RP Servers Can Make More Gold

One of my bank alts on her lunch break.

Are you on an RP server and trying to make some wow gold?

Perhaps you think that it's harder because less people are in high end arenas and raiding?

Well believe it or not I envy you because you can make gold off some of the most ridiculous items which I would struggle to sell consistently on any PVP or PVE server (not saying you shouldn't sell them though if you are as well!). Thankfully quite a few bank alts enjoy the latest fashions even on non RP servers. That being said, the advantage definitely goes to RP servers because they can literally turn gray vendor trash into a ton of gold as there are more buyers and more demand on the RP realms.

Some of My Favorite RP Sellers

The following is a list of 15 vanity items (by vanity I meant there is no purpose for them except to look cool) I have found to sell for large profit margins.

Remember to add the vanity items you think are profitable to your snatch list!

Care to add your own items to this list? I purposefully left a handful of popular ones out (like tailoring and seasonal)! Feel free to comment and help each other out :)

Think: What holiday is coming up after thanksgiving?

10 comments: on "RP Servers Can Make More Gold"

  1. Shadowstep -us-bloodhoof said... September 1, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    Nobles Monocle

  2. I'll take the bait, Markco.

    Green & Winter Clothes
    Winter Boots
    Dress Shoes
    Haliscon Pants
    Haliscon Shirt

  3. I am alliance side and horde starter clothes sell well. The Sun Cured set and the Unadorned mail set are good. On another note, I have just seen the battered jungle hat for 145g which is a bit high but people do like them. Any grey hat is good and shields for those guilds who are going for a scarlet theme or SW guard guilds. Overlords Shield of Strength is selling for about 150g although whether someone will buy it or not is another question. There are also villager guilds where workman's shirts sell, for the engineering guilds the overalls go well. Arachnidian robes also are on the AH for over 500g - madness!

    A run through one of the TBC raids can bring rewards if you win RP rolls where people are willing to pay for items. I have sold items for 500g before you were even able to trade items within the raid.

    My characters are all on an RP server and much of my income comes from selling these kind of items. Luckily I don't RP but I do make money from people who want to look good in game.

  4. day of the dead

  5. My rp-server has a guild that's pretending to be a branch of the scarlet crusade.

    Aspiring members pay through their noses for the scarlet monastry gear that's all but mandatory for their members.

  6. I've sold Steamy Romance Novels on my server for surprising amounts. RP servers also seem to have more pet buyers.
    On the flip side, that server has some truly epic AH players that have divvied up the various high ticket and high throughput markets. These folks make it difficult for new folks to make bank on the AH.

  7. I got the Gold Wedding Band from the bag of fishing treasures. I had never seen one and being on an RP server, I thought hmmm. So I listed it for 175g. It sold within the hour. : )

  8. Atalya of Arathor said... September 1, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad (CoT) sells starting gear that is great for RP. You can pick up individual items for mere copper and resell for 10g or more, especially some of the shoes:


  9. Stylish black shirt ftw. Grab from vendor for silvers; I've sold alliance side for up to 25g, and many in the 15g range.

    And since I've started working cross-faction, it's been even better - sold for up to 40g. Great way to get some starter cash on the other faction.

  10. I have to second the fishing quests in Outland - I sold the gold wedding band for 135g, the silver cufflinks for 45g, a statuette of a priest for 45g, and the mithril shaving razor for 45g, too!

    Every two or three quests the bag contains an item like that. When I first got the wedding band I was thrilled at seeing it vendored for 15g, but then decided to try the AH, and have never looked back...this works on regular PVE servers, too.

    Also, if you go to the guy who sells the shinies in the Lower City, you can often re-sell those pendants for - a LOT. I felt very stupid when I bought a bunch of them for about 200g, but I tripled my money re-selling them on the AH - perhaps nobody looks past his quest to the 'I'd like to buy from you' underneath it?

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