Shadowmourne Will Make You Gold in Cataclysm

 This weapon is almost as legendary as I am.

"Hi Markco (checked the spelling several times)

The last week after getting my warrior to 80, and starting on the Shadowmourne quest, I've been thinking. Everyone loves orange stuff, and Shadowmourne is as orange as you can get it. I guess there will be people who would like to get their hands on a legendary axe, even after cata hits. Atm Primordial Saronite is going for 430-500 on my server, and they are still dropping in price. You need 30 Primordial Saronite for the axe. It doesn't drop that much in ICC and the other way to get it would be by trading frost emblems and after cata hits live realms, there wont be anyone farming these emblems anymore. My point is: its gonna be really hard for people to get Primordial Saronite for their legendary axes. Could Primordial Saronite be something to invest some gold into for the distant future? Will the supply be so low that it increases the value even though not that many people want it anymore?


Haha I appreciate the spell check Spiff. You bring up a very interesting point. No one is going to want to farm the primordial saronite and if there is ANY kind of demand for people grouping up and wanting to start the chain for this weapon then I could see the price rising to 2k gold+ per saronite. That demand will most likely come from guilds trying to earn guild experience which will be awarded for each new legendary a guild creates. This will make all your primordial saronite in cataclysm worth far more than it is today.

It's an interesting idea for sure, just look at the price of mats for vanilla legendaries like blessed blade of the wind seeker and there isn't even guild experience to act as an incentive yet. I plan on buying out all the primordial saronite on my server the last few weeks of the expansion.

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  1. I know you probably had this post pre-written and queued to post, but the very newest blue posts have stated that they WILL be counting legendaries RETROACTIVELY for the "We Are Legendary" Achievement.

  2. Yes I had it qued but even with this news some guilds will want to go back and get one that didn't.

  3. Counting Legendaries retroactively could itself be a way to make gold from Shadowmourne, if you have one - or any other Legendary - depending on how they do it. If it ticks the achievement whenever someone logs in to a guild with a Legendary, you could just sell your services helping to give a guild that achievement. There are a couple different ways to stop that, though, and I hope Blizzard uses one of them.

    Come Cata there won't be ANY use for Emblems of Frost other than to buy Primordial Saronite. Which means that a guild trying to get a Shadowmourne will most likely pool their resources, and be able to get the 25 Saronites needed from a single full clear of ICC: 25 Saronites needed, 25 raiders; 23 Frosts per saronite, 25 Frosts (not including the ICC weekly) per clear. Or it may take a couple clears if they do it with less than 25 people.

    And there are a lot of people who have already done the saronite step, because that gives a pretty good weapon by itself (Shadow's Edge), and is very easy to do.

    So I don't think there'll be much new demand for primordials, sadly; would be nice to think that the frost emblems I'm earning now would be more valuable later.

  4. Wonder if the will limit the times a single character can assist guild achievements for multiple guilds to prevent legendary owners guild hopping for a fee to unlock We Are Legendary for multiple guilds?

  5. You have to take the reward items into account as well. Rare novelty items will always be in demand by someone.

  6. You might also be able to sell runs to get the vanity items that the LK drops when someone with Shadowmourne is in the raid if you have the axe yourself.

  7. This is one I wouldn't touch. I think the payoff is just too long and would not be that high. It is normally the odd player that wants this and in my guild people have likely 10of the old legendaries in the last few months. Doing stuff like ulduar and icc though needs lots of single drops to get on runs that are likely not consistently done. I just don't see where people would pay more for a legendary than it's original cost to obtain.

  8. If you consider the cost of the vanity items than primordial saronite could easily hit 2k each and people would still be making a profit. I believe the vanity items are going to hit a saturation point in Wrath but when Cata comes along and people are no longer farming ICC they are going to increase in price drastically, particularly the tabard and the mount. Then you have to consider the influx of primordial saronite into the market is going to nosedive, it could easily drop 95-99%. People won't be farming ICC, they won't be getting badges from dailies, they won't be doing VOA, and they won't be completing weeklies.

    People are willing to drop a lot of money on legendaries. I had someone pay me 20k for 10 sulfuron ingots and I've sold sulfuron hammers for 40k.

  9. @Matt - The vanity items drop once per Shadowmourne, period. So you could sell *a* run for the vanity items, if you get a new Shadowmourne.

    Thinking about the process of getting Shadowmourne, it seems like the people doing it will provide all the saronites needed and many more, and keep the price from rising very much.

    Getting the primordials for Shadowmourne is easy and can be done in one run of ICC if your guild cooperates; getting the shards will take 5-6 runs if you do everything on Heroic and are lucky; I'd guess on average it'll be more like 10 runs, between doing a few of the fights on normal (some will be difficult regardless of gear) and RNG. Add another run for the 3 quests before you start collecting shards...

    So if you were taking a full guild raid to get the shards, that's 6875 frosties from the bosses (and miniboss). That's enough for 298 primordials - enough for the first stage of *11* (almost 12) other players attempting to get a Shadowmourne. Then those players with their guilds will each get enough frosts to buy primordials for another 11 people... Even if you take less than a full raid, or you get lucky and need fewer runs, you still have far more frost emblems and thus primordials being created than are needed.

    So the only way I see primordials being valuable is if only a handful of people try to get a Shadowmourne post-Cata. The more people who do so, the less valuable they'll be, unless people find some better way to dispose of frost emblems.

  10. Okay. The post title is totally misleading. I thought my sm was gonna go farm thorium ores and stuff.

  11. This will be a great method for making gold. Look at how much elementium ore goes for now to make a thunderfury, it's a great money maker if you farm Molten Core. I've talked about this in the past in this post, "Quick Tips"

  12. remember that all the emblem system will be removed in cata and replaced with the points system.
    its very likely that even lvl 80 emblem rewards will be bought with triumph points or w/e.

  13. I don't agree these will retain value. If a guild is going for the legendary, they could take a single 25 man raid, clear ICC once, and have all 25 people buy the PS from the vendor - 3 hours of work tops.

  14. Since Primordial Saronites can be bought with Justice Points, which will come from both Triumph and Frost emblems, could people over saturate the market with cheap Primordial Saronites.

  15. it's all good, really good. Shadowmourne is awesome

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