Runescrolls and You

Snowfalls are good for something!
"Hey Markco,

I used to craft epic armor, but a couple of days ago I started working the auction house as an "Addon Abuser".

Well I thought about using my snowfall inks I get from milling and not just sell them to pay for the herbs,
so eventually I started using the snowfall inks for Runescrolls of Fortitude, which sell for 35g for a Stack of 5 on my server.

So when I buy Icethorn of the ah for about eight to ten gold a stack, I double my money before I crafted any Glyphs.

When I started the idea on the weekend, I sold 5 stacks in the first 20 minutes. During the Week they sell okay.

Just wanted to leave my advice here, since I used a lot of your advices as well.


Dantol is spot on but he should also look into selling his runescrolls in stacks of 1, 2, 5 and 20. Many players choose to sell their snowfall inks for 5-10 gold a piece but that is far less gold than they are truly worth. Pricing of snowfall ink directly effects how much profit you can make on your glyph business as well as how low you can set your glyph threshold. Let's say you can sell a 5 stack of runescrolls for 35 gold, that means that your glyphs are practically free and pure profit! You could even set your glyphs to a 1 gold threshold and make a profit, though I wouldn't recommend that because it would be a waste of time posting them. Interesting concept huh? We discussed this to death on multiple episodes of Call to Auction, if you haven't looked into that podcast and are serious about making gold... well you should start now!

Have you sold Runescrolls on your server?

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  1. I've attempted to sell Runescrolls of Fortitude multiple times, and I just can't get them to sell.

    Even priced below cost it takes me weeks to get them sold, so I went back to selling Rituals of the New Moon instead.

  2. Once again i wish i played on the servers you people find yourself on.

    I love these forums but honestly you guys do not know how lucky you are to have these prices.

    Runescrolls sell stack of 5 for around 16/17g on my server and the herbs cost average 18g a stack.

  3. Anomymous you sir win! So many players take one of the strategies on this site and give up. Maybe there happen to be thirty people trying to sell runescrolls on your server so you try something else and it works. Good for you.

  4. I used to sell Runescrolls. The market has plummeted to the point where a stack of 5 sells for 4-5 gold (there's about 30 pages full of stacks at that price atm). It's also worth noting that herb prices are around 15-20g a stack for adder's tongues and icethorns.

    Good old Muradin, realm of complete retards.

  5. Sell em for 45g per 20 stack not setting the world on fire but darkmoon cards are garbage on my server so its good todo something to offset milling mats cost.

  6. On my old server, which was high pop I sold Runescrolls of Fortitude like wild fire. I would sell them often in lots of 5, 1 and a few times 10 and 20.

    Funny story, when I got into the market (way before MMOC posted about it) I was selling them for about 13g per unit. I took a break form that server for 6 months and when I cam back Runescrolls of Fortitude per unit where going for as long as 1g each. I couldn't believe it, so many people where posting them undercutting each other like crazy.

    So what I did was spent 2k gold and would buy all of them up, 90% of all of it went for 1g 20s each, in any stacks that where up and I turned around and relisted 10 at 13g 98s 12c each. They all sold and on Tuesday I spent the whole day once the server was up relisting them, I did this for 5 hours until I had made 2.5k in gold.

    I still had a guild tab full of them. I didn't bother to do anythign else like milling or anything. I did this for a week. I would keep buying people out who where under my price. What bother me most was one other person would undercut me, listing them at 1-4g, I would quickly buy them out.

    Finally after about a week and half of coming on and posting and buying out undercutters, I finally started to see better undercutting, at the end of the 2nd week, I went back to posted 10 stacks of 5 for 12g each, the market set itself around that, I never saw it go as low as 8g after that.

    Now what is funny about this, was I got a tell, and it was the first tell I had got form anyone form anything I was doing, I did the same thing a month before with vendor pets, pushing them up to about 20g each (they where down to almost vendor price).

    Anyways, the guy who sent me a tell was gave me thanks for what I did for the Runescrolls of Fortitude Market. He then went and asked me if I was on the JMCT forms, and when I said yes i was he then as me if I was Markco LAMO!

    This really made my day, to think something I did simply out of being annoyed at the low prices of Runescrolls that I took action and not only did someone notice, but they thought I was Markco.

    This happened about 2 months ago I believe, I tell you now however because it seem like the right time, and the fact I moved servers that is low pop.

  7. On my server (Shadowsong EU) the economy is old, very over subscribed and very over priced on mats.

    Runescroll currently sell at 8g per stack, inks just don't sell and off-hands sell at the rate of about 2 per week meaning that snowfalls are a waste of bag space.

    I also think many of my competitors read this blog as the markets on the current advice become unprofitable within 12 hours of you posting anything. However, the strategy I have adopted is to simply park any ideas you blog about for 2 weeks until they dust settles and THEN make the killing.

  8. @ Markco,
    Couldn't agree more! This is what I love to see players adjusting to their realm economics! Full of Win!

    Runescrolls of Fortitude are such a great market. It's so easy for a raiding guild or pug to be short on priests, especially for 10 man raids. Always a high demand market on my realm.

  9. I haven't sold any runescrolls, but the LW equivalent Drums of the Wild and Drums of Forgotten Kings sell for 70g on my server (They have 5 charges each). The mats are about 20g or so, so its amazing profit. They tend to only sell one or two a day though.

  10. Understanding the market is always the key. Runescrolls sell very poorly on my server but it relates more to the server raid activity and how serious it is. There are some markets that work well on high pop servers and others that work very well on the low pop server that I am on. You need to understand the how of the markets. What you sell really doesn't matter.

  11. I truly cant keep up with the demand on them. I sell them in stacks of 5 everytime, and sell between 2-300 per day. Completely dropped out of the glyph industry as there is far too much competition and takes far too long to stock up, where as i can craft a few hundred Runescrolls and go afk, then sell them all for sure in a few days.

  12. On my server, Snowfall Ink is virtually impossible to get on the AH at any price, since there are a large number of people attempting Insane in the Membrane. When it does show up, it's 50-60g each and sells within hours.

    So I've been crafting Runescrolls on occasion, but mostly I'm crafting Darkmoon cards to get Insane on my alt.

    The one thing I did do Thursday was to buy out every stack of Runescroll under 4g each and relist them all at 8g each. Most of them have already sold.

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