Nerf Level 1 Casters And Their Gold Advantage

I was doing a video on making 10 gold at early levels when you first enter a major city and I realized that level 1 casters have a huge advantage over melee at least when it comes to making gold. Think about it, what do casters start with that melee do not? Really think about it for a second, the answer will shock you! It has nothing to do with talents, abilities, etc. Think, come on, still stumped? Ok well I'll tell you then:

Refreshing Spring Water.

Do you have any idea what this goes for on the auction house? It is freaking handed to level 1 casters the moment they enter the game and it goes for as much as 1 gold each. OP! BLIZZ NERF PLZ OMFG! HAXX! This is ridiculous! I demand that blizzard give two boar meat to every melee character as restitution for this travesty.


Can you figure out why it is so valuable?

PS: As of 3.3.3 blizzard heard the desperate cry of melee everywhere and nerfed caster starting water into the ground.

EDIT: There's been some nasty feedback on this post but I think some people are not realizing that it's:

A. Meant to be a joke.
B. Should get you thinking about the possibility of other low level items selling well.
C. Generate a conversation on why low level stuff like water which can be bought from vendors sells at all.

19 comments: on "Nerf Level 1 Casters And Their Gold Advantage"

  1. I'm going to guess in demand cooking recipes?

  2. People cant be that stupid surley!

  3. orc casters = easiest access to neutral auction house.

    neutral auction house = allows the ability to trade between factions

    being the master of both factions auction houses means you can get the most money.

  4. Drinking achievement?

  5. I just created a mage and didn't start with anything other than a hearthstone...?

  6. Yes sir and what's funny about this particular item is that the building next to the (horde) auction house has an inn keeper who sells it.

  7. You think thats OP? Read my post entitled "Easy gold in Teldrassil"

  8. According to wowhead, lvl1 characters no longer start with food/drink since patch 3.3.

    My guess for why it sells in AH is a few Engineering recipes (for opening doors/chests) need it. Also Thistle Tea for rogues. Presumably bought by non-casters who don't realise how easy it is to get from a vendor.

  9. People are too lazy to run to an innkeeper, that's why it sells for 1 Gold each. It's used in a recipy that is popular for leveling cooking and for thistle tea as someone else pointed out. Being lazy costs lots of gold.
    Time to stock up on ice cold milk, vendor might be out by the time great father winter comes along ...

  10. Since I sell clam meat at a ridiculous rate, I'm going to say that is the reason why they sell so well. I seem to remember a holiday event that used them for cooking as well, though I don't remember which recipe off hand.

    However, back to the original post - casters don't start with water anymore. They took that away a patch or two ago when 1-15 regen got buffed so much that if you took the time to find your water and click on it then you were already back to full mana anyway and nobody cared. By the time you had enough mana for it to be worth your while you could already buy the level 15 water instead.

    -50 DKP for not checking facts before posting :P

  11. Evlyxx nice blog, I added to the "other blogs" blog roll.

  12. So the answer is people sell refreshing spring water cross faction Alliance --> Horde?!

  13. Yeah I have to agree, this post isn't all that great of a gold tip seeing as, the nerf was ages ago in 3.3 last year.

    The way it's wrote is misleading I think. And no, they didn't nerf the water being given to casters or all food to all starting characters for that matter because a caster can sell water on the AH for a gold or more.

    No, it was removed being Blizzard is making the game more appealing to new players new to the game. For someone who has never played a MMO having to stop every few mobs to drink and eat is no fun to them. This was why they made it so the regen rate form level 1 to 10 is extremely fast. This made having food and water in the bags pointless, so they where removed.

    And sadly 90% of all level 1 made the water gets vendor anyways. The only people who did take advantage of this when you could get free water, where players who where starting new characters on a new servers to make gold on a level 1.

    But I want to give a gold tip being well, this one is sort of a fail post, which is shocking, sadly.

    First is, that you can still make gold with water even at this level, the mobs in the starting zones still drop water as normal. So just do some quest to get starter cash and you should have 4-5 or more water that you can list up to get starter cash. This can be done with any class (other then DK that is).

    So yeah, a good tip for new AH users who need starter cash, water, copper rods are great. But mislending to believe you start with water making it 100% profit isn't so good a tip.

  14. Oh and almost forgot to point out, why does spring water sell? The same reason copper rods sell. They are needed for professions.

    Some have pointed out water is used by engineerings for the seaform bombs. Yes, but also can be used for cooking and what no one has pointed out, the snowballs. Engineering can make snowballs which sell okay some weeks and real good other weeks.

    I did some research on this a while back, and a half the time, the people who pick up water, where people who didn't have Engineering at all. I think there are people who just buy things just to buy them, and never bother to go to vendors.

  15. The NU - This post is supposed to be silly and make you laugh. It's only a gold for the water, however the idea that such a low level item is valuable should make you think twice about vendoring items while you level.

  16. ? ive been selling a stack of water for 5g atleast once a week. and milk goes for triple what you buy it for. During the holiday where you have to make a cake it goes for 2-3g for one. barely anyone posts them cause the vendor is like 2 sec away but it does sell.

  17. every time i read these type of posts it just makes me that much more stubborn to the idea of not being the "good guy" and giving lowbies money when they beg for it.

  18. Thistle tea - Instantly restores 50 engery I think. will be one of the reasons.

    And im sure there is an item you can get during winterviel which requires 1 Refreshing spring water to create a snowball.

    Thats my guess. Pretty sure there are at least a few more recipies which require it aswell.

  19. Scallywwagg (Markco's No. 1 FANGIRL) said... September 30, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    OH MY GOD it worked. I do like trying some of the minor gold tips out just to see what happens. Yes I sold 25 in stacks of 5 for 1g 27 each. Madness.

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