4 Ways to Make Gold with Patch 4.0.1 - Prepare for Cataclysm

Bijous - Players want to get their reputation with the zandalar tribe up before the faction possibly disappears or the reputation methods change. Sell those bijous and coins for easy money. Other players who are looking to farm up the mounts will likely dump their own bijous and coins on the auction house for cheap so keep an eye out for some easy flips. Find out more about the removal of ZG at the JMTC forums.

Glyph Kits - You will want to have your glyphs ready for one of the greatest surges of buying we've ever seen in the market. Don't just stockpile inks, stockpile the glyphs themselves so you're ready to sell them the moment you finish downloading the 4.0.1 content. Also don't just stockpile the ink of  the sea because in cataclysm you will no longer be able to trade ink of the sea for any ink as there will be a new top ink which fulfills this role. No word yet on whether ink of the sea will lose its functionality for trade ins with the onset of 4.0.1 but why take the chance? WARNING: Read about Charred Glyphs.

Red Epic Gems - Strength and Agility are going to be the top sellers to replace the bastardized armor pen gems. Players were getting the armor pen for damage in the first place so primary stats will be where it's at for selling to them. They'll want new gems IMMEDIATELY when 4.0 hits so getting your stuff on the auction house as soon as you log in is crucial. I don't think it's wise to price your gems the night before because prices are going to skyrocket and it's really not possible to predict to any degree of accuracy where they will settle at. Posting the night before could mean more initial sales but for far less than the gems will actually be worth on patch day.

Uncommon Gems - That's right, more players will be leveling with a purpose so they'll want gems for their gear. Happily supply them with "cheap" uncommon gems such as strength, stamina and spellpower.

Remember that this patch is not cataclysm, the world is not changing all that much and the new races will not be available. Continue to stockpile my top ten mats in preparation for cataclysm.

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  1. There's not going to be spellpower or mp5 except on caster weapons in 4.0.1. The stat people would pick up instead is Int or Spirit, respectively.

  2. Hi Markco

    As always, very interesting!

    I'm keen to throw a lot of money behind the epic red gems tip but I have one concern: do you think a lot of people will be keen to splash out on gems so close to Cataclysm?

    And if not, might rare red gems be an alternative?



  3. The Zandalar rep items are selling for 18-29g each right now, with the bijou's being on the high end.

    Sell the coins in stacks of 1, 2, or 3 as it requires three of three separate coins for each rep turn in.

    I've been using all of mine so far to get profession patterns for my Rogue, so I don't know how quickly they're selling (yet), but one more run through ZG should be more than enough to finish off my rep and then I can switch to profit mode.

  4. Just don't stockpile the glyphs listed here on the JMTC forum which are turning into vendor trash come 4.0.1. No one knows if there will be others added to that list or not, so I am personally waiting until 4.0.1 is just about to drop before having a mammoth crafting session.

  5. Rare gems are a great market, particularly red and blue (core dps stats and stamina/spirit).

  6. @Rakhman Thank you for the link as well.

  7. Ty for the link about Charred Glyphs!
    What I´m doing is get my bank ready (man, how much useless things you pile up on bank!)
    And stock pile inks, I´m trading with Jessica Sellers while it still cheap!
    I´ll wait until things go live to craft my Glyphs at users needs.
    Do you know if the first crafting items of cataclism will need primordial saronite?
    I´m wondering if... is it a good idea to buy some cheap primordial saronites right now?

  8. I dont think many people would be bothered to get gems for new gear they just got, but at 85 yes if thats what you meant, not really sure if you mean the current red epic gems or red epic gems in cata.

  9. I'm getting confused, as well. Will there be a window when "old" epic gems will sell before people get new patterns? Will the window be between 4.0 and Cat? Then will the "old" gems be obsolete the day Cat drops?

    Likewise with glyphs.


  10. @ Confused Anonymouses - What Markco is saying is that people will buy the new gems in the period between 4.0 and Cataclysm, which will probably last about a month, because their old gems will no longer be optimal.

    I'm not sure about that; a lot of people will just stop raiding entirely at that point, unless it gets much easier - in which case, do you need new epic gems?

    The most hardcore players don't need to hit ICC in 4.0, and I'm not sure that many others are willing to pay that much gold for gems that aren't going to last and are a small upgrade anyway (since it's not like ArPen is turning into Spirit, or something; crit isn't optimal for most, but it's not BAD).

