10 Ways to Level Efficiently

Why should you be leveling?

When cataclysm arrives the new level requirement for maxing out your professions is going to be level 75. With the current lull in wow content why not level your toons in order to prepare for making tons of gold in cataclysm?

Here are 10 ways to increase the leveling efficiency of your toons...
  • 1. Use the best enchants on your bind on account equipment but don't enchant your other gear unless it's with excess materials and you are an enchanter trying to get skill ups.

  • 2. When you reach outland and northrend use uncommon quality gems to socket your quest or dungeon rewards.

  • 3. Pick at least one trade skill which benefits from the dungeon finder: Enchanting, Mining, Skinning, Herbalism or Tailoring (level 70+ dungeons). Try to keep the tradeskill from falling behind your current dungeons as you level.

  • 4. Sell everything you can on the auction house to keep from having to farm or do anything besides leveling.

  • 5. Get speed to boots asap on your character.

  • 6. Get at least four netherweave bags for each leveling toon.

  • 7. Stick to one character for several hours at a time. Constantly switching toons will prevent you from getting in a "groove." It's ok to switch and play different characters but try to stick to one per playing session.

  • 8. Get vendor items to allow for your special spells such as rebirth or greater blessings.

  • 9. Gear your character for optimizing your role in a dungeon. If you are a dps get gear which allows you to dps for as long as possible without stopping. For a priest or mage that could mean lots of spirit gear. For a tank you'll want defense and stamina. For a healer you'll want intellect and spirit. Gear correctly for your role and you'll find yourself having a lot more fun.

  • 10. Join a Guild. Guilds will give you access to tons of high level characters or even players at the same level as you are. Being able to group up and easily communicate with teammates through ventrillo or other voice chat services will greatly improve your gaming experience.
Care to add to this list in the comments?

6 comments: on "10 Ways to Level Efficiently"

  1. When I am leveling alts, I like to kill 2 birds with one stone and do some major grinding with the alt with a reputation that will get him/her a pattern from a quartermaster, while the mobs still give experience. Ex: Any herbalist can farm Bog Lords for tons of herbs, motes, sporegar rep, and cenarian rep (plant parts)while grinding XP.

  2. A thing to mention is to pick up every quest you can find, and do every quest close to eachother at the same time. Don't return after you've finished a quest or two. Do them all and return them for maximal questing efficiency! :D

  3. 11. Battlegrounds. On a Call to Arms weekend, a determined PvPer can breeze his way up the levels, and pick up some PvP gear along the way to keep non-BoA slots current.

  4. Add battlegrounds, It refreshs your toon out of boredoom of questing.
    I have 4 at maxlevel and others on the way and I always enjoy level them on Call to Arms!
    Use BG quests as well.

  5. I also like to do alot of farming on my leveling toons like in silithus, I can ding and farm the essence of airs. Or on my DK i can ding and farm Iceweb spider silk and skin.

  6. When I leveled my rogue I first farmed for the whelp that drops in Wetlands and then the very rare bird in from the pirates in Stranglethorn vale. I wanted those for my main, but you can do it to sell them too.

    Also: I recommend leveling several characters at the same time. Yes, you might lose some focus on really learning the class, but it's so nice with all the rested xp. I leveled a hunter, a warlock and a druid at the same time.

    I did dungeons and bgs on all of them because of I'm tired of doing quests, but I guess you could do WSG to run the flag as a druid and dungeons as healer/tank to fast get groups and keep to questing with your warlock and hunter(or whatever classes you level up).

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