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You may have noticed that there are double the subscribers on this site than there were a month ago. I'd like to take this week's Markco's Corner as an oppurtunity to share with bloggers and readers alike how I managed this incredible feat. Care to guess why JMTC has doubled its readership?
Newfound interest in World of Warcraft?
Currently the game is in the biggest lul it has ever seen and most people are looking for other things to do to pass their time while they wait for cataclysm. No, try again.

Markco spamming sites with his gold guide pitches?
Haven’t done that in over a year haha. I learned my lesson, providing valuable sites and resources is how you sell any online product well. But still, not a reason for subscriptions to double.

Paid advertisements?
I tried using google adwords to send traffic to this site in the early days but the market is so saturated with gold sellers that it just wasn’t worth my time/money. Wrong again, come on you can do better!

Wait a second, the title says “listening instead of monitoring,” does that have something to do with it?
Bingo. Perhaps you didn’t really think about the title of the article in the context of my question because you simply read it quickly and moved on. This proves the point I’m about to make.

It’s important to listen instead of monitoring.
When readers in general monitor information, in this case while you inquire about gold strategies on this site, you probably are speed reading and moving from page to page searching with great haste for the answers to all your gold making problems. What I am asking you to do from now on is exactly what I did to double my subscribers: Listen instead of monitoring.
There I’ve said it three times, now to explain it. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, after all you did come to this site for help and are most likely a reasonable person. A few months ago my pattern each night and morning went something like this:

  • Check that post went live with no issues.

  • Publish non-spam/useful comments.

  • Check twitter for @posts and post something new.

  • Check facebook for comments and post something new.

  • Check forums for new posts and link to noteworthy ones on twitter and facebook.

  • Check and respond to all emails.
Here’s what I do now, see if you can spot the subtle differences between listening and monitoring:

  • Check that post went live with no issues.
  • Publish non-spam comments and respond to them with my own comments.

  • Comment on other blogs with posts similar to my recent ones (all it takes is a simple google search).
  • Check twitter for @posts and respond to them. Craft new post in such a way that it incorporates feedback from followers. Ask questions and follow up with answers.
  • Check facebook for comments and respond to them. Craft new post in such a way that it incorporates feedback from friends. Ask questions and follow up with answers.
  • Check forums for new posts that relate to feedback received then relay them to facebook and twitter.

  • Check and respond to all emails. Check for suggestions sent from email newsletter.
  • Take all feedback and catalogue it into categories. Compile list of ideas for future posts.
As you can see it takes more time to listen to the readership here and answer posts than it does to simply monitor and vaguely respond to them.

Take my lesson in social blogging and apply it to reading in general. When you read posts on this blog and many other gold making resources do you skim read looking for information or do you actually take the time to read between the lines and get a grasp for common questions, common answers and where the gaps may be in the information? Do you look to listen and interact with the community here or just lurk and find a solution to your problems? Trust me, it’s more fun to comment, post, tweet, friend, like, etc. Warning: Addictive and Informative. Take a moment to explore the links at the top of the site and see what I'm talking about.

The Blogging Carnival for October is going to be about "Your Favorite Niche Market" so blog owners send me your already written and posted articles for inclusion on October 2nd.

If you aren't already a subscriber to the RSS Feed or the Free Newsletter (on right side of site) then perhaps you should try one of them out :-)

For those of you interested in the results of Blizzard's investigation into the QA3 Plugin so far after featured it, please look into the blue responses on the thread here.

Vrakthris was pretty clear on the subject with this statement:

"If it is a normal addon, which operates within the LUA framework, then our developers can disable its functionality if they wish to."

7 comments: on "Listening Instead of Monitoring"

  1. I kept thinking of the guys who says "too long, did not listen." LOL
    Thanks for the link about the QA3 addon, as the Blizz reaction helps ease some player response to it.

  2. So basically your site grew organically, with hard work and effort?


  3. @Iceveiled lol I know right?

    But seriously can you think of a site that did something similiar in the wow community? I think back to times when I got big links for huge amounts of traffic but my subscriber count would barely move.

    Sometimes I think bloggers make the mistake (and I've made this before) that getting a big link is more important than interacting with your audience and creating a place worthy of more than just lurking.

    I hope the post was more beneficial to everyone than just the obvious concept of hard work = organic growth.

  4. I read the blue posts on the add-on. It doesn't change my view of the add-on. In one post he says if it allows you to with one click to not take part in the auction process then it would not be fine. If I can monitor the ah and repost at new prices as my bags are stocked isn't this doing that. I undercut someone else does etc. He also is really making little comment on it as he isn't familarwith it.

  5. My Hats off to you for all your successes (and future successes). I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time now, getting close to my 2nd cap. The WoW gold blogging/ gold making community will experience a big loss the day you decide to stop blogging and podcasting.

  6. You forgot to mention guest posts. Your guest post on pala schmala in particular. In fact I'd wager a bet that more new visitors came through there than any of the other reasons you mentioned.

  7. I personally think the QA3 Plugin is against the ToS and Blizzard right now hasn't done anything because I don't think enough people are using it for them to jump on it yet.

    At the end of the day, any smart person using the AH wont get beat by this. If your like me, your in a number of markets, and no one can use this in every market. Given that, before this came out, I made about 900g per day, once this addon came out and people started using it, I now make up to 1.2k to 1.5k per day.

    Why? Because people left markets simply to fill their bags with one item to control and get all the sales of that one market, while I'm in 50 others making gold because there is less stock now and more demand for them.

    In terms of the readership, its good to see and some very good tips. I found any site where the people who run it, take the time to answer emails, questions and comment to their users feedback to do better then those who simply don't and give the "we're busy is why we didn't answer you" blah blah stuff.

    So I look forward to more gold making tips form here and more good discussions.

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