    I'd personally get rare rather than epic gems for that period, if I were gemmed ArPen.

    The glyph rush he's talking about will be for 4.0, and those glyphs are the same as those in Cataclysm - we're not getting glyphs for the new abilities yet. So people aren't going to wait for Cataclysm to buy all their new glyphs.

    And I definitely agree that it's worth stocking up for that; I'd also suggest adjusting thresholds, I think there'll be so much demand during that period that there's no need to sell glyphs at 5g each, you can just post at 20g or more and wait for the demand.

  11. I'm not gonna go super overboard with the 4.0 gem rush, but I'm definitely going to have 20 or so each of Agility and Strength gems ready to go, as well as enough Rubies to regem my Hunter's gear to Agility.

    I don't expect a large portion of the community to regem out of Crit, but I do expect there to be plenty to cause a large spike in price and demand. Besides, it's not a huge risk since gems are relatively cheap right now.

  12. MMOChampion recently posted a list of new gear that will be coming in the pre-cataclysm events. You can find the post here:

    @@ There are event spoilers, if you don't want to know don't look @@

    I would suggest having at least 3-5 of the following enchants ready for the release of the patch:

    Chest [M.DPS, C.DPS, T, H]
    Boots [C.DPS, H]
    Cloak [M.DPS, C.DPS]
    Shield [Tank]
    Bracers [T]
    Legs [M.DPS]
    Belt Buckles

    In addition to these as well you're going to be able to get Justice Points from heroics for a few weeks before Cataclysm comes out so people are going to be able to buy 251 tier gear and the gear from the quarter masters so I would add some glove enchants to that list.

    Don't go berserk making enchants though in case somebody is ready to dump their stockpiles - you could get burnt.

    Off-Topic: I can't get the opening song from the CallToAuction podcast out of my head.

  13. Sorry and for the JCs in this thread - one thing to beware of from the latest PTR push:

    Transmute: Ametrine, Transmute: Cardinal Ruby, Transmute: Dreadstone, Transmute: Eye of Zul, Transmute: King's Amber, Transmute: Majestic Zircon had their cooldown removed, you might want to assume that this will be the case when 4.0.1 goes live.

  14. With the cooldown being removed on epic gem transmutes I'm not sure we're going to see the gem price spike happen. I'm afraid prices on raws are going to plummet...

  15. Get ready for a flood of gems on the auction house. The latest ptr patch removed the cooldown from all the epic gem transmutes. I am going to stock up on any eternals and rare gems necessary for the transmutes to try and take advantage of the arpen change before it all goes down the drain.

  16. Just thought I'd point you to the new PTR build notes on mmo-champ.

    Transmute: Ametrine, Transmute: Cardinal Ruby, Transmute: Dreadstone, Transmute: Eye of Zul, Transmute: King's Amber, Transmute: Majestic Zircon had their cooldown removed, you might want to assume that this will be the case when 4.0.1 goes live.

    Anyone who's thinking of leveling an alt to have several transmute spec alchemists might want to hold off that, soon it's going to be kind of pointless.

  17. @nemof,

    I don´t think raising others transmuters alchemist will prove wrong.
    We will get plenty new transmutation to make money at cataclism launch:
    Transmute: Ocean Sapphire, Krovalian Gold,Pyrium Bar,Shadowspirit Diamond and many others.

    And I bet this new transmutes will make a hell lot of money.

    And by the way.... Alchemists will get some great Drake transformation recipe(use as flying mount).
    I´m considering make another alchemist for this mount alone, heh.

  18. I would hope no one was actually leveling an alchemist at this point with hopes of making much on the transmutes in what's left of Wrath... it should still be hugely profitable in Cata, though.

    It makes sense that they'd remove that cooldown before Cata; it also, potentially, expands the market for rare Wrath gems and eternals.

    The transmute recipes go green at 452 and grey at 465 - at least early on, when Cata mats are insanely expensive, this might be the way to skill up alchemy. (Though I can't recall what other recipes are still yellow at 450, one of those might be better.)

    Probably not worth getting a huge stockpile, but you can get eternals for next to nothing and rare gems for less than the cut of a cut one, so there's not much to lose, and it's definitely worth grabbing enough to skill up your own alchemists.

  19. The Zandalar rep achievement has become a feat of strength in the latest PTR build. Seems strongly indicative that the faction will be gone as a rep grind, at very least.

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