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Every day I receive upwards of 75-100 emails (not including spam or automated messages) from readers or random travelers who come across Just My Two Copper. Usually it's the standard questions about auctioneer, picking professions, mixing professions, particular niches, etc. Of those 75-100 about 10 are really valuable pieces of information either in the form of speculation or tutorials on stuff that's working now. Thanks to these emails and also the newsletter which asks readers to send their feedback and suggestions, I have a good 200 emailed topics which I haven't found the time to move from draft into the published state. Since I have such a large pool to choose from, I try to pick the ones that are time sensitive and post those on the blog. Other strategies appear from time to time but it can take months (like the uncut gem strategy from last week, which was in my archives for probably 4 months but was still a valuable piece of information for today as well as cataclysm). Today's emailed tip is about the PTR, 4.0 and the move to Justice Points. Heed the author's advice, I am 100% in agreement with him.

"This isn't so much a gold making tip as an ability to earn gold tip.  If the data on the PTR is accurate and the conversion of currency doesn't change, existing heirlooms will cost 4x as much as soon as 4.0.1 goes live. 

The conversion on Emblems of Triumph into Justice Points is 1:2.74.  So, 40 Emblems of Triumph = 110 Justice Points.  Basic chest and shoulders however are 435 Justice Points, meaning you need to convert over 120 Emblems of Triumph PER PEICE of heirloom gear.  As a side note, the other popular source for heirlooms (pvp ones) is Stone Keeper Shards.  These now convert 1:1.6 into honor so, while I haven't been able to visit the WG vendor to confirm, chances are this is going to be getting a lot more expensive as well.

So, buy any of the old heirlooms you're going to now, before 4.0.1.  Also, don't confuse 4.0.1 with Cataclysm and think you have a lot of time, the new patch is on the PTR and will likely be released in a matter of weeks. 

Another conversion of interest:
Wintergrasp Marks of Honor = 19.08 Honor Points

-- SidVicious of Stormreaver-Alliance"

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  1. I'm pretty sure i read somewhere that the exp bonus from the current heirloom gear only works until lvl 80, if this is true, there is no need to buy it unless you're leveling alt chars before cata.

  2. Good Tip! I'm planning on grabbing all the Heirlooms I can with my Stonekeeper Shards this week.

    What about Champions Seals? Are they going away too? I did not see them listed in the currency converter on mmo-champion. Anybody know?

  3. Good thinking! I'm sure people will regret not buying BOA gear with their hundreds of triumph badges saved up, having it only be gold in 4.0.1. However, this only applies to players looking to rush through the cataclysm content. i'm going to take my time and specifically don't want boa gear ;)

  4. Junos you are correct that you will not be able to level past 80 with the boa bonus of the current gear. However there are quite a few people who want to jump straight into leveling their goblin or worgen and don't want to wait to hit 85 first.

  5. Sorry, but this article is too vague. Without knowing how many Justice Points you receive from the average boss, it's useless speculation.

    Are we earning 1pt per boss post patch? 4? 8? Cost may have quadrupled, but what about incoming currency?

  6. This tip assumes that we're getting the same amount of Justice Points in 4.0 as we do emblems for a heroic now. If we don't, there's no point panicking.

    Let's say we take heroic Nexus - a quick and easy 5 bosses (commander, mage, elemental, rock guy, and dragon). If this is your daily, you'll get 5 triumphs and two frosts, which post conversion would be (5+2)*2.75, or a mere 19.25 points. This seems very low, and I'd bet that with an upswing in prices, we'll see an upswing in point gain, as well.

  7. Gregory and Anonymous - These are great points, I am hoping Blizzard addresses this issue soon.

  8. All the emblem heirloom pieces can also be purchased at the argent tournament with argent emblems (or whatever they're called). Granted, it takes a few weeks of doing those dailies every day before the heirloom vendor even becomes available to you.

    I'm planning to get all my BOA's for my goblin and worgen toons through a combination of both though.

  9. Even if you are not levelling a new toon prior to Cataclysm, it would be worth buying the heirlooms now. It can be used to level ANY future alt, and it stacks with the new Cataclysm Heirlooms (Helm and Cloak i think), so you'd be able to do lvl 1-80 with + 30-40% xp bonus, and lvl 80-85 (after your first toon reaches 85) with a +10-20% xp bonus.

  10. I would tend to agree that they will increase the income level of Justice points alongside the increase in prices. That said, I would still recommend buying whatever you want BEFORE they make this change. This change in the wow economy will only devalue the currency you currently have. The BOA gear will still have the same perceived value, since the same amount of work will go into acquiring it. But your current emblems are being converted at a rate that is not equal to the rate that they are increasing cost. So there are multiple ways everyone is looking at this, and while both sides are right, the advice still holds true in my mind. So buy whatever you think use might need now, before Blizz converts your emblems!!

  11. Don't forget to grab some heirlooms sets for easy twink gear also. Twinking will return and proper planning is the key to any efficient twinkage.

  12. Cold, while doing the beta content I've noticed that each zone tends to give you a few blues, at least one, sometimes two or three! These are great for twinks, have lovely stats on them and such, but now it seems like everyone will have them. :( I haven't run any of the low level instances in beta yet, so I'm unsure about the gear, whether its changed or not. If it hasn't, a lot of these quest blues do compete with the twink items.

  13. While it is true that the values for downing bosses aren't addressed here, the point is still valid. If you have the badges now, you might as well spend them (unless you want the conversion gold, I suppose). It would be a waste of time to sit on badges now and farm points later, regardless of the relative cost of the heirlooms. Especially when, like you said, we don't know if their relative cost is going up or not.

  14. On the PTR right now, the rate at which you get Justice points from Wrath heroics is higher than you do on live considering conversion. What I mean is, say the triumphs and frost you get from doing a heroic today will convert to 10 justice points, you will get 15 or more justice points doing the same heroic once 4.0 hits (I don't know the exact numbers but this has been confirmed by a lot of people). So if you have the emblems now then sure go and buy your heirlooms - it doesn't make any functional difference if you do it now or later, the logic behind the "before its too late" is incorrect - but do not go out and farm for them until 4.0 hits or you're wasting time.

  15. I see that you say that the Stone Keeper Shards will be 1:1.6 exchange. With this that means 30 SKS : 48 Honor, just for others that don't care about the heirloom gear you can buy a WG commendation worth 2k Honor. So if you want to get more honor try going that route. (if I understood correctly ;P)

  16. The current BoA heirlooms do cap at level 80 (or 79?), which makes sense. They're a nod to alts, not to rush your main. They're still going to be handy however, as most people are going to want to spend their main's points on their main

  17. JP will be converted at 11.58 per emblem now. Time to recalculate.

  18. Reading blue posts from Mmo-champion, it seems that this post had good advise.

    In essence, come 4.0.1, heirloom prices will be geared towards justice point values that we will gain at lvl 85. So if you are planning on getting heirlooms with emblems, you would be best to invest in them now.

  19. Update, they changed the conversion rates. Now emblems are about equiv to JP in terms of buying BOA gear. Actually according to one poster on its cheaper to buy BOAs with JP.

  20. very good and informative site. thanks and keep updating ...

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