Buying Uncut Epics and Cutting Them


Not sure if you have this already

Ok so i thought this might be a gold sink but ITS AMAZING for gold (also not sure if you have covered this) My toon yesterday had 2 gold i happened to have the mats to transmute a kings amber. so i get it cut and sell the Rigid King's Amber 200-230 g each on my server so i then bought two epic gems and did the same within 24 hrs im up to 3k gold and have over 30 epic cuts on ah. So if you dont not have a video about Uncut epic gems being turned for prophit it does work great i scan ah and do a search for the uncut epic cardinals zuls ambers ametrines all of em and i purchase uncuts for 100g or less then resell for 55-120 g profit its ridiculous. Lostc√£use of Argent dawn horde faction

Great tip MrKfreeburg! Uncut epic gems tend to be sold by people who obtained them through alchemy transmutes or honor purchases. These players sometimes don't even look at the values of the cut gems and instead post for the lowest price with often steep undercutting to increase the speed of their sales. They want their money not now but 5 minutes ago.

Good job taking advantage of this scenario, it pays to have as many recipes as possible so you have lots of different markets for selling off the cut gems.

If you own a youtube channel and want to collaborate with mine feel free to message me at my channel.

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  1. I miss the days when this used to work on my server. Transmuting the purple or orange gems are the only ones profitable as the price of eternal fire + scarlet ruby combined match the price of a cardinal! Eternal shadow and topaz are both around 6g which isn't too shabby. Uncut epics sell for more or a couple of gold less than cut's (3-5g) It's very rare any epic gem, cut or uncut goes above 100g anymore. One day everything was 200g then all of a sudden 100-120g and it's never gone back up.

  2. 200g for epic gem cuts? I want to be on that server!

    Seriously, as of 18 Sept 2010, the best I see any cut going for on Shadowsong EU is 150g but typical cuts vary between 75g-100g with the profit from uncuts at 10g-30g depending on time of day/day of the week.

    There is gold to be made this way for sure but maybe not at the rate stated on all servers.

  3. As usual my realm's economy is not ideal for this, unless you have nothing better to do but post and re-post all day long against your competition. Also, my realm isn't exactly known for its progressive raiding so people aren't gearing up and requiring gems as fast as other realms might.

    Epic cuts slumped below 200G months ago on my realm. Very rarely they can be around this amount on raid nights when there's only a couple people listing particular cuts, but again, very rarely.

    Buying out dozens of uncut epic gems and then sitting there and crafting them, then posting them even at 12 hours(epic gems = ridiculous posting fees) almost always results in logging in the next day and having a mailbox full of expired auctions. I've even tried just leaving them for 48 hours and hoping demand will sort it out. I don't have the time to sit there and babysit my auctions all day, canceling and reposting (and losing even more gold to posting fees). Not to mention the uncuts are usually only 10-20G cheaper than their cut variations.

    The best I can do is transmute my daily epic using my stockpile of rare gems and eternals, so at least the gems I do sell are 100% profit, minus fees lost to expired gems because mine were undercut minutes after I posted them. But I'm not bitter or anything. :)

  4. I wish I was on your server. It's still profitable to cut gems on mine but the margin for profit is a lot smaller. Using your example you can buy a King's Amber for around 94g cut it and sell (high turnaround cut) for around 110g to (low turnaround) 130g. The low turnaround gem cuts tend to be gambles though.

  5. the epic gem market has all but dried up on my server. Though, I'm still selling rare gems. I assume people are now leveling alts more than raiding so this market is still tepid (not even close to hot...) but they're selling profit.

  6. there seem to be plenty of people on AD horde with gold to drop..i have made over 500g per week, just reselling vendor items, but on the alliance side its a nightmare, with nowhere as easy to make money and gems as described running 110-130g

  7. As with most of the posters here, uncut gems sell for about 50-90g on my server depending on color (greens 50, reds 90) and cut versions only produce about 10-20g profit at most. When you take into account the auction house campers that are on seemingly all day, the profits from JC are minimal at best these days, and often times non-existent.

  8. I'm liquidating at the moment and I'm struggling to sell some gem stocks at 'competition' wont even snap them up for re-sell. Likewise with Inscription, pricing at 30% cost still wont budge some mats or glyphs.

    Note: The liquidation is not in response to the sluggish market, RL demands mean no playtime till next year.

  9. Ummm... taking uncut gems, cutting them and reselling them is some revelation? Really? Isn't it kind of obvious?

    Nevermind the fact that most servers are seeing a complete tanking of the gem market with the changes in honor and the downturn with Cata.

    Must have been a slim posting day

  10. BigD and others "knocking" this strategy because it's "old:" Have you used it in the past? Ok then well please be kind to those who have not and will likely be able to use this sort of strategy in cataclysm.

    Remember that the 5k+ readership here is as diverse as you can imagine. They come from all walks of wow life and are all at different stages to becoming wealthy.

    If I post about a strategy that works, no matter how old, it's helpful to post about how you have used it in the past, even if it doesn't work now for you.

  11. My server's epic gem market, like many others, has pretty much tanked. The cut versions are around 110g now and the uncuts are still usually in the 90g area - this is not worht it in my opinion becasue there are a LOT of JC'ers who are still contantly undercutting. this means that that 10-20g profit you might make gets eaten up by the deposit losses of having to constantly relist in order to sell them. So, I have only been buying out raws at 80g or lower which is rare.

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