Cataclysm PvP Gear Will Revolutionize Crafting Professions

PvP Crafted Items Huge Sellers in Cataclysm
It was announced by a blue that the three major crafting professions (tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking) will be able to craft basic pvp gear every arena season in cataclysm. Even today the blue craftable gear, which by the way is subpar to naxx epics, fetches 120-200% profit on investment. It’s easy money for crafters and with multiple teirs of pvp gear being craftable it will just add to the ways in which you can make gold with these professions in cataclysm.

Cataclysm PvP Versus WOTLK PvP Gear

Currently in wrath of the lich king you can only craft rare quality pvp gear which is easily replaced by much better quality badges and honor rewards. As more gear was released throughout the expansion the craftable PvP gear value decayed exponentially. Although it is STILL possible to sell the PvP gear for profit on most servers, imagine if it always sold as well as it did at the start of WOTLK. Instead of being semi-frequent sellers for marginal profit, these items will remain in high demand throughout all of Cataclysm.

Obviously Cataclysm PvP items will not be best in slot gear by any means, but they will always be the same distance behind current bis gear so the value should remain relatively the same instead of decreasing the way it did in wotlk. You'll have some time to level your professions, probably a month or two before Cataclysm's first arena season is announced, before people start purchasing the new pvp gear.

Did you have any experience selling the pvp craftable gear in wotlk?

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  1. Pretty much. Unfortunately I only have experience as of late, and with Blacksmithing gear alone. Moreoften Savage Saronite Battlegear sells better than Ornate Saronite Battlegear. I didn't test the market for the tailored set or the leatherworking sets (but that's what I am literally leveling LW for - well, and several other goodies). I didn't touch the tailored set because the set is primarily intended for pvp-ing, alternately for leveling, and particularly leveling solo, which by now should be an almost dead activity... I can't wait to get to 420 LW and 'penetrate' that market... a lot more goodies from that niche.
    Savage Saronite Battlegear sells quite well per individual piece. The individual price could be averaged to 120g on my server, and since the price of saronite ore is consistently at a low level and the latest fluctuation of price of eternals (especially fire) add a great effect, it is definitely worth creating this particular set.

  2. I haven't been able to sell that much of the WotLK pvp gear. Most folks on my server pop 80 soon after 78, and head for raiding gear. I have made some for myself and for guildies - I much prefer crafting to raiding, and the gear is fine for farming and such. The AH on Thorium Brotherhood is cutthroat, so my 'outside sales' have been inspecting folks and whispering them that I could replace that pesky green belt (or whatever) with 'this' for only $$, or for mats and tip.
    How cutthroat is TB AH? Well, the old standby of netherweave bags is all but useless - stacks of netherweave cloth go for 5g minimum and the bags sell for <8g. A lot of stuff is put on the AH for at or below cost: 32 slot inscription bags for 10g, for instance.
    I look forward to Cataclysm, it'll be nice to be able to craft gear that can hold it's own with low boss drops.

  3. I did decently selling pvp leather / mail in Wrath. Hearing this news excites me, though. I bet they will use a lot of the Earth mats, too, to keep Earth's prices competitive.

    Keep in mind that we're getting rated BG's, though, so the popularity of starter PvP craft-able gear might actually come sooner.

  4. Coming with an update. Got home and created the full Frostsavage Battlegear, the tailored WotLK PVP set. Sold with a BY of 150g per piece in ~1hr after posting. Didn't think it would be that successful as it is only appealing to pure dps classes which until hitting 80 have already a stash of badges(*) so that they can already buy better PVP items. What do you know... I can only assume the items are bought for leveling. Didn't check the buyers' level yet. I was too astonished that my prediction was wrong...
    Yet again another good idea.

  5. Selling the pvp craftable sets has actually been my main source of income this entire expansion. i've probably made ~100k gold with my tailoring, leatherworking and blacksmithing professions by selling these items themselves. I'm sure it helps that i play on a pvp server, but it amazes me how well these items have consistently sold. I'm sure it will only be better with the scaling craftable pvp gear in Cataclysm.

  6. Levelling right now is not at all dead, people are trying to get their new mains to 80 before the xpac hits! All kinds of levelling is going on.

    Furthermore, although yes you can replace the pieces quickly at 80, you can equip them at level 78 and there is no faster way to level those last two levels than in a bg on bg holiday weekends. With that gear you'll be more powerful than the other 78s and 79s (or at least less squishy) and blast through them .

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