Blogging Carnival - 20 Strategies on Turning 1000 gold into 2000 gold

The wow gold carnival for September is finally here! Sit back, relax and enjoy the epic pwnsauce that is this month's collection of articles which I've gathered from around the blogosphere. These bloggers will bravely attempt to answer the question: "How to turn 1,000 gold into 2,000 gold?" Let's see how the following twenty blogs tackled this topic and please be sure to comment on the posts. Pass the kodo kabobs please, hungry orc over here! For links to past and upcoming carnivals, as well as how you can join, click here.

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When you finish reading all the posts, be sure to leave a comment here with which was your favorite and why. One lucky commenter who leaves an intelligent comment will be randomly chosen to receive a free Dominate Wow Gold Guide.

I did some research on my own server between the Horde and Alliance, and was going to detail how you can make a good chunk of gold by selling cross faction, but there are undoubtedly people already doing this on your server, as there are on mine, which does cut back the amount of gold you can make. You will still likely make a profit, but with actually going and buying the pet, then transferring it over to the other faction via the neutral Auction House, then reposting it on the new faction’s Auction House, all with the possibility of  being undercut, it’s almost too much for me, and I am a very patient person. Instead, I decided to just focus on just three pets! [ Read More... ]

Well, the obvious thing was to make sure I had some professions levelled up so I could get some use out of these long forgotten alts, but that takes gold and/or time. I’m married, I go to school, and I still raid. So, as many Goblins before my I found a niche market to exploit that allowed me to make reliable amounts of gold with minimal investment, and I could do it while sitting on the couch watching a movie with the wife… [ Read More... ]

You’re a new level 10 player in World of Warcraft, and you barely have a copper to your name after training all your new abilities. How in the world are you supposed to make any gold in this game? How did that level 40 druid afford a 15,000 gold chopper while you’re still wearing cast-off rags? Today I’m going to show you how to put 2,000 gold into your empty wallet at level 10. [ Read More... ]

Yes I broke 2,000 gold, and I still have auctions in the Auction House. For those that still are scrimping for gold there is no excuse, for a little more effort you too can double your gold in no time. [ Read More... ]

There are a lot of ways to answer this question, and I participate in a lot of them. However, I wanted to write something that is a little bit different. If I was starting from scratch, or had the time to sit down and play, this is what I would be doing.

If I really only had a 1,000g on my account this is exactly what I would do. I would try to raise more capital so that I could buy in to the titanium ore market because right now, on my server, it's like the Saronite Shuffle on steroids.

To raise more capital to buy into other markets I would take myself to... [ Read More... ]
I think that this question can be broke down into two separate paths depending on what a user has available to them. Let's take a look at both strategies, which are both very viable.

If you fall into this category you are looking at any options available to make gold because you just simply can't take the gold you have and invest it into materials to craft items to sell. So let's look at the options available to you. [ Read More... ]

There are many items that you can buy to resell at higher values, some low risk and some high risk.
One of the ways I find that works is to aim at those levelling and create things thats a nice boost to the player buying although don’t forget the crazy pet buyers who will almost always pay the amount you set. [ Read More... WARNING SITE CONTAINS MEMBERSHIP OFFERS FROM SITE OWNER]

Wow Gold Stimulus
My favorite way to make that amount of gold pretty fast is to find cheap items to disenchant on the Auction House and then turn around and list the mats I get or use them to make scrolls and list those. In my experience, just re-listing the mats will get you 1000 gold faster than making scrolls though. [ Read More... ]

Just Another Goblin
This is the best ways I feel you can make gold with your professions without farming for materials (if you haven't noticed I'm not really into farming but if you have a gathering profession then feel free to use it to support you) to get you started. I hope these helped... [ Read More... ]
What I was going to do was talk you through how I would go about doing this for each of my professions, tell you which addons I use to help and provide you with a shopping list of mats to meet the orders I'll set up; basically run you through the routine for each of the professions I use (or have used). That would turn into a post of epic proportions, so instead I'll be doing a multi-part series, kicking of with tailoring. [ Read More... ]

I would utilize my Miner/Engineer, then my Alchemist, and finally my Blacksmith to create the end product.  Engineer makes the exchange with Frozo fast and easy, but anyone can do it.  If you have a Miner/Blacksmith you can do this with just the Alchemist and the Miner/Blacksmith.

