Cataclysm - Auction House Sluggage... Liquidate?

Is it time to slow down making gold in wow?

NO WAY. I've been running full tilt making hand over fist because so many auctioneers have decided to take a break until cataclysm. I ask them why and they say they're bored or just tired or whatever reason they can come up with. I understand that the content is currently a little slugish and the game is no where near as entertaining as it will be when cataclysm launches, but why not take advantage of a thriving auction house in the mean time?

It pays to be different.

While others are emptying guild banks or taking a break until cataclysm I'm plugging away selling everything I can at insane markups. The farmers are still out there looking for people to buy their goods and new toons are constantly hitting level 80 regardless of whether you take a break or not. Many people are telling you to dump your items now while you still can. I'm saying don't you dare and you better take advantage of those that do!

What you should be doing now.
  • Looking for empty markets to price gouge
  • Keeping an eye out for farmers dumping cheap materials
  • Checking for guilds and auctioneers alike emptying their guild banks into the auction house
  • Leveling Alts to get access more professions
  • Selling but reacting to price changes
At the end of an expansion I've noticed that people get spooked and try to dump their goods prematurely. Right now the markets are still profitable and players are still buying but more often than not people would rather dump materials now than get stuck with them later.

The sad truth is, many items you may think are going to be worthless when cataclysm hits are actually going to be gold mines. Think before you liquidate!

One auctioneer in particular, Scallywwagg Argent Dawn - EU, is doing quite well and  sent in this hatemail he received regarding flipping crafted items recently.

17 comments: on "Cataclysm - Auction House Sluggage... Liquidate?"

  1. "Is the sex on cooldown?" Awesome picture!

    In all seriousness, I completely agree with charging full steam ahead. Goblin Liquidations (as I call them) have been a huge boon to my profits. They empty their bank in fear of being stuck with wrath items, and I make tons of money from their hasty retreat.

    It's probably been predicted before, but I'm bracing for the real AH dump when an official Cata release date is announced. I'm not sure if I'll hold my ground or join in at that point...

  2. On my server nothing really is selling.
    So its time to buy epic rings and armor dropped from ICC 25 trash.
    I am looking for bargins and to gear up my other alts.
    I have notice huge drops in traffic of sold items.

  3. These last few weeks have shown my best profits ever. I gold capped a couple weeks ago, and that last week saw a surprising profit of 20K (week). Slowing competition is part of it, but there are still tons of folks riding the late wave to a LK kill...and all of them still need stuff.

  4. You may want to consider that many are selling just to empty their bags for the new cataclysm items. If something hasn't been used/sold for over 6 months consider selling it now. You'll need the space and many things are selling for FAR more than they are worth.

  5. Haha, look at the picture for the comment in chat. Epic!

  6. Hahaha "Is the sex on cooldown"...classy

    Back to the relevancy to the post:
    This post highlights my exact dilemma. I'm finding myself slowing down on my inventory buying as I'm noticing more and more people dumping things on the AH (primarily epic gems). I bought up a stack or two of each, but finding I can't unload them fast enough.

    I'll wait to see what this week brings before deciding what to continue with.

  7. I agree with the idea of charging ahead but now i'm selling about half of what i used to and my server seems dead sometimes. There's about half as many people running ICC now than there were 2 months ago and unfortunately I see the same competition in the AH I always do.

    I'm currently in the process of a slow liquidation. I know roughly how much stock i will sell in the next month or two and am selling everything else when the market is right for it. There's no way i'm selling half of my gems for what i bought them. The key word is PROFIT. If I can empty my guild banks for profit I avoid getting screwed by cataclysm and i'm still following the single goblin tenant.

  8. Frostweave and eternal water/earth have been cheap for me, so I've been buying those up. Folks still like frostweave bags, and I'm figuring that eternals will go up like primals have.

  9. Nice post. BTW Scallywagg is a she. And she is awesome. ;-)

  10. The hate mail and the blog inclusion made my day and for the record I am a SHE and Markco's Number One fangirl. RP hate mail rocks!

  11. "Is the Sex on cooldown" i hope not but sometimes you will get a cool down oh.

    im not sure why people would stop because of a update. i can understand if they get bored. as for right now im not seeing that in my auctions house

  12. I don't think it's time to liquidate, exactly, but "thriving" is just about the last word I'd apply to the auction house right now. A huge number of people have stopped raiding, or are raiding less often, so all those markets (epic BoEs, flasks, epic gems, end-game enchants) have much lower demand - I'd say less than half what it used to be.

    It's gotten to the point that I've just given up on most of those markets; I'll use up what mats I have for anything reliant on raiders, then be done.

    I'm focusing on the few markets where demand hasn't dried up, stockpiling a few things, and am working on my alts - I have 7 of them to get to 75 (most currently 65) before Cataclysm, and if the mmo-champion release date is correct I'm going to have a hard time getting them there. That's a better use of time IMO than trying to eke out a few hundred gold per week from dying markets.

  13. I agree with continuing to a certain extent. You're treading on thin ice though, so there is an inherent risk involved. If the release date for Cataclysm is announced, you better believe everyone is going to dump their supplies and many, many markets are going to completely tank. However, until then... there's plenty of people still raiding and plenty of sales to be had.

    I'm trying to stay out of long-term investments, and I'm only buying a few days supply at a time, especially for risky things like gems. I've seen my best ever sales of Belt Buckles and Netherweave Bags though!

  14. I think this topic means different things to different people. My servers market is very very slow but that doesn't mean you can't make gold. It also means some markets should just be avoided as an item to stockpile. I have never been a big believer in stockpiling. My version of stockpiling is having enough to sell for the next week. No need for more than that. Market prices plummet typically has little impact as I avoid low margin markets. I still buy a lot each day but my buy price has dropped by 50 percent or more on most items. I will still be selling as we hit cata but it will be in a few markets like enchanting where I have little competition on the enchants for the heirloom gear.

    As to dumping stock, I have long ago done that and did quite well. Now it is just finding those daily markets that make decent gold. The dump before cata is a bit late in my view from my server as items like gems sell for 80g vs150g a couple of months ago. You can still buy and cut and make 20g a cut but it is slow sales. I prefer to find the massive selloffs and take advantage of them.

    As to gold making, I make more today than I ever have 3-5k a day for profit is my current situation. That isn't sales that is my total gold increase each day after my buying activity.

  15. Don't forget that some markets will stay constant or even increase in profit margin as people are dumping. Think: saronite ore into bars, or jc rings to sell to vendors. As green gems and eternal earth plummet the shuffle is alive again!

  16. If you're stocking up on Nethweave bags, you may want to consider stocking up the Bolts of Netherweave instead. 1 stack of bolts = 5 bags = a ton of space saved.

  17. Seems like most of goblins on my realm started their dump one or two days ago. I'm new to this goldmaking world so most of my profit comes from making bronze bars. The dump pushed copper/tin prizes as low as 5g and i'm still able to sell bonze for 45g/stack so for the past two days I made nearly as much as i did for the past two weeks on those.

    Anyway I just wanted to point out something else. New players in this bussines, just like myself, now have great oportunity to use all those discounts and level profesions for just a fraction of former prize. I started alch/ins on my mage for isntance. Without herbalism it should be costy but i did 430+ on both with only 600g

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