Analysis of the Remote AH Bugs and Tips

The remote auction house application costs $2.99 per month on top of your wow subscription. If you do decide to purchase this feature here are some pointers to help you use it effectively.

There are no addons on the remote auction house so you won’t be posting hundreds of items, in fact, you can’t make more than 200 transactions per day. So what is this good for? Two things: buying cheap goods throughout the day and posting auctions when the competition thinks you are away.

Buying cheap goods is easy. Simply look for deals throughout the day by running searches for various items you’d like to buy. The best times to check are when most people are not on since farmers will be posting but there won’t be enough buyers available and so prices drop. Around 10 AM and 2 PM have proven to be really good buying times although it doesn’t hurt to also check right during lunch time.

Posting is now also possible during non prime times and I would recommend doing this for very popular gems such as +30 stamina gems or very popular minor glyphs like glyph of charge. Posting gems is actually difficult with the phone because it doesn’t allow you to post more than one stack of one gem at a time. I haven’t found this issue with other items besides gems so just be aware.

A trick which most players utilize when camping the auction house is to friend their competition. If you have someone who has friended you in order to compete with you then what they will do is wait until you log to post all their items. With the remote auction house you can now log off and sneak your auctions back onto the auction house after your “friends” have posted. I’ve found this works remarkably well in the gem and enchanting markets!

You can post any item with the remote auction house that is in your mail box, character bags or guild bank for any character you select at the time. This is incredibly useful for posting quickly and efficiently even without addon help. For the majority of players who post 10-50 items this tool can be a godsend. If you’re into posting hundreds well it won’t help much except provide you with a method for snatching up goods cheaply.

While logged in you can still perform searches but you cannot post or buy items.

One bug I've found with the remote auction house is for items that cannot stack being sold in groups. If you tell the app to sell 20 Bold Cardinal Rubies one at a time then it will stop posting after 1 so you have to tell it to do each one individually. Other than this one bug I've found the tool to be incredibly useful. What's your experience been?

"Hi Markco

Blizzard has set a limit on how many transaction you can make each day on
the remote AH, but this number is just laughably low. Today I hit it after
20 minutes, and that's just silly given I actually pay real money for it.

If you find this news-worthy, I hope you can help me promte this issue on
your blog, and hopefully more auctioneers will contest this limit and let
Blizzard know a change is needed.

for more info:

I raised the concern at EU forums:

The issue was raised at US forums a week ago:

With kind regards
McShcnitzel, EU Dragonblight"

"Dear Markco:

I have a fun fact to share with you that may be interesting to all the AH freaks like me. Everyone knows that there isn’t anything sweeter than seeing something sold in the chat log. Since some of us unfortunate wow players have to go to work from time to time, we never know what’s being sold until we get home. The good news is that thanks to the remote auction house, we can always check what’s happening with our auctions. But what some people don’t know, is if you log into the remote auction house and keep the page open of your current auctions being sold on one of your toons, you’ll get a little popup every time you sell something or you are outbid. This is a really neat feature that keeps you from refreshing the page or watching your auctions like a hawk.

Another tip is for people who have an authenticator and don’t want to keep logging in the remote auction house every time your session logs out. If you stay logged in on 1 character, you can use the remote auction house all day without having to worry of being logged out. Of course, if you wait too long and then switch character in the armory, you’ll have to log in again.

I’ve learned to combine these tips to pass the occasional boring moments at work. J You see, my wife and me each have an account but use the same authenticator. So when I go to work, she’ll be keeping the authenticator at home. So what I do is, as soon as I’m at work, I log into the remote auction house (she gives me the code through msn), set it on my toon I use to auction everything and just check every hour or so to see what happened. I don’t get logged out and I get these neat popups with updates. I just love it. I’m always going home smiling because I know what gold is waiting for me in the mailbox. J

Hope this is a fun fact for you, not really a gold making tip, but still handy.

Keep up the good work good man, you really are the guru!



12 comments: on "Analysis of the Remote AH Bugs and Tips"

  1. I happen to love the remote auction house.
    I email Markco all the time from the bar hammered and telling him I am posting with my iphone and drinking. Its hilarious.

    Also sometimes the app crashes on the iphone but still works most days.