My Miner/Engineer would purchase all the basic raw materials (32 Frozen Orbs, 22 stacks of Saronite Ore, 8 Eternal Shadows, and 8 Eternal Earths) in Dalaran and then trade with... [ Read More... ]

When WoW introduced achievements it brought a whole new type of “grinding” with it. Players love completing achievements, and one fun one that a huge portion of the WoW population engages in is the rare vanity pet collecting. These pets are attained through a wide variety of places, but for our purposes we’re going to just focus on the ones we can purchase. This strategy may sound simplistic, and it is, but it’s insanely effective, profitable, and a speedy way to go from 1,000 to 2,000 gold. [ Read More... ]
After the introduction of patch 3.3, Emblems of Triumph drop everywhere, and people use them to buy Epic Uncut Gems, or Crusader Orbs. Along with that half the server will farm ToC every single week, this makes Crusader Orbs appearing on the Auction House in much larger supply, and much lower prices.

Usually I will buy Crusader Orbs whenever they go below 90g each, but for this I will make the assumption of having to buy all materials straight from the AH at that time.

What I do is simply to craft... [ Read More... ]

This is how I’m going to make 2000 gold. As of this post, this is what I believe will work even given the factors of server and if your on a low pop or high pop. In general, even playing 1 full hour each day, farming and spending a good half hour after listing auctions, one should be able to get 2000 gold in no time at all. [ Read More... ]

At first I was disgusted by these players, I said and kind of still stand by something I said before; buying gems through honour ruined the JC market. Yet this is how you can easily make profit and go from 1000g to 2000g in 1 day/week if you're willing to put some time & effort in it. [ Read More... ]

I recently leveled my Blacksmith to the maximum level, while leveling I ended with 8 of these.
I put them on the Auction House for 35g each, and all of them sold 9 hours later.
You need the following to make this:
  • 2 Saronite Bar
  • 1 Titanium Bar
Now I assume you have the following professions like I do: Mining, Alchemy and Blacksmithing.
Lets do some math: [ Read More... ]

I'm going to assume that readers don't have access to rare recipes, but that trainable recipes can be obtained by asking on trade chat and offering a tip. Also, there are a couple of items (eternium rod and enchant chest - major health) that I suggest going to the npc who sells the plans and buying the plans so you can bring them to your crafter. [ Read More... ]
When you are at 1k gold you are at a delicate point, you don't have that much gold to spend and you have to think about every investment so you don't lose all your gold. You don't have enough money to spend on levelling a profession so I would say the smartest way to get to 2000 gold is by flipping and using the professions you already have. [ Read More... ]

I do not own every epic recipe.  I only have the two most popular of each cut and even those struggle to sell.  So right now I am sitting on 60 tokens.  Dragon Eyes’ are selling for 100g each.  Should I pull the trigger and just buy/dump them all? [ Read More... ]

The issue with starting with 1000g is that it isn't enough to run my usual daily routines. My snatch list for example usually in me buying 4-6k of stock every day. This amount also means that flipping high value items isn't viable. There are a few pets and rare recipes worth 1500-2000g that I would buy up if I saw someone advertising them for 1000g in trade chat. However if I did that in this challenge I would run a very high risk of not being able to sell that item or being victim to a market crash that causes the item to devalue below what I originally paid for it.
What we need to look for is... [ Read More... ]

Did you enjoy the articles?

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49 comments: on "Blogging Carnival - 20 Strategies on Turning 1000 gold into 2000 gold"

  1. awesome list thanks marcko!

  2. really nice several post. US-Ragnaros is a really full server, I found several AH-Farmers. And I haven't enough time to WoW... so, I just play with AH 30min/day.
    I got benefits from several post, but your blog open my mind.
    I made lot of gold buying titanium ore, prospecting, cutting and selling all (vendor & AH)
    I run 2 ToC 25 raids every week, I keep the recipes. with ToC plate/tailors recipes I made several amount of gold (1200g) but not with LW ones (200/300g avg)
    And while spam for recruit I buy epics gems at 70g (90/100g) for cut & AH. ICC BoEs, Battered and Primordial Saronites to sell in AH. with profit from 50/70g to 500/2K.

