Eight Questions for Matticus

1. Thank you Matticus for sitting down with Just My Two Copper for this interview. Please give the readers here a quick intro about your blog, World of Matticus, as well as who you are in the blogging community.

My name is Matticus, the chief behind World of Matticus. I've been blogging about World of Warcraft for a little over 3 years now. The blog mainly started out as a resource for priests but has increased to encompass a variety of topics including other healers, raiding and management. It's not always easy and I've expanded the crew of writers to offer additional perspectives on those same topics.

2. There are TONS of changes to cataclysm in terms of healing, could you pick one change you're really looking forward to and how it will change the game experience?

Oh lord, I don't know where to start. The entire game is practically changing. For me it would have to be healing in general. We're not topping players from 0 to 100% anymore. The focus has shifted to simply keeping players alive instead of making sure they're at full health. Mana actually matters and I've had to watch mine like a hawk to ensure I don't waste any spells.

3. When cataclysm launches will you level a new toon or go straight for 85 and end game raids?

Going straight to 85 and into raiding. I do wanna check out the entire world again so I will have to level another character at some point. But the immediate priority for my guild and I is to approach max level as quick as possible.

4. Most of my readers are interested mainly in making gold and some of them are probably in the same unique position you find yourself in every day: running a guild. How much gold does your guild bank currently possess and how do you handle growing that gold? How do you use it to supply your raiders? Do members help grow the gold in any way?

Overall value of the guild bank rests at approximately 200k (including cash and other stuff sitting in there). Gold is generated from any number of methods including selling off BoEs acquired from raids or via donations. The resources are used to fuel expenditures like flasks or potions. We'll even use some of it to go towards crafting armor or weapons that players need. We don't do that as much anymore as it isn't needed, but that's the plan going forward in Cataclysm. We're trying to stock as much as gold as possible.

5. Do you foresee guilds going back to get the shadowmourne achievement and wanting to purchase primordial saronite for that purpose? I am predicting this to be a great way to make gold, but perhaps most guilds will simply farm the mats themselves?

Oh yeah, for sure. I know some guilds will want to go for that Legendary achievement and this will be one of the items on their acquisition list. If guilds don't have the emblems to purchase the Primordial Saronites, I'm certain they'll turn to the auction house to try to get their hands on it.

6. Do you have any tips about how to be a better guild leader, such as links within your blog that my readers here could find useful?

I've made many mistakes as a GM over the past 2 years. I wouldn't say I'm an expert at it as I'm still learning. But still, being around for 2 years and being the boss of a stable guild also says something about learning to adapt.

If you want to learn how to develop your own guild, I'd strongly suggest checking out Syd's guide to building guilds. It'll provide an excellent blue print.

7. What are your plans for World of Matticus with cataclysm?

Oh yes, look for a new site redesign in the next week or so. I'm always interested in looking for contributors as well. I'm hoping to write more about Cataclysm content and being the same place players turn to in order to refine their healing and leadership skills. In other words, no plans of going away just yet.

8. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with the just my two copper community. I'm sure they will go to your site next time they have any questions about healing in cataclysm or running a raiding guild.

Thanks for doing this Markco!

4 comments: on "Eight Questions for Matticus"

  1. Iron Chef Garces plays a healer?

  2. The resemblance is uncanny.

  3. You know, I was about to argue the primordial saronite point (as I did in the comments of the guest post about it), with the argument that because getting Shadowmourne means getting oodles of Frost Emblems with no use other then buying primordials, the cost of them would actually *decrease* the higher the demand was...

    Then this - http://www.wow.com/2010/09/14/major-cataclysm-currency-changes/#continued which means that in ICC you'll actually be getting useful points.

    So yeah - gonna be grabbing some primordials when the price bottoms out. It hasn't yet.

  4. Matticus got me into reading warcraft blogs. I have had his blog email me his posts for well over a year now. Glad to see the community is still strong:) Great post Markco

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