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Unfortunately I have bit off more than I could chew with my latest attempt to improve JMTC by hiring writers. In the first week since I asked for writers to send me resumes, I have received over 70 well written posts all following my requirements. Just going through these has proven to be a monumental task, let alone categorizing and narrowing them down to the top 20. It didn't end there though, I created a newsletter to help new writers get set up and improve their writing.  Next I set up a schedule and method for collecting the articles as well as paying the writers. Days later I looked back and realized that I hadn't even published an article yet and I was already exhausted. Just think about the effort required to manage 20 individual writers besides my own posts and other efforts here at JMTC. It was too much, just days into the thing I had to cancel the entire endeavor. If I hadn't, then I would have ended up eventually stopping my own writing for the blog and just turned into a manager for other bloggers.

Along with time constraints I'm also looking at monetary issues. To hire the writers and pay them the salary I was proposing would have required over $800 a month. On top of all my hosting and services costs this would not have made up for the supposed benefit of adding more content to the site. The time and money was just not worth the estimated benefit.

Apology to Readers and Writers

Everyone who was approved to become a writer at JMTC really showed that they are more than capable of creating the content necessary to run a kick ass site. I want them to gain something from the experience so I sent several websites and posts to them about how to improve content writing online and I'm also leaving an open invitation to any of them to guest post on this site. If they have a new blog that they want to start (and they should as they are all excellent writers), or already have one, then I will instantly add them to my blog roll.
I'd like to make a focus on the invitation to guest post because these allow everyone to win in the end. The readers get great content and the writers get access to a bigger audience.

I Missed the Whole Point of Collaborating

The whole point behind hiring writers in the first place was to provide more collaboration at JMTC. However, I've come to realize that letting you, the readers, do the majority of the collaboration is the way to grow this community. What you need is access to the right information, not more articles being shoved in front of your eyeballs. To aid you in processing the information and collaborating with each other I have included a new feature on the site called Recent Comments.

Recent Comments on JMTC

Now you can view the past 25 comments left on this site as well as go straight to the location of the comments themselves. Without this feature you would never know that someone had recently posted on something buried by 300 articles. Please make use of this to generate more discussions on the site and help those with questions on older posts.

I've also redesigned the way posts are displayed on the site in an effort to make comments more visible on the site.

Where I Plan to Go From Here

Website Redesign by @corrinajo
I'm wasting time trying to redesign the site by hand without any professional software like dreamweaver. I'm also not producing the high quality design which would reflect well on the information present here.

More High Quality Guest Posts
Instead of hiring writers to bring more variety to the site I should be accepting more high quality guest posts.

More Ways for YOU to Collaborate
The forums, social media and the new recent comments are awesome avenues for collaboration. I think allowing communication between readers is the best way to collaborate on JMTC.

Start Updating the Gold Guide for Cataclysm
For those of you who love my gold guide I really haven't shown it much love the past month or two. Time for that to change as I prepare to add updates for cataclysm. The new reader is finished but it doesn't have any cataclysm content yet.

21 comments: on "I Missed the Point of Collaborating"

  1. Markco I am very grateful you put up a free site but dude you are a young guy...save your pennies for your future house and family.

    And get guys like me to write for free.
    1) google markco's 22 steps to auctioneer
    2) get a second account for xcross trading
    3) you need more characters because until you level more crafting professions you don't know what stuff is really used for
    4) drink beer

  2. Step 1.5: Buy Markco's Gold Guide so he doesn't have to save as many pennies and can afford a site redesign!

    lol :3

  3. I'm secretly pleased because I was a little concerned JMTC would lose it's ease of use the end.

    -And I'm still campaigning for full JMTC posts in the feed readers! (hint, hint) :)

  4. It's gonna be alright, man:) The community is here and we are with you.

  5. @Anonymous I thought I had that turned on. Could you explain what you want and how I turn it on?

  6. The Recent Comments link is showing gibberish when clicked

  7. Sorry to hear it didn't work out Markco, I was going to submit something myself solely on the bases of just getting your input on my writing skills.

    I'm glad I didn't, I wouldn't want to add more on your plate then you already have, even if I just wanted feedback.

  8. It may be a good thing that it ended up this way. With the economy how it is at the moment, everyone is having trouble, and you may have gotten yourself into an even bigger pile than this one. I had thought about applying, but now I believe I will be making my own blog, with of course, copious amounts of links to your site. I believe you inspire people, myself included.

    I have a feeling you know it already, but just in case you don't, you mean a lot to your community and fans. You put out quality posts and content on a regular basis, very much unlike a lot of places that just want to sell you their stuff and then be rid of you. I believe we all think very highly of you, and the fact that you're posting about this and letting everyone know what's going on just reinforces that.

  9. Chi - Thank you very much for your kind words. The moment your blog is up and your first post (don't do an introductory post, make an introductory page instead and go straight into content) let me know and I'll link to you on twitter/facebook/blogroll.

    The Nu - You can look at the guest posting area for a link to a word document which gives some tips on writing better. Also, feel free to send me an email any time. Although I'm busy I still make the effort to get back to everyone who emails me eventually.

  10. Cold - I don't see gibberish, anyone else have issues with it?

  11. @Markco, Cold is referring to the unparsed RSS xml, may be your browser had taken care of that?

    Anyway, I agreed that paying is not a bright idea, considered the fame you got. tbh, people will queue up for guest post even if no money is involved.

    Keep up the good work mate :)


  12. Speaking of which, zekta you are welcome to post any time!

  13. I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers out there who wouldn't mind contributing for free. Their work posted on your site would bring them a lot more traffic and exposure afterall, which in some cases can be better than money, depending on how serious one takes his/her writing.

    You're still my favorite gold blogger and your products (blog, podcasts, gold guide) are the reasons why I make gold today. We should be paying you! If you ran things like a mafia boss you'd be getting a piece of everyones action. ;)

  14. When i click the Recent Comments link i see only code

  15. Well it works fine for IE7, but from Google Chrome its gibberish

  16. Hi Marcko - Full JMTC posts is currently enabled in the feed readers now, but I'm concerned about jump tags and hoping that doesn't impact the feed readers later. :)

  17. Understandable mate. I am sure as others have said that many would be happy just for their articles to appear here under your 'banner' as such.

    It never even entered my head that you would of been paying the writers. To many i am sure this is just all fun/hobby. That we are glad to do.

    I look forward to the progress we make here beyond Cata.

  18. i was thinking of useing my new wow blog name. but i decide im going to wait until i have a few post under my belt before that.

    but Markco if you want a sneak peek i be happy to set you up. NOW that all the self promoting is out of the way.

    i be happy to help you on the business side of things with some idea's if you want?

  19. Indeed, I'd write a guest post just to get a link back to my blog! :) Got a couple of ideas kicking around my head that I need to fully develop first, though.

  20. Good to see that you're delegating the site redesign to another person. By applying Pareto's 20/80 principal you can focus on and maximise the areas you are good at: Putting out good content and products. You'll cut down and eliminate inefficient processes.

  21. About full feeds: if you are using google reader, it shows you the entire thing.

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