No Excuse for Not Selling Enchanting Scrolls

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Why You Have No Excuse

There have been several posts on this blog regarding how to setup enchanting macros and create a crafting que for your enchanting scroll business. With dream shards at 2-5 gold a piece as well there really is no excuse to not be selling enchanting scrolls (bah I don't not hate double negatives!). Most scrolls sell for 10-30% profit and the mats can all be obtained if you have a blacksmith who can craft cobalt war axes and a jewelcrafter who can prospect saronite ore for gems which then can be turned into disenchant fodder in the form of rings. The rings will give you dust and the axes will give you greater cosmic essences. All you have to do is snatch up cheap abyss crystals and dream shards once in a while along with eternal earths, eternal airs, titanium bars, titansteel bars and crystalized water for several popular enchants.

Since dream shards are so cheap and that's all you need to buy new recipes you can easily pick up a recipe and have it pay for itself within 1-2 sales. Take the time to setup your addons and watch how just 30 minutes of crafting, disenchanting, enchanting and posting can make you thousands of gold each day.

Which Enchants to Sell

Not sure on which to craft? Here's a quick list of level 80 enchants I sell:
  • Enchant Bracer's Major Stamina
  • Enchant Weapon Blade Ward
  • Enchant Boots Greater Assault
  • Enchant Boots Tuskar's Vitality
  • Enchant Bracers Superior Spellpower
  • Enchant Chest Powerful Stats
  • Enchant Cloak Shadow Armor
  • Enchant Cloak Wisdom
  • Enchant Weapon Accuracy
  • Enchant Weapon Berserking
  • Enchant Weapon Black Magic
  • Enchant Cloak Titan Weave
  • Enchant Gloves Armsman
  • Enchant Weapon Mighty Spellpower
  • Enchant Bracers Greater Assault
  • Enchant Cloak Greater Speed
  • Enchant Chest Exceptional Resilience
  • Enchant Chest Super Health
  • Enchant Gloves Crusher
  • Enchant Cloak Major Agility
  • Enchant Weapon Exceptional Agility
  • Enchant Boots Greater Vitality
  • Enchant Shield Greater Intellect

For the Comments

What is your excuse for not getting into the enchanted scroll market if you have an enchanter, blacksmith and jewelcrafter? Even if you don't have all three you can still make 10-15% profit on the scrolls just buying up the materials and crafting as long as you stay away from the flooded ones on your server. Demand for these skyrockets on raiding nights as well as on tuesdays during prime time.

19 comments: on "No Excuse for Not Selling Enchanting Scrolls"

  1. The scroll market is tough on my server. I think it's because we're very horde heavy and probably have the largest population of blood elf paladins with enchanting in all of wow. There is a -lot- of competition.

    I still make good money, though, on old-world enchants and my macro basically advertises that I specialize in those. I have everything but greater stats.

    80% of my income comes from BoA/Twink tips and scrolls and I expect the market values to have two spikes in Cata: when the first wave of re-rolls happen and then when people start getting the new heirlooms.

    I've been buying out level 1 armor vellums of late and am considering making one of my bank alts a scribe just to factory myself some. Since I don't raid, I'll watch tv/movies while farming the mats for old-world stuff and I'll be stocking my bank with BoA / Twink scrolls for the expansion.

    Does that count as a scroll market? :D

  2. Every time I log in to check my auctions, I have been undercut, usually multiple times.

    There are several sellers of enchantment scrolls on my realm who apparently have time to log in much more frequently than I do. Not sure how to compete with that beyond driving the price down to materials costs.

    I have most of the BOA enchants except MC formulas, and had limited success there, but competition has stepped up there as well. One seller started posting 10 scrolls of Chest-Major Health for 1c under each of my auctions at 50g then 40g. So far he doesn't want to match me at 30.

  3. BTW, for a while dream shards were going for 2-4g on my realm, and I bought enough to buy all the formulas and still have some to use, but the price has gone back up to 7-10g or more.

    My only guess is that people finally stopped clicking disenchant on dungeon blues that vendor for 10g.

  4. My server has a cut-throat enchanting market that like a few other servers seems to have sellers on it willing to take a loss at profit just to control the market. It seems the mentality of I farmed it for 'free' rules the ah to a point that people post at below mat prices. Like every market though prices do rise but the time-table to actually post and make a profit just doesn't seem to be worth the effort.

    I normally just sell Healing power enchants as its the only consistent profit maker for me. My newly acquired spellpower enchant (30 sp) has yet to see the ah yet because golden pearls are no existent. I probably will take the time to stock pile a ton of Twink enchants though as demand will be through the roof.

  5. One day I wanted to find a way to get rid of a hundred stacks of Dream Dust. On my server it does not sell quickly, and sells for 20s each. So I looked for recipes that use just Dream Dust. One of them [Enchant Chest - Major Health] sells very well. It is the largest amount of health that you can enchant on a BOA Chest piece at low levels. A 1st level Warlock with +100 health? Yes, please!

  6. Enchant Weapon - Blade Ward is a little unfair to list since it requires a rare drop in Ulduar25(10 man can only get it in hard modes), as compared to the others being purchased for shards.

