Red Uncommon Gems Make 100-500 Gold A Day

Ooooh Shiny!

Players tend to focus on the shiniest and most lucrative looking gold methods because that's what all the 'guides' online tell you to do. Go farm this, craft this and make some gold they all say. What if I told you that being willing to get your hands dirty with subpar items was actually a great way to improve your gold per day?

Speaking of which, how would you like to add another 100-500 gold to your jewelcrafter's daily income? You may not realize this now but after a few days of experimenting I'm sure you'll come to realize that uncommon quality bloodstones and chalcedonies are your new best friends.

Whether you obtain these shiny rocks through prospecting or arbitrage, try selling five of each of the following bloodstone gems for 10 gold a piece: delicate, fractured, bold and runed. Also post ten solid chalcedony gems for the same price. I've had mixed results with +mp5 and +spirit so I tend to just stick to the sure selling +stam gem.

These red and blue gems (color not rarity) will almost never return to your mailbox unsold if you use a 48 hour timer. Good luck and comment on your own success or lack there of with these gems.

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  1. Also If you have done the simple quest at either Warsong Hold or Valiance Keep that allows you to sometimes cut perfect uncommon gems. You can list these perfect gems you may cut at 2x or even more the price of the regular uncommon gems. People obsessed with getting the most out of their BC gear wile lvling may but these if there are no rare cut gems or they are to expensive at that time.

  2. I have also had great success with selling Bloodstone cuts. I haven't really done much with Chalcedony cuts, however, but I think I may consider adding that to my list. Extra tip: when you get a "perfect" proc these sell for even more! Regular bloodstone cuts get me about 10g each, while the perfect cuts will sell for 20-25 each!

  3. Indeed, blue and red gems are a safe bet. The competition is low and since there will always be many leveling new alts there is a solid interest in the cheapest gems.

  4. I have save the bloodstones and chalco's for my alchemist making skyflare meta gems.

  5. Even with metas and infinite dust I still need to sell of the chalcs and bloodstones that get backed up in my jc's guild bank. For people with just jc this is one of their best options for gold making.

  6. I have tried these but they sell slowly on my server and for only a few gold.

  7. Sadly people already do this on my main realm, and sell them for 3-5g each unless they are the perfect cuts.

  8. Hard Dominator said... August 15, 2010 at 10:50 AM

    isn't the AH deposit cost for these gems insanely high?

  9. I'm not able to cut these and sell on my server.. or old server I should say. When I get load of gems, I basically cut them and vender what I don't use for meta gems, I make about 100-120g off about 20 stacks of ore.

  10. On my server, there's something seriously wrong. The Perfect cuts of these sell for less than half the price of the regular cuts. Yes, I've tried just buying them up and listing them at a more appropriate price, but the 1.5g for a perfect cut price still holds (there's only so much I can buy - you don't want to know my inventory of perfect red cuts that I hope are the 'in' thing to use when leveling new alts to Cata).

    Thus far, in my relatively young JC career, the +16 Resil gem seems to sell more often than anything else. Should I expect that to continue you think?

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