  3. Great resource! I am going through all of the links now and enjoying them very much.

  4. said... September 2, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    That was a very nice list of blogs and some pretty decent strategies. But it was a littl repetitive in some areas like cross-faction trading I still enjoyed it. I don't actually have my own WoW blog so I didn't send in any posts for this, but my current favourite strategy for mass money making has become rep items.
    While I know everyone talks about hoarding tonnes of runecloth to level up the home cities rep epople usually forget about the other reps. With a whole slewe of new paladins coming via holy cows, I expect a huge bump in people wanting Argent titles. As a result we should see the necessary items for that rep grind jump up. The items, core of elements, bone fragments, etc. can usually but randomly found for dirt cheap on the AH and resold in large quantities or kept for Cataclysm. I can usually double my money in about a week with just these.
    If you include other rep items, like the Zangarmarsh rep items or the ivory tusks for nagrand can make you a killing.

    anyway, thats just how I do it.

  5. Awesome collection Marcko. I have really enjoyed your blog thus far and will continue to read.

    After reading all 20 posts (well 19, cause one link was broken [Cold's Gold Factory]) I would have to say that my favorite is 'Capped by Cata'

    He is exploring and using old world content that most people forget about and rarely go back to.

    While some may say it is a waste of time for most, as playing the AH is better time investment. Some people may just prefer to play the game with limited game time, rather then sit at the AH/Mailbox.

  6. @ Grinton,
    I think at this stage of the expansion most strategies listed are going to seem redundant to most readers unless you are new to the gold making world.

    So things should be pretty exciting in the community when Cataclysm arrives.

  7. Awesome samples of how to make gold starting from almost nothing.

    Ty all posters and Marcko for hosting this to us.

  8. Loved a lot of the great tips! One thing I noticed is a lot of these posts suppose that you have a high-level toon. The pets are a great way to make some quick cash, but another great resource is.... Darnassus... That's right, that strange, abandoned city over on the wrong side of the map. I quick run through the vendor section and then another one due east past the warrior terrace will net you a ton of limited supply items and pets. The great thing is that you're only a boat ride away from Exodar at this point and the Moth seller!

    I try to keep each of my leveling alts profitable by buying stuff like this and selling it on the AH. I ususally end up with 1-2k by level 25 and never take the time to cancel/relist.


  9. Thanks for the inclusion again Markco and yet another great list of articles. Its nice to see a few new names up there, and a number of these blogs have now been added to my reader, if not my blog roll. Looking forward to next month's topic :)

  10. I absolutely love your site and to see it evolve with these blog carnivals is amazing. this site is what got me started making gold. 30k and climbing. =D

  11. Since I'm in the Carnival don't know if I'm eligible for the guide, love to take a look see at it though lol.

    Anywho thanks for putting this together Markco. I'm surprised sometimes at how many great blogs are out there that I don't know about.

    Also that there are some great strategies on how to make gold. The problem is people rarely put forth the effort.

    I think we all know the type. "Hey can I borrow some gold" type. Well keep on making that gold people and good luck.

  12. Hi marko

    firstly i will just say this is a great idea bringing together the community to answer questions once month.

    I would also like to take the chance to congratulate everyone who took part in this Blogging carnival.

    I really enjoyed reading all the articles and reveiwing all the different methods people use to increase there gold. Which in turn people will try and addopt or change to formulate there own gold strategies.

    The great thing to come out of all this effort for me is the ideas that are shared with the community.

    Keep up the great work Marko and all of the JMTC community

  13. said... September 2, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    As I read through all of the articles, I recognized, that most of them are referring to either one or two professions or they only tell you to "buy vendor pets". I know, there is a good amount of gold in vendor pets, but this is not social. Since you would make your money from your customers absence of knowledge.

    My favorite was "Just Another Goblin". He(she?...jamie...damn neutral name) was giving hints on every main profession and even told which addons where useful. Everyone who is starting his gold-challenge will have a good view of all the possibilities. They won't have to learn a new profession, get vendor pets or watch the market for several weeks and scan with auctioneer.

    He does not dictate any addon but recommends them, so it makes life better but you won't be dependent. Most other blogs startet with "get auctioneer and scan", which feels like it would be a prerequisite for making gold. Sure it's easier with auctioneer and a lot of data, but it is not mandatory.

    The Idea of many blogger writing about the same topic is great. You can see all those different angles, which people use to look at the WoW-Economy. Everyone can get new Ideas and maybe some can be combined ("Capped by Cata"'s Idea would work good together with "Just another Goblin").

    Great job Markco! Thanks.

