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Written by: Armaggedon's Coming!
I'm a fire Mage. A Gnome Fire Mage, not a Goblin, nor a Goblin Fire Mage (although there is a chance I might roll one).

A long time ago, when my time was significantly more limited, I spent a fair bit of time in the AH. The reason was simple, the short amount of time in the AH gave me more bang for my buck, supported most effectively the one 5 hour play session I had each week.

What I really wanted to do was "play the game", you know, kill stuff, rescue the damsels, kill the Horde, raid etc...

I've got friends that log on and go farm herbs, or ore, or whatever. This is a part of their "playing the game". 2 hours, 400 gold, and whatever they can fit in (get into) after.

When I log in, I'm ready to fight. Gear consumables, buffs, even my location. All intended to get me grinding within a couple of minutes.

  • Not grinding herbs
  • Not grinding Ore

    I grind body parts!

Horde body parts, Mob body parts, as long as it's a body part I will grind it (No, not in the ERP way, keep your mind out of the Gnome street level! Although I will admit at one point when I got a cool pimp hat, I was going to sell a couple of mates in the alleys of Stormwind).

Battlegrounds are the place for body part grinding by default, although I have become a fan of grinding old instances for rep hand ins, pets and enchanting mats.

The beauty of grinding for body parts in BGs is that I am "playing the game" first and foremost. I'm not standing in front of an auctioneer waiting for the cash register to ring, I'm not flying in circles waiting for a patch of earth to spawn...
I'm killing things!

Many things, often, for fun and reward.

Every two BGs I earn a 100g +/- worth of honor, worst case it takes 3 BGs... but I'm "playing the game", killing things, improving my skills, humiliating the Horde.

Win/Win if you ask me!

10,000 honor will buy you an uncut gem. A nudge and a wink will buy you the services of a jewel crafting buddy's services. These gems on Aman'Thul sell for between 80-150g.

A few hours "playing the game" and my bank account fills up. Sure their are repair bills, but PvP repair bills are negligible. You will spend more on reagents if you buff your team to win than you will in repair costs.

If you are an achievement hunter then as an added bonus the BGs are filled with achievements. There are Tabards and mounts that money can't buy, only body parts, or honor if you wish.
Scared of body parts?

I know there are many of you that would rather stand still and let your opponent kill you quickly in PvP than to fight back.

I can understand this, I was there once. I was until I got the taste for Horde blood. I then spent a long time being honor kills before I started collecting honor kills of my own. So long that I was exalted with the Stormpike guard before it really clicked and I started clicking furiously and piling the honor filled corpses at my pudgy feet.

There are a couple of things that can ease you into the body part grinds.
Knowledge is power!

All BGs have specific tactics that should be followed to win. Specific objectives, targets, roles for both offense and defense. All BGs have behaviors that prevent or slow the win (ie. Honor farming while not related to other objectives). A quick win will always give the best return for your time, no matter how inviting that stray on the road appears.

Anyway, get the knowledge. I've written a pile of guides on BGs as have many others. Some of the best cone from Cynwise.

Read them, run the BG, reread them. Understand what is important to win the game quick.
Premades = money.

Come Cataclysm, Blizzard wants us to play more PvP, they want us to play it in guilds or premades groups.

You don't have to wait till Cataclysm to roll in the honor.
  • * You can get some mates together and exert influence on the outcome of a battle.
  • * You can advertise in trade chat for likeminded souls.
  • * Or you can track down a x-server premade group. On Bloodlust Battlegroup we have QueueQ (Alliance) and ProudFather Airlines (Horde).

If you get in on their honor train, you will be pulling in 100k, 200k, 300k worth of honor. You start the weekend without one scrap of PvP gear, end it fully geared with cash in the bank.

I'm not sure about Proudfather Airlines, but if you are keen on earning gold through body parts with the assistance of QueueQ, it's well worth purchasing a membership (goes towards vent and website etc), otherwise you may find yourself in the waiting room for a long time.

Ohhh remember to loot the bodies. Not only does this prevent them ghost running to their corpse, but you will pickup the cost of your repairs as well.

I've got some body parts to grind.

See you in the BGs, Gnomer Out!

6 comments: on "Gnomeaggedon on Farming Body Parts"

  1. When I first saw the title I thought, "What? They removed body parts from AV ages ago!"

    Don't forget you can sell those EZ EARL T-Shirts for 1-2g easy on the AH to lowbies.

  2. I'm curious. I've been to the websites of both x-server bg teams you mentioned. But it isn't really explained how it all works.

  3. I don't approve.

    I like flying around in circles watching for a piece of earth to spawn. The anticipation is exhilarating adrenalin rush. Why you gotta be knocking on my game?

  4. I've never run with PFA, just against them.

    I do know QueueQ coordinate via vent and advertise via trade chat during the Call to Arms weekends.

    You pretty much join their vent and wait for instructions.

  5. I wish I had the patience for PvP, but ever since Resilience was introduced way back in BC< I just find it to be among the worst experiences in the game. Every time I do a BG (which is VERY rare these days) I just think back to doing them in full Tier 3 on my Mage at L60, and it was a BLAST. Now, everyone can survive for practically an eternity, and the name of the game is stun locks and CC trains. That's the opposite of what made WoW PvP fun at L60.

    However, if you can somehow find enjoyment in it, by all means go for it. I'd much rather sacrifice a little bit of gold per hour to do something I enjoy than sit in the auction house all day.

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