog. I've been working 9-10 hour shifts each day to put out a new version of a word tool I've been working on at my day job. It's actually kind of cool because we get to strip microsoft word down to its bear bones and redesign it from the ground up through xml and vba. Only problem is now when I open up word I see code in my mind instead of icons. Kind of freaky actually.

How was your week?

3 comments: on "Markco's Corner: Spread the Word, Gold Tips Carnival"

  1. Seeing code instead of icons--very matrix. I'm a filmmaker, and I get the same things when I see movies. Instead of the film, I see lighting set ups, and vfx techniques. Takes the magic out of it a little, but it's amazing to do something you love!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this blog...and say I'm sorry that your doing VBA! ahahah.

    Just kidding.

    I just didn't enjoy my short stint in it. Granted a Word overhaul does sound like a fun challenge.

    Keep up the fine work good sir!

  3. Oh.....a code writer in RL. That explains what seems like a missing comma on your keyboard. :)

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