Dealing With Weekend Warriors in World of Warcraft

Weekend sales are complete chaos for auctioneers in world of warcraft.

Tons and tons of items flood the market place at high to normal value and buyers flock to purchase quick upgrades or enhancements. Sure this part of the weekend is great for sellers and demand usually takes care of undercutters very quickly, but it’s when you get deeper into the weekend and most buyers stop showing up that things get interesting. With reduced demand but many auctions that didn’t sell the day before being posted at 48 hours, the supply to demand ratio completely flip flops. Instead of high demand, medium supply you now have low to medium demand and way too much supply. Prices plummet in response. A wise auctioneer will sell like crazy with everything he has from Thursday night to Friday night and then buy the leftovers Saturday morning and on into Sunday.

Have you seen a similar pattern on your server?

If so, with which items?

Personally, I see this happen constantly with materials more than any other items. I call Saturdays "Saronite Saturday" for a reason! Other enhancement items like eternal belt buckles will drop like rocks Saturday into Sunday and then sky rocket throughout the week from pvp and pve rewards. The materials for these items tend to be proportional to their end products.

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  1. Posting a complete set of savage saronite plate does very well on weekends that does not sell on weekdays.
    Gems always sell better on weekends.
    Back in 2009..I made the beginning of my fortune by buying ore mid week like a stack ore and smelting it...selling bars on weekend. Its tedious but it is a great way to get started to understand how mats are flooded sunday night/monday morning but Saturday night around 6pm server time...its high priced mats...Buying low and selling high is never better than the weekend warriors show up.

  2. In addition to your good points, I also see where that lowered weekend price continues in through the early week until supplies are either exhausted or until an auctioneer buys them up. If this does not happen, prices stay in their depressed state and linger back into the Thur-Fri cycle.

  3. On my server I see a surge of items posted on Friday night. Then on Saturday morning the ah is loaded with cheap goods and very few people online.

    Makes for great flips later on in the week.

  4. It's not limited to weekends only. Many items are cheaper mid-week and more expensive at the weekend, while many items are cheap at the weekends and more expensive mid-week.

    This is where knowing your server, it's AH and it patterns tends to seperate you from those who don't.e.g. I buy the majority of my stock at certain times of the week to tide me over the more expensive days.

  5. It's been my experience that Sunday is never short on buyer demand and has consistently proven to be my top sales day, topping even Tuesdays.

    I'm assuming it's because more people are out doing weekend activities on Saturday and typically have a slower day on Sunday where they can hang out around the house and play WoW.

    I have plotted my daily sales in a spreadsheet for the last 5 months and my Sunday sales have averaged right around 20k, with the highest Sunday sales day topping 33k. In contrast, Tuesday sales have hovered around the 14-16k mark with the highest sales day being 21k.

    For what it's worth...

  6. Don't forget bargin basement Monday Morning when you can often get cheap mats that didn't sell due to supply outstripping demand.

    I'll have to try buying cheap ore to prospect into gems for the weekend ...Mwhaahahaha

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