Rumsey Rum For Cataclysm Twinks

"Dearest Markco,

I would first off like to thank you for your awesome gold tips.  I have gone from a person struggling to gem and enchant my gear to hitting the 50K mark for the first time!  I know this is a mere pittance compared to your riches, but as a casual-playing college student (who LOVES to PvP), I make all the gold I will ever need, and then some.  I can not tell you how much this is appreciated, and for someone who has been playing WoW for almost a year, having gold just makes the game more enjoyable and I would recommend EVERY new person who joins WoW to read this awesome blog.  The tips and tactics are so easy and valuable it just makes the game alot more fun.  Since hitting the 50K mark I have also helped spread the wealth, buying epic flying and a battered hilt for a couple of guildies who have not read your blog obviously and are struggling for gold.  I think helping people is just as rewarding as opening up your mailbox and finding that 80% of your auctions have sold, and I know you feel the same way since you're giving away these awesome gold tips for free!  I would also like to give you a little gold making gem I discovered when i was first levelling some alts of mine, I checked out your blog and I couldn't find it anywhere, so if you have mentioned it before sorry for repeating it.
  Rumsey Rum Black Label is a +15 stam drink that many twinks and low level people will buy as a solid boost to their HP for dungeons and PvP and has no level restrictions.  These beauties are found in the "Old Hillsbrand" instance which is located in the southern region of Tanaris and there is a port to the dungeon in Dalaran so you can quickly port there, talk to a dragon, and he will fly you to the place.  You have to enter the instance and just run south to Southshore, any level 25+ can do this because the mobs are only level 23 I believe and are easily avoided and no one in the town will fight you.  Barkeep Kelly is the man you are looking for who sells them for 2s and I usually buy 3-4 full frostweave bags full of it and take up almost a full guild bank tab for storing them.  I can sell them from 80s-1g and usually put up 100 at a time.  No one else seems to know where to buy them so you can really grab a strangle hold of the market for these and they ALWAYS sell.  Plus, if you are killed in a BG with it (maybe by a pesky prot warrior) the buff goes away, so people go through alot of these, which is good for me.  For someone just starting the gold making mission, this is a very cheap way to add an extra 100 or so gold to their daily auction postings, and you do not even need a level 80 to do it!  Again I would like to thank you for making the game "less boring" for me, and you even inspired me to make a prot warrior of my own, Darkco, don't know how I came up with that name......

Paty, 80 Elemental Shaman Moon-Guard (the BEST RP server to make gold on)"

Anyone who spells my name right, names their character after me and writes a great tip is surely getting featured on the site. Have you seen these on the auction house? Do you see this being a good seller to cataclysm twinks?

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  1. "any level 25+ can do this because the mobs are only level 23"

    No. Instances have a minimum level to use the portal. If you are under level 66 you will not be able to enter this instance.

  2. Once twinking is back, I'm sure this will give much better sales. I sell them in stacks of 20.

  3. I didn't know there was a vendor that sold them; they were previously (before BC) only found via fishing pools of wreckage. Black Label, IIRC, could be found in the flotsam pools in Tanaris (and similar leveled zones).

  4. I remember these. I was surprised to find that they did not have a level restriction, and used them during a L1 toon race to help (slightly) with survivability.

  5. Immediately after reading this I checked the AH and found a stack of 5 for a 25s buyout! Unstacked them to 2g buyout each, and one sold while I was writing this comment. Definitely worth the time and it's going on my snatch list.

  6. Anon already covered the point I wanted to make when I read it in my feed reader. You do have to actually get inside the tBC instance before you can actually buy them, so level 66 is required even though the mobs you'll see on your way are level 20s.

    While Cold apparently feels that twinking is dead, it's definitely not. It is very much battlegroup dependent, but it's not dead as a whole. It took some big hits during the Wrath patches, but it's still alive and thriving if you know where to look (hint: Ruin Battlegroup).

    I bought almost a full bank tab worth of these when I ran a twink guild and after several twinks left the game they sat there for months. Eventually I decided to put them on the AH and while they don't sell quite so well now as they did when I started, they still go for gold. I sell them in stacks of 5, 10, and 20 when I put them on the AH, and rarely have more than 2-3 come back to me out of 5-10 stacks.

    With Cataclysm on the horizon, a lot of people are turning to twinking to pass the time while raiding fades and people let their accounts sleep while they wait.

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