Raiding for Noobs [Guide]

I think this image is implying that worgens are raiding noobs.

I was emailed by Raiding for Noobs and asked to do a review of their newest product Raiding For Noobs Guide [referral link]. I get these kinds of emailed pitched products a lot and have turned down many in the years I've been blogging. In fact, if I decided to post every affiliate link that had ever been sent to me I'd probably have a good fifty of them. Raiding for noobs sparked my interest because I had not seen a raiding geared guide in probably a good year or so. Most guides in wow are gold, pvp or leveling instead of raiding which is interesting since pve is the main focus of this game

Here are my thoughts on the qualities of this raiding guide:

I was blown away by this guide! It reminds me so much of my gold guide in that it teaches you how to think and not just what's the wrong way to play but more importantly why it's wrong. This guide should be called the Raider's Bible.


I didn't find anything I disagreed with from my raiding experience and learned a thing or two myself. I've been playing for 5 years, that speaks to the quality of the guide. For someone like myself who has a medium level of raiding experience this guide was definitely a huge improvement on my knowledge of pve.

In Game Addon

The coolest part of the guide is the in game talent addon, showing you the right pve specs
from a dropdown menu within the game itself!


The list of recommended and optional addons was thorough, saw several I'd never heard of before and I look forward to testing them all out.
Which Professions are best for raiding?

Didn't even think of this until I saw it in the guide and I study professions all the time!

How to be a raid leader

This part of the guide was extremely thorough and well thought out. It will show you exactly how to build a casual, medium or hardcore guild from the ground up. I wish I had this when I created Free Beer Tomorrow Onyxia back in the day.

Pve Rotations

Excellent rotations which make use of a mixture of priority as well as macros.


Everything you need to know about the stats required for raiding as well as how and when you should gem certain ways in your raiding career.
Raiding for Noobs is 91 pages of pure raiding knowledge, pretty much everything you need to be a professional raider. Comes highly recommended from the staff here at Just My Two Copper. Man I wish I had staff or at least interns to fetch me coffee. Maybe a hot secretary or three. Know any?

Note: This article does not count for today's gold making post, you can find that at Making Gold with Titanium Bars.

4 comments: on "Raiding for Noobs [Guide]"

  1. I'm sorry, but to disguise this as anything more than an ad is kind of disrespectful to your readers. Remove the hop appendage so we know you aren't an advertising referral, and I'll accept that it's a review and not a subtle ad. Otherwise, it's one more reason for someone to not read this already monetized blog.

  2. I'm also sorry, I purposefully state it is a referral link and I don't do this often. I took the time to read the whole document and I really enjoyed it, hence why I'm offering it to you. In no way did I alter my regularly scheduled gold posts as there was another post offered today.

    Thank you for your concern.

  3. I read the example priest guide included on the website and as a top 100 world raider, I was underwhelmed. There is no information offered that isn't also offered for free on the WoW forums or Elitest Jerks.

    Alaterial of Cho'gall

  4. I also read the priest guide, and honestly, its really just a list of enchant choises and reiterating what the tooltips on talents say. The true progression to pro doesn't come from "The Best DK On My Realm Teaching Me Out Of Pity", it comes from experience, self testing, and Elitist Jerks. He says his raider guides are even more detailed, but I dont get why he wouldnt post a sample from there instead of a priest segment.

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