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"Hey Markco, I've been following your blog for a while, And this is a tip
I've never seen. I usually wouldnt tell anyone this tip but I wouldn't mind
a free gold guide :P

The particular item being sold is Orb of Deception

This can fetch up to 3,000g

This is a rare world drop, e
xcept the rare spawns in the Dire Maul arena
have a fair chance to drop it. What I do is I take one of my 80s that I dont
play. In this case, my mage. I log off in the arena and everytime I hop on
WoW to do my banking etc, I'll take a peek on him. Even when the rare does
not drop the Orb of Deception, he drops 2 boe blues which can often fetch a
fair price on the AH

- Scy"

As an addendum to Scy's email, I'd like to make the point that these items are incredibly easy to flip for 150-300% market value. The reason I'm saying this is that you don't necessarily have to farm Orbs of Deception in order to profit off them. In fact, these items are constantly being put up for cheap because there is so little competition, meaning that posters are posting "blind" so to speak without a concept of market value.

Nice post Scy, I'm sort of shocked I've never discussed this before on the blog... anyways thanks for a good tip and no sorry no free gold guide. I only give out about 1-3 freebies per month to people who don't ask for it in the first place. The best time to look for the rare spawn is as soon as a server comes on line and then every half hour afterwards for the next four hours or so.

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  1. I flipped one of those yesterday and made 500 gold profit. Awesome.

  2. I love flipping the Orbs of Deception. It was the first 3K I made back when I first hit level 80 and was grinding for my epic. Thank god I have your gold guide so that on my pally I wont need to do that.

    I generally if I see it, I pick it up for about 500-1000g and resell it for about 3-4K gold. It almost always sells. The last time I did this a few months ago, I saw someone post it for 8k and I noticed him posting it over and over until it drop to about 1500 and I pick it up. I waited 3 weeks and relisted it for 5k and it sold after 2 listing.

  3. One day while going to solo Dire Maul, I passed by the arena there and noticed the elite in there. I decided to solo it for the heck of it and it ended up dropping the Orb. At the time I had no idea what it was so I asked around. When I realized what had I ended up posting it on the AH and eventually sold for 1500g. It is my biggest AH sale to date.

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