    Do you think there's a worthwhile market in selling the lesser enchants? i.e. 23 spellpower to bracers instead of 30 spellpower? Is it like cutting uncommon and rare gems in that they sell, and for a fair profit, but not unending, or with the same demand as epic gem cuts?

  7. I have the same experience on my server that Izzie and Zifmia described. There are a number of sellers that are willing to camp so they can undercut. It seems like all I'm doing when I post enchants is paying the AH. I started out posting at different times of day, etc., to get around it, but haven't been able to come up with a formula yet that works for me.

  8. Chest- Major Health uses 2 small brilliant shards, not dream dust.

    100 stacks is a LOT of level 50 blues. Maybe you were remembering another enchant?

  9. Have been doing this market for a while, but like gems and glyphs, undercutting competition is all over this market as well. Problem is this market doesn't turn enough sales to get past the undercutters often.

  10. People want to get their stuff enchanted cheap, so they rather get the materials themselves and let their alt or their buddy do it for them.

  11. hehe,

    enchanting makes up about 70% of my income, because there is virtually NO competition at all, even though i'm on a high pop server.

    I'm pretty much the only serious seller in enchanting scrolls.

    depending on the day of the week enchanting nets me somewhere between 500 and 1000g profit a day.

    I got an jewelcrafter, but the saronite ore i buy (about 10-50 stacks a day, again depending on the day of the week) is not enough to get my mats together. so i buy a lot of mats at the AH.

    Still works for me.. but i already stacked up on cobalt bars / ores and all the required mats to lvl BS to 450 as soon as my paladin hits lvl 65.

    Than its going to be my gold printing machine, as the cut rare gems from the prospecting pay my saronite bills. so the dust is to a certain point for free.

    so i love enchanting^^

    so long

    excuse my bad english, as it's not my first language

  12. My excuse? The scrolls don't sell at all...

  13. The newer enchants are in very heavy comp on my server. Timewise there are better areas. Ihave every profession so I stick to the markets that bring in easy gold . Old world enchants are great for me plus the odd high end new enchants. Most of what you list are just sold way too low to make it worthwhile.

  14. I created a spreadsheet to determine the profitability of various enchantments, given my cost of mats (obtained from a mix of DE'ing my JC-made items, buying from /Trade, and snatching cheap mats from the AH). At least on Echo Isles, I found that several of the enchants on your list are money losers:

    Enchant Boots: Greater Assault
    Enchant Bracers: Major Stamina
    Enchant Bracers: Superior Spellpower
    Enchant Chest: Super Health
    Enchant Cloak: Shadow Armor
    Enchant Cloak: Wisdom
    Enchant Weapon: Black Magic

    ... and some enchants simply do not sell basically ever...

    Enchant Weapon: Accuracy

    In my experience, enchantment scrolls are not nearly as profitable as epic gem cuts, due to their much lower volume, but the occasional 500g profit on a scroll of Berserking is much appreciated when it happens!

    Next step for me is getting my enchanter some of the old world enchants. Unfortunately, he's a recently leveled toon, so did not spend any time in the original dungeons or work up any of those factions.

  15. Thanks for reposting my article, Markco. 13k away from 1m gold, all thanks to jmtc / 20k leveling.

  16. Yes, there is serious money to be made from enchanting. I've done it before and was fairly successful with it. Right now, I think I'll stick to glyphs.

    What irks me about it is the setup and adjusting. I see no way of setting up posting in QA3 except to make 1 category for each scroll; which is a huge pain. I don't mind too much if it's a once off thing, but adjusting it when mats prices shift is a big headache!

  17. My excuse is that there's a small army of morons who consistently flood the market with enchanting scrolls priced 20-50% below the cost of mats to make them. Once upon a time I tried to purchase and resell, but even I cannot (will not) match the buying power of dozens upon dozens of dedicated idiots.

    Also, material prices on my server are 5-10x higher than the ones you've described in this and other blog posts.

  18. I only sell BoA Weapon Enchants:
    Healing Power (29sp)
    15 agi 1h
    25 agi 2h

    They sell EVERY day, it's extremely easy to run out of mats. I have an alt at Silithus for the Airs and luckyly my enchanter is my DK so I can portal to Eastern PL to farm some Essence of Water and head to Stratholme if I'm bored to farm some Righteous Orbs and LPS.

    Crusader and the Agi enchants sells for something between 150g and 250g.
    Healing Power sells for... 390G!!! and I can sell at least 3 or 4 a week :D
    Buy the recipe for 1.500g.

    Essence of Air/Water sells for 30g at AH.
    Righetous Orbs used to sell for 30-50g until I bought them they cost about 80-90g (that is more accurated due to their low drop rate anyway) but this is keeping competition away from de Crusader enchant market and I have 20 crusader scrolls to sell in my bags :D

  19. I have the crusader enchant on my 73 rogue alt, and for the mats you farm / time you put into it, it'll sell quite well.

    I think it's around 200 - 500g per crusader scroll on my server

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