    So much for my two copper,

  14. I appreciate BlingingWow's post the most, because it shows diversity, a large majority of players who only have 1K are the type of players who have just one 80 and have no professions, and if they do its unlikely for them to have more then two. I also like it because as noted above, while mixing professions together is a very easy gold making strategy its rare that broke players have access to that so taking Inscription and sticking to it i like, he gets my vote!!1!!one

  15. I have to wait til next month for another blogging carnival? =P

  16. @ Thesupplier,
    Thanks for the kind words.

    I also recommend Just Another Goblin's post. I think Sykez does an excellent job breaking down addons available and some simple strategies for each of the professions out there.

  17. Some great articles once again.

    I especially like the one from The Gold Road. I myself have been contemplating getting a tailor for some time now. I think this is enough to inspire me to grind one out over the weekend.

  18. First of all, I would like to thank all the bloggers for submitting posts to this months carnival. All of you have done a wonderful job of presenting ideas for going from 1000g to 2000g.

    I suspect this topic was done to help the many people who ask the same question: How do I get past the wall? This month's collection of tips show a variety of methods to help you push through the barrier that has you stuck currently.

    Markco could have made any amount for this post; 100g-200g or 100,000g to goldcapped. This amount was just perfect because it is when you push beyond the 1000 to 2000 gold mark, a sense of belief in your ability to make gold appears. Alot of people sit out there with just enough gold for repairs or that small amount they are saving for the new item they want to buy. It is once a person sees that they can indeed make money at doing aspects of the game that they themselves can do, does it become possible for them to begin to achieve higher goals.

    Every author poured their experiences out onto the blog carnival to show us how it is possible to go to the next level. It is a comfort for readers to see that some of the ideas are overlapping one another. It means that everyone who makes gold in WoW share basic principles of success. These principles manifest themselves in the many qualities displayed in the words of these authors. Principles such as hard work, patience, developing a plan, following through on that plan, researching your realm/markets, and what it means to invest rather than spend.

    I appreciate the effort that all of you have shown us through your blogs, as well as, Markco for hosting this carnival. The carnival is turning out to be a terrific marketplace of ideas that allow us all to share fantastic ideas. Looking forward to seeing you all again next month.

  19. I've always had trouble even getting to 1000, but now I'm up to about 7000. I have one word for how: Leatherworking.

  20. I just want to point out that, unlike most of the other great posts here, I wrote mine with new players in mind, both those new to World of Warcraft and those new to systematic gold making.

    So I assumed that my reader would know very little and explained as much as I could. If someone read my post and asked "What the hell is he talking about?" then I did it wrong. If someone read my post and said "I know this stuff already," then he is not the target audience. :)

  21. Thank you so much for the kind words in the comments and to you as well Markco for featuring my blogs post :)

    I am in fact male, ambiguous name sucks :/

    But once again, everyone did a great job on the carnival and every post had some interesting information.

    Keep up the good work.

  22. What a great carnival! Reading through all the articles has opened my eyes to a number of strategies I had not considered before. For example Raimondas' suggestion to use the BB AH for arbitration instead of the hassle (in my opinion) of trying to catch the listings with my toon on the other faction to complete the usual method by posting on their faction specific AH.

    The maths involved in farming/looting Mana Tombs presented by Capped by Cata was pleasantly surprising. I will definitely be plugging my own numbers into that and see if I can indulge my penchant for solo-ing instances as an efficient way to make gold on my server.

    Wowgoldstimulus' article brought me a /facepalm moment. I used the disenchant search in Auctioneer to find mats when I was levelling enchanting. I can't believe I haven't been using it to make gold! Thanks for the tip!

    Cold, Ivanas, Krust and Missbanks also all have great specific item tips using one or multiple professions. I particularly liked Missbanks' tip to take only very small risks with only $1k to invest. And Cold's flowchart was a fantastic illustration of how to combine professions to maximize profit.

    However I just LOVED the bits of market reasoning and analysis for selling particular items provided by Follow the Gold Road and Just Another Goblin. I will be going back to FtGR to see the rest of the series on the other professions but the JAG article was my favourite this carnival for the general reasoning provided for a lot of the professions (and encouragement to research!). Thanks Sykez! and Thank you all the bloggers in this carnival, you gave me such a great read :)

  23. Thanks for the collection. My favorite was raimondas the insane since it was very detailed and instead of starting at 1000g, he started with zip. New alt, no sharing from other toons in a truly from the ground floor up type approach.

  24. I love having this carnival every month, it really helps me figure out how to use new strategies for making gold.

    Thank you markco! Now where is my Gold guide!


  25. I loved Zug's post with the vanity pet listing. Nice to get a good resource out there like that for easy money! I'm going to get working on that tonight!

  26. I think the "capped by cata" article was the best one, just because he didnt try to theorize much, he just gave an awesome very practical advise.

    I mean, we all know that searching for low priced items and flipping them is a good way to make gold, or buying mats in AH and crafting something out of them that sells higher than the mats. That in theory might work... but that article gave just a wonderful practical advise that any 80 can do, and with a bit of time you can make a crapload of money, its a simple spot on advice.

  27. It was interesting to see how people went about going from 1k-2k. I really wasn't sure how they would be doing it since it really depends on what you have access to.
    I'm still slowly working through all the posts, but they seem to have some good content.
    Btw, I liked having part of the post shown before I take the link.

  28. I really think the best of all the great posts here is the one from "capped by cata".

    Why? well, for me is pretty simple, usually all the advices for gaining more gold are pretty much theoretical. Meaning, well if you buy low and sell high you'll make a crapload of gold, while true... its vague and pretty much everyone knows that by now.

    What I loved from that post is the guy gives a practical and direct advice, and you can make a good chunk of gold (if you are 80 at least) without needing to "play the AH game" which is a cool advice that everyone can do, so kudos there.

  29. Hi All,
    Been a reader for awhile and I'm a casual wow-economist. This is a great blog, really opened my eyes to the wow economy and more importantly got me thinking like an wow-economist as opposed to just copying tips.

    Most of these were very basic, common, safe strategies, which makes sense for someone with only 1000 g. While most aimed for the popular stuff, and there is nothing wrong with that, a few mentioned some things that stood out and I really liked.

    WOW Mentor (despite the membership plug) had a great tip on offering to sell stuff in packages through trade chat. I thought that was a pretty original way to give a bit of spike to your sales using some sales psychology.

    Just another goblin's breakdown of addons and the key safe strategies in each profession should be a must read for any starting economist. It was well written, simple, and thorough. While it isn't new info, it was so well presented it stuck with me.

    Missbank's tip on making an auction house friend, snatching goods on the AH cheap and selling them to the friend was something I hadn't seen before. A nice variation on the standard AH flip that increases reliability of sales.

    Finally, European Games Radar focused on reducing risk, which if you only have 1K and want to double it is huge. He went back to a very basic concept of buying chaep mats, crafting and vendoring. I haven't seen that mentioned in a long time, but it absolutely makes sense as a way to safely make profit. I remember doing that with cobalt gear a long time ago on my first character as I was leveling.

    BTW, Cold's correct link is here

    He talks about buying mats and selling a single item (Saronite Swordbreakers) to go from 1K to 2K+. Not a bad tip and could be applied to a bunch of different epic items, depending on your server. Not what I would do if I had just 1000 g, but a valid tip nonetheless.

    All in all, great selection of posts. I'm looking forward to the next carnival. Thanks for organizing it Markco

  30. Well markco I was looking for to this.
    There were some good hits and some that I could have done without. I will take all the tips and make more gold. Can't wait for the next one!

  31. Another excellent blogging carnival Markco. I think the best thing about the carnivals is bringing to the surface other blogs that i otherwise wouldn't have found.

    Thank you again for a great read, keep up the good work

  32. Thanks all you blog posters I really enjoyed all of your posts, and because I am actually stuck at the ~1000 gold mark, it was very applicable to my real play. These articles were helping me like I asked the question myself and they were answering it personally ;).

    I have inscription in the leveling process, and so far with QA3 I like what I see, so Blinging wow's post reaffirmed that inscription can be easy and is not always cut-throat (its not on my server :P).

    I also greatly enjoyed all those who posted on selling vendor pets. I have seen posts on that topic before, but all these posts about ow ludicrous it can truly be have inspired me to actually give it a go on my horribly low pop server.

    The post on Netherweave bags by srs is a market I know I should get into, but having just xfered servers, I only have 1 80 with JC/Enchanting. This post really is tempting me to level a tailor because I have always known bags (especially netherweave) were good, but this post made them sound great for the point I am currently at.

    The other main topic of posts was flipping. A good chunk of the bloggers chose flipping as their preferred method to get from 1000 to 2000g. I have never been a good flipper, but some of the flips the posters accomplished make me want to give it another go as well.

    One idea that stood out to me as completely new was Missbank's notion of finding someone to supply and using snatch to supply that person. I had always been of the mind that it was better to be the one being supplied for cheap. However, if cheap for them is profit for you, it does go both ways thanks Missbank!

    I also liked European's idea of using a slow and steady couple of solid strategies in order to make the move to 2k in a couple of weeks rather than using risky investments to do it faster.

    Overall, I liked all of the tips. But my favorite has to be EURO GAMES RADAR. He beat out the others because I feel that his techniques are most suitable for me as a JC, but he also offers the vendor pet strategy and some other ways to get to 2k "slow and steadily".

    Thanks to all the posters, I really enjoyed reading posts on such a personal topic.

    Also a large thanks to Markco, I have been reading your blog daily for a long time now, and listening to both Castaclysm and Call to Auction as well. Your community is priceless. Keep up the amazing work.

  33. Excellent idea, thanks for the Carnival.

    Many posters had similar themes, but to me, three stood out. ((in no particular order))

    High Latency Life--Nice job using case study to show exactly how he turned 1k into 2k. Just about anyone could follow this guide once they had 1k gold.

    Neckar Unrivaled--Excellent case study of how to not only turn 1k into 2k, but also how to make the first 1k! Great concept, going from level 1 and broke to 2k gold.

    Zug Gaming--by taking the pet strategy and showing in detail where to buy, and for how much, to make the most profit certainly showed a player a step by step way to accomplish the goal.

    Each of the posters did a great job, but for me, the case study posts had the most value--showing someone exactly how, step by step, in game life.

    Thanks to all the posters. Excellent tips, and great effort!

    Of the three above, if I had to pick one, it would be Neckar simply because starting out with nothing and earning that first $1,000 is perhaps the hardest thing to do for any new WoW player. To me, his answer had the most value for the beginner.


  34. wow so much information alot to sift through for one post

  35. My favorite was, hands down, Raimondas the Insane's. It was thorough, it was decently written, it didn't "talk down" to the reader for not being flush with cash... it was basically everything I like about a guide, and it earns bonus points for being aimed at lowbies.

  36. said... September 3, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    I liked Follow The Gold Road's advice. Mainly because I use some of the techniques listed, and i got new tips I plan to use this weekend.

    There were many great blogs, though! A few of them convinced me to finally work on JC/Alch last night and will put that machine to work this weekend as well. I'm a little late to the party, so close to Cata, but I'm sure 8 weeks worth of work should get me very close to my goal of 100k (currently sitting on 48k).

  37. These blogging carnivals are always awesome and provide me with tons of tips. Can't wait till the next. :D

  38. Correct Link Here for my post.

    Was wondering why my visits didn't spike for this carnival.

  39. Thanks Marchko for featuring my post in this months carnival. I was really worried that my post wouldn't be as good as some of the more venterin bloggers out there.

    To those who liked my post, thank you for your kind words and taking the time to read my post.

    When I thought about the question, I look at it that someone who already has 1k gold more then likely has 2-4 professions at least 2 and can really make 1k gold in a day with out a sweat.

    But what if your new? I thought it wasn't so much how do you double your gold in this case 1K but what if your level 1 and new but with some understanding of it.

    That was what I was going for and I know I really wanted to talk about add-ons, I might do so in another post in the future.

  40. Cold I am so sorry, I had no idea that link was wrong, it looks like when I pasted it there were %20%'s instead of spaces.

  41. And here's another great Carnival. The topic itself wasn't very 'wide', which made the posts have lots of similarities, but it's always a pleasure to read such diversity in small (sometimes looked upon) details.. I have to say that my favourite was Blinging WoW's post, because it has two different perspectives and it is rather detailed on both, but every single one was a nice read.

    Looking forward for October 2nd. What will the new topic be? :)

  42. Definitely a wealth of good gold making information here. I'll be back for next month's carnival.

    Now I'm off to exploit the Titanium market!


  43. Loved it well worth my time to read I will implement more of these idea's. Comming up on gold cap this will get me there that much faster.

  44. Loved all these posts they were very slick in a lot of ways. I will use some of these to increase my gold making skills so i can be gold capped before cata.

  45. Loved was a very good read will use this so I can get gold capped that much faster.

  46. Very informative. I can add to my daily runs to get items to sell on the AH. Thanks to everyone and Markco to put this together for us poor people who want to be rich.

  47. Thanks for the inclusion Markco. Still looking for advice from your readers on if I should dump all my tokens into Dragon's Eye's and dump!

  48. That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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