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"Hey Marcko

I wanted to open your (and hopefully other people's) eyes to a particular vendor item that I've been selling well recently. "Formula: Large Prismatic Shard" http://www.wowhead.com/item=22565/formula-large-prismatic-shard is available from only 3 vendors (Silvermoon, Exodar and Shattrath) and as a limited quantity item, meaning there will only be a maximum of 2 on sale at once for anyone to buy from vendors. This has been selling BRILLIANTLY on the Auction House for me. I know there have been a lot of posts about people detailing complete lists of vendor items to buy, but this has been something special for me.

After parking my primary banker in Exodar to reduce lag issues, I took a run round to the trainers. I found this item at the Enchanting Supplies in Exodar, next to the trainer. It is bought for just over 5g. Having not tried reselling Vendor items before, I put it on the Auction house for 15g to begin with. For every one I sold, I increased the price a little, and have now settled on a "maximum" price of selling this formula for 165g. I tend to put it on for a 48 hour auction with no competition, and within that time it sells.

I have no idea what the attraction of this formula is, I've levelled enchanting to 450 on two seperate characters and had no need for this formula to level. Checking the prices of Large Prismatic shards and Small prismatic shards on my server, I can't see any major profit from learning the formula either. Perhaps it's just enchanters wanting to complete their skillbook, or do you think I'm missing something? Can you or any of your readers enlighten me as to why this is selling so well?!

I think I've made over 1500g from this item already in pure profit. Not bad for 30 seconds of running to and from a vendor for 160g profit each time.


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  1. I've found that by buying Nexus Crystals, converting them in to Small Prismatics and then converting those into LPSs to use them for e.g. Mongoose is saving me quite a bit.
    Nexus crystals go for almost nothing on my server, whereas LPS sell for between 5 and 10g.

  2. The "hidden value" in this formula is a beautiful little gem known as Enchant Weapon - Mongoose.

    Small Prismatic Shards typically sell cheap because there aren't a lot of enchants that use them and the ones that do aren't always in high demand. You can buy out the small shards to convert to large.

    Arcane Dust is easy to find (though often pricey), Planar Essence is more common than it used to be with LFG + Enchanting, and the missing link is always the shards. Most of the Outlands gear that would be sharded is instead used as upgrades for toons leveling through Outlands, while the greens are typically DE'd into the dust/essence pool.

  3. Also, I use this recipe just to make the LPs from SPs and sell them straight up on the AH that way, I have done this on I think 3 different servers of varying populations and on all of them this is profitable most all of the time. Usually i snatch smalls for something like under 3 or 2.5g and then I relist the Larges at 10-12, usually the market fluctuates too so even if I have to hang onto them for a while I can find a time when the supply is low and sell a bunch of them for 15 or more.

  4. For the Horde faction this is even more desirable, as Blood Elf enchanters with their + 10 enchanting racial can use this for free skill-ups.

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