    Using the remote app on one pc and posting items with 2nd accounts, makes the remote auction house access really nice cross faction trading.

    I am happy its only $3 , I get my worth out of it.
    Even if its just to remind me what I have in the bank.

  2. I've found the best time to buy up cheap materials is prior to 10am. I think supply builds overnight and there is little demand so I try to log in and buy everything up before I go to work.

  3. Yeah rachaels_dad sent me pictures to prove it...

  4. Note that the remote AH still has some use for players to cheap to pay $3/month.

    You only need the subscription to actually buy/sell, but you can still browse without a subscription, or see the status of your current auctions. Usually this is just voyeuristic, but once I did actually step outside at work and call my son to log on and buy 10 Pristine Black Diamonds posted below my threshold, after going a couple weeks without seeing any.

    You can also use it to help keep track of your inventory. You can open the "Create Auction" page without a subscription; it just puts up an error message and won't let you actually post the auction. You can use this to see a complete list of everything your character owns: bags, bank, AND mail combined. For someone who often has 100s of items stacked up in mail "storage" this can be very useful finding misplaced items. (Note that it still won't show you something that has fallen off the back end of your mailbox, if you have more than 50 mail entries stacked up.)

  5. Easy access to the Neutral and both faction AHs is a HUGE plus. Especially when you enjoy moving faction-specific items across the border to sell. Checking demand on all three AHs is quick and easy from a browser.

  6. On the point of increasing the transaction limit, i disagree with it totally.

    The main issue i have with it is this whole concept of spending RL money to gain and in game advantage.

    With the way it is atm, the feature provides a borderline advantage, but it is so small that in the greater whole it doesn't really provide a game breaking scenario so that it is a must have feature for any serious merchant.

    If it gets increased far enough then it will becaome a must have feature and therefore forcing people to pay for it and in a greater repsect even buy a phone or mobile device that will run it, if they don't already have one, just so they can compete at all and the Ah will be run by the people who can spend RL money on gaining an advantage in a game.

    Which in reality is no different to the concept of buying gold.

  7. The 200 limit per day is the reason why I don't pick up this thing. Plus I have access to a computer nearly all day and night. I could if I wanted to camp the auction house if I wanted to.

    Which I've started to do, not on posting, I only canacel twice a day, once earlier and once before I call it a night, I mostly camp for mats and follow what has been talked about here often.

    Every mat I buy out no matter the cost to me, is one less mat everyone else has to undercut me on.

  8. I love the idea of remote AH. The execution is somewhat jumbled though. I am also a little upset that you have to pay extra for it. It is still in beta, and works like it. You already mentioned the bug about stacks, and I consistently receive errors when switching between characters. These errors are unacceptable in a product I am paying for, even for $3/month. And I would cancel, except that would put me at a disadvantage to other AH players who continue to use this feature. The worst is that these issues have been there for a while, and Blizzard doesn't really seem to care.

  9. I use it and love it. I have the ap on my iPad. Morning breakfast is spent looking for those great deals and there are many. At night it works well to repost after logging off.

  10. I use the Remote AH as well. I see a few blogers detailing strange operation as "bugs". While I have seen many of the weird performance issues w/i the remote AH, I'm not convinced they are bugs; I just think its poor programming, performed by someone who does not understand how an auctioneer does their work in the AH. I have written Blizzard with a list of corrections, but have not heard back.

  11. I've seen some recent issues when posting with lvl 1 bank alts, where it sends you back to the RAH home screen after posting.... this is recent (last week or so) and didn't occur prior to this. Other than this i love the app - but the 200 post limit is becoming an issue for me now that I'm increasing my AH presence...

  12. Has anyone used the Auctioneer Greasemonkey add on with Remote Auction House? I can't get it to work, but I suspect my competition is using it. They undercut me IMMEDIATELY after I cycle through cancel/posting. It's uncanny. I'll spend an hour in game cancel/posting and eventually they'll reach their 200 post cap and I'll be the cheapest.

    I suspect a bot is used and they're either afk and it auto-cancels / reposts OR they are checking their AH's around the clock... Not looking to do either of those, but I'd like to figure out WoW AH Enhanced or WoW Remote Auctioneer (the Greasemonkey user scripts).

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