Organizing Your Mail and Banking

Organizing your bank alts and developing a mailing system are the keys to preventing death by mailbox overload. This horrific problem has claimed the sanity of over thirty auctioneers last month alone! Protect yourself today with Markco's mailing and banking proven system. Only $9.99 today but supplies are limitted so order today before it's too late. Your sanity is worth it right? Think of your spouse and children. They're worth it right?

The reason I clump banking and mailing together is because with the right setup your mailbox can become a second bank. With the wrong setup it can become an absolute nightmare for you. Let's show you the setup first and then go over the reasoning behind it, that's less boring I think anyway. And no sorry I don't have a product per se on the subject, though my gold guide is pretty good if I do say so myself!

Army of Alts Breakdown
  • The Buyer and Distributor - Purchases mats from the auction house and sends it off to the crafters and cooldown users.
  • The Crafters and Cooldown Users - Take raw mats and transform them into working products to be sent to the posters.
  • The Posters - Post items and collect money to be sent back to the buyer/distributor.
Please note that if you are short on alts you can technically combine the crafter, cooldown users and posters into a single entity. The real key here however is the separation of the buyer/distrubitor from your other alts. Why you ask? Well this separation allows for the buyer/distributor's mailbox to become a bank in and of itself.

I highly encourage you to have several guild banks between your toons in order to maximize space in exchange for having to mail items more frequently between characters. If you need a refresher course in bank alt math please check this post.

So now you have the correct setup for your toons and the buyer/distributor purchases a few hundred stacks of saronite ore. Instead of those stacks taking up bank space you can simply leave them in the mail until needed by the other soldiers in your alt army. This will not slow the accumulation of wealth since that's being taken care of by your posters and it will not slow the production of crafted goods because that's being handled by the crafters/cooldown users. Effectively you have created another bank with the buyer/distributor's mail box.

What's your auction house mail and guild banking setup? There are definitely alternatives to my own setup so please share in the comments to give some examples of these.

15 comments: on "Organizing Your Mail and Banking"

  1. I'll take Two copies of the banking/mail guide At $9.99 it's a steal..... and to think... i've just been selling all my items to my tundra mammoth for storage and hoping I don't get DC'd

  2. Just be carefull about not using characters for a while as mail has an expiration timer.

    I use this trick a lot of times while leveling a profession: just mail the stuff needed to level it in reverse order, so the youngest mail in the inbox has the mats that are needed first to speedlevel the profession.

    Remember that the return button allows you to store the same item on the sender's inbox for another 29 days (no extra fee).

  3. My buyer and poster are the same toon. I come online, cancel, collect mail, top off on crafted items at the bank or mailbox, and repost. As soon as I am done with my repost I do a quick scan, buyout and distribute certain items that are only used by one toon (primals to the xmute, cloth to the tailor, etc) and put the multi-use stuff into a guildbank shared with the crafters. This was the jc and bs can both access the same stock of ores, for example.

    I have one dedicated toon for posting glyphs with just a maxed out personal bank. On this toon I log in, cancel and then take some time collecting all the mail and dump the first batch into the bank, post the second batch, then go back for the first batch and post that.

    #1 request for cata: speed up the mail system!

    -- SidviciĆ²us of Stormreaver-Alliance

  4. I'm still fairly new to the gold-making game... I only have a tailor/engineer/JC/alch that I use to make money with currently (working on enchanting and inscription right now) and I have one alt that sits at the auction house and buys/posts/distributes. I think the biggest key to doing this for me is the QA3 Auto-mailer feature - it's great. One click to open everything and you can configure to automatically mail certain items to your crafters... so the process is almost completely automated.

  5. I can't possibly express how important a bank alt/mailer is.
    I can't have one as I have 10 lvl 80's on my main server and I can't afford a second account just for AHing. My main crafter also being my main who already has to carry three sets of gear with her and can't be in a bank guild. My two main alts being my second and third main crafters. I tend to buy mats on the appropriate alt and craft what I need to. It's massively frustrating I'd give anything for Blizz to give me one extra char slot!

    Get a proper system set up for yourself guys!

  6. The trick is as easy as it is great


  7. I have 3 guilds,with 2 alts in each guild, my ALC and Inscript share, blacksmith and engineer, my 3rd guild has a tailor and Leatherworker. I keep all the raw mats in the guild and finished products in their banks. The only problems arise when a great deal comes along. 150 stacks of shatterd shells for 75 gold or N bags x 100 for 450g then every bodys mail boxes fill

  8. I tend to treat each alt as an independent broker. The crafters that share supply types are all guilded. The odd ball crafters are in their own guild with their own banks. Each one has gold and buys any products available at the right price. Taking the time to log over, could mean a lost purchase on a cheap commodity. They all mail to each other and they all post their own goods. Sometimes I will mix up who sells what in order to throw off competitors a bit. this is especially useful after selling single arrows on one alt. Have another start posting them and sales increase as you snag other buyers who aren't on the look out for the original poster.

  9. After reading this post, and the older post again about bank alts, I have a question that I have been debating for a few weeks. I currently have several bank alts with guild banks. I do not have all the guild bank tabs yet. I have 4 on each, and I am considering more room. Do you think it is better to form another guild & bank, or pay 2,500g for gbank tab 5 on existing gbanks? 2,500g is steep for one tab, but it is easier than "begging" for guild signatures.


  10. Way better to form another guild! Much cheaper too! Offer 10g in /2 for signatures = 100g plus cost of 2-3 more tabs is still well under 2500g for just one more guild bank tab.

    My set-up is 1 alt with 4-tab bank selling glyphs, off-hands, vellums, etc. One alt with 4-tab bank selling miscellaneous - vanity and engineering pets, enchants, cut gems, foods, scraps I collect on my other toons. One toon with a 3-tab bank full waiting for Cata to sell 16 and 20 slot bags, cloth and skins. And 1 more alt parked in Booty Bay to transfer things to my 2nd account Horde alts for selling on that side! :-)

  11. that basically the same setup that i use. i have a bank alt called bzule which send x to my crafters.

    bzery and bzsomething forgot that name lol. and then they build x and send it back to my mule

  12. I currently have 2 guild banks which are mostly just stockpiles for cata. 1 bank alt does enchanting scrolls and mats. 1 does glyphs. Another selling my tailoring, b.s. And random other inscription off hands. My last one I use for flipping and supplying my crafters. Working out well so far.

  13. To Azz:

    I think it is a better idea to post "WTB guild with 6 tab bank paying 1k" in /trade for awhile. I have bought 4 this way and one of them came with about 3k worth of random rep items (bijous, arcane tomes, etc) which came in handy for my rep grind on my main.

    -- SidviciĆ²us of Stormreaver-Alliance

  14. This is a very usefull tip for people who don't want to spend lots of gold on getting those bankslots (starting players for example)

  15. I'm a big seller of cooking recipes, but going around and getting the recipes are a pain in the butt. So now I buy 36 of each recipe, send one mail to the AH alt, and 1 mail to each of two other alts. When my supply falls below 12 on my AH alt, I go to a MailBox alt and send a full mail of recipes to the AH alt. Altaholic keeps tabs of where everything is anytime I need to know. ;) Now I don't need to make "Recipe Runs" nearly as often